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LAST UPDATED: January 7th, 2021

DDS Rescue is a dental consulting company that specializes in IT consulting for any dental practice including pediatric dentistry offices, family dental offices, and cosmetic dentistry offices. It can help with areas such as dental IT, office efficiency, data management, and dental technology, including 3D/CBCT imaging.

The company's main goal? To cover all your cybersecurity needs including HIPAA compliance, data recovery, and yearly employee training. 

DDS Rescue is a six-time winner of the Cellerant Best of Class award in technology. The company was founded by experienced dental industry leaders, has eight years of experience, and is headquartered in Carlsbad, California.

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The Good

  • IT Consulting
  • Training
  • Compliance
  • Data Recovery

IT Consulting

Whereas some of DDS Rescue’s competitors focus more on financial consulting, DDS Rescue is an IT consulting company specifically for dental practices. It can help you manage your digital and technological systems to protect your company against cyberattacks and effectively organize your patients’ information.

When you agree to work with DDS Rescue, the company performs a review of all the data on your server and advises you on how and where you can trim unnecessary data. It then goes on to give you tips on the best ways to store and manage data, and provides recommendations on where to store large files (such as 3D/CBCT files).


Part of DDS Rescue’s consulting services include training sessions, such as one on how your employees can help protect your company against malware/ransomware cyber attacks, and another that teaches you how to quickly become HIPAA compliant.

DDS Rescue’s HIPAA training is fast and convenient. Your practice will get its own webinar with DDS Rescue representatives, the training is 100 percent remote, and it only lasts around 30 minutes. Pricing starts at just $49 per dental office.


In addition to providing training sessions, DDS Rescue also provides a more in-depth HIPAA compliance service for dental practices who need a little extra help becoming HIPAA compliant. This service is ongoing and customized to your practice’s location and business structure.

You can sign up on DDS Rescue’s website to see if your practice would be eligible for this service.

Data Recovery

In the almost inevitable case that your server crashes at some point, DDS Rescue boasts that its data recovery system can get your office back up and running in just 30 minutes.

The company offers two recovery devices: standard and elite. The former offers one data backup location, onsite recovery in 90 minutes, and 24/7 monitoring, while the latter offers two data backup locations and an incredibly fast recovery time - 30 minutes.

Pricing for DDS Rescue's emergency data recovery systems starts at $229 per month, but also involves a one-time integration fee of $499.


The Bad

  • Not a Financial Consulting Company
  • Thin Website

Not a Financial Consulting Company

In the dental consulting space, many companies offer financial consulting services to dental practices, but DDS Rescue does not. While its technological consulting services are impressive, you may end up needing to hire a separate consulting company to handle your financials, which would be an additional expense for your practice.

Thin Website

DDS Rescue’s website does an adequate job of explaining the company’s services, but beyond that, it doesn’t contain a whole lot of information about the company itself, its staff members, or testimonials from dentists who have used its services.

This kind of information is helpful for potential clients to know and read about, but it is lacking from DDS Rescue’s site.


The Bottom Line

DDS Rescue offers a number of IT services to dental professionals looking to better store and protect their clients' data. However, the company does not offer financial consulting or provide a lot of information on its website.

If you are worried about or have previously experienced a data breach, DDS Rescue can help you secure your practice and protect against future cyber attacks.

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