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Trident Debt Solutions is a smaller debt settlement company directed by attorney Stephen T. Craig that has knocked out over $4 million in debt since being founded. The company is attorney based, which has many benefits when dealing with creditors in the settlement process. However, the company does not have any of the other major industry accreditations, and the price tag for its services is pretty hefty.

The Good

  • Can call for a free consultation
  • Attorney on staff
  • No charge if they can’t settle at least 25 percent

Great Services

Thirteen years of experience is pretty solid in the industry and might be considered a benefit to some. Trident focuses on settling debts for at least 50 to 60 cents on the dollar. An interesting benefit to TDS is that if they are unable to negotiate at least a 25 percent reduction in the original debt, there is no cost for their service. TDS also offers potential clients a free consultation over the phone to help determine if they’re a good fit.

Attorney-Client Privilege

Another benefit is that the entire operation takes place under the umbrella of attorney Stephen T. Craig which affords some measure of professional accountability in the form of attorney-client privilege and forces creditors to call him, not the client.

The Bad

  • High minimum debt requirement to sign up ($30k)
  • High cost – charges 25 percent of total debt saved
  • They would not reveal what states they are in

No Industry Accreditations

One of the main concerns with Trident Debt Solutions is that it does not have the major industry accreditations that most other companies in the business have. TDS is not accredited with the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) or the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators. These are accreditations that many consumers look for to ensure that the company is committed to the practices of the industry.

High Standards

The biggest drawback to TDS is that they only take on very large cases, clients must owe at least $30,000 in unsecured debt in order to qualify for their services. Perhaps equally concerning is the very hefty price tag as TDS charges significantly more than their competitors at 25 percent of the total amount that you save. This is offset by the fact that they won’t charge if they can’t reduce the debt by at least 25 percent.

Available States

Additionally, they do not list what states they service on their website, nor would they disclose this information over the phone. One must provide information to them and they’ll have a representative call the client back with more details on what they can do.

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The Bottom Line

Trident Debt Solutions is different than most other companies because of the fact that it is led by a licensed bankruptcy attorney that knows the legal issues surrounding debt relief. The company might make sense for potential clients who owe a high amount of unsecured debt, at least $30,000, and want to make sure that they aren’t paying more for the service than they’re saving. On the other hand, for those with smaller debt amounts or those looking to pay a smaller percentage of the amount they save we recommend looking into other options for debt settlement.

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