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LAST UPDATED: November 23rd, 2020

Four Quadrants is a financial planning and consulting company specifically for dentists. It is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indianapolis but works with clients all across the United States.

The company was founded and is still led by Jason Smith, who has extensive experience with financial planning and working with dental and orthodontic specialists. He established Four Quadrants at the request of dental clients who wanted a firm that specializes in the financial struggles of dentists.

Four Quadrants has over 20 years of experience helping turn dental practice owners into multimillionaires. It aims to bring all of your financial advising and practices under one roof in order to cut costs and increase your bottom line — thus improving your practice and your personal life at the same time.

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The Good

  • Services
  • Client Testimonials


Four Quadrants offers three main consulting services for dentists: financial planning, tax advice, and help with practice transitions.

  • Financial planning — Four Quadrants uses a three-pronged approach to helping dentists achieve a healthy and viable financial situation. The company helps you 1) run a smart practice, 2) control your tax situation, and 3) manage your cash flow. Dentists don’t often have the business experience to do these things well, and Four Quadrants can serve as your external CFO to help you make sound financial decisions.
  • Tax advice — Four Quadrants helps you see the tax blind spots your practice has, and helps you get your taxes in order long before April rolls around. The company offers a number of tax tips and assures you that its tax professionals will be able to help you reduce debt and lower your end-of-year tax bill through some simple planning measures.
  • Practice transition help — Four Quadrants’ team can help you start thinking about who will take over your practice after you retire, long before you might think you need to worry about it. This will make your life easier now and in the future, and ensure a more seamless transition when the time is right.

Client Testimonials

Four Quadrants lets its clients and their stories speak for themselves with a page on its website dedicated exclusively to client testimonials, so you can hear about clients’ experiences with the company firsthand.

These stories highlight a variety of dentists from across the country, and how their unique situations were/are being helped by Four Quadrants’ advisory team. You may find a story that resonates with your need as a practice, which could help you determine if Four Quadrants would be a good fit for you.


The Bad

  • Pricing Not Listed
  • Unclear Process

Pricing Not Listed

While Four Quadrants advertises that it will help your dental practice increase its bottom line, the company offers no information about how much it charges for its advisory services. This is fairly standard for consulting companies, but as a consumer, you don’t always know what you’re getting into if the company doesn’t list any pricing.

Unclear Process

While Four Quadrants seems to offer plenty of advisory services, the logistics of how it works with individual practices is a little unclear. The company is based in Indiana and mentions in-person meetings, but in terms of working with practices entirely remotely, we’re not quite sure how that would look, and the company doesn’t provide information on that process.


The Bottom Line

The specifics in terms of pricing and process are not super clear on Four Quadrants’ website. However, its commitment to help dental practices be more financially sound and its expertise in doing so are evident. 

You can submit your information on the company’s site and get a complimentary practice assessment if you think your dental practice could benefit from Four Quadrants’ advice.

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