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The Mossler Law Firm, P.C. works with experienced attorneys to help hundreds of clients under consumer protection laws. Fees have not been disclosed. It is unclear as to whether or not Mossler Law Firm is accredited with the AFCC, IAPDA, or if they are FTC compliant.

The Good

  • Legal representation
  • Personal service

Free Consultation

Mossler Law Firm offers a free consultation to best assess the situation of your debt. Mossler will only charge fees once the debt has been settled. The website does not indicate how many months the company typically takes to resolve debt.

Small Company

This is a small company of legal experts that specialize in debt settlement. If you choose Mossler Law Firm to handle your debt situation, you would be working directly with attorneys. Some say that because it is small, clients get more personal service.

The Bad

  • Pricing information undisclosed
  • Lacks accreditations
  • State availability undisclosed

Unclear Pricing

One of Mossler Law Firm’s biggest drawbacks is the lack of information they provide about their services and programs. The website does not explain pricing, or their fee mechanism. We do know that pricing varies depending on the client’s amount of debt, and which services they ask for.

Lacks Accreditations

Mossler Law Firm does not appear to be IAPDA, or AFCC accredited. Additionally, the company does not say whether or not they are 100 percent FTC compliant.

State Availability Unknown

The website does not provide any information on state eligibility for their debt settlement services. When we tried to call Mossler Law Firm multiple times during business hours, the phone never stopped ringing, and no one ever picked up. The representatives are hard to get a hold of.

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The Bottom Line

If you choose to settle your debt with Mossler Law Firm, you will be working with highly experienced and qualified attorneys. The company is small, but offers legal representation and a free consultation. However, The Mossler law Firm is not a debt settlement company, therefore they do not have to abide by debt settlement laws. For this reason, we do not recommend working with Mossler Law Firm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does The Mossler Law Firm Cost?

The price for working with an attorney at The Mossler Law Firm, P.C. varies depending on the amount of debt that the client wants worked on, as well as which services they’re asking for.

Can I Get a Free Consultation?

The Mossler Law Firm, P.C. offers a free consultation in which the client can expect a one on one review of financial statements, past due notices, collection notices, income information and credit information as it pertains to individual services. An attorney can then help advise whether debt settlement is the best option and what other efforts might be made to not only reduce and/or eliminate debts, but relieve the client of some of the tension felt from constant creditor harassment.

What Types of Debt Does The Mossler Law Firm Work With?

Secured loans are generally protected by various laws to ensure that the creditor is paid for the loan. Because of this, the law firm mostly only deals with unsecured loans such as medical bills, credit card bills, and so forth.

What is the Minimum Amount of Debt I Can Sign Up With?

Mossler Law Firm has not disclosed this information.

More Information

About The Mossler Law Firm

Unlike most debt settlement companies, The Mossler Law Firm is an actual law firm. The company specializes in helping individuals resolve their debt (through debt settlement, consumer advocacy, and creditor harassment) and deal with debt collectors. The Mossler Law Firm says they are the first step to regain control of your finances – offering first a free consultation, and then helping devise an individual plan.



Account Set-Up

  • Free consultation: Yes
  • Personal consultant during the settlement: No


  • AFCC accredited: No
  • IAPDA accredited: No

Time in Business


Minimum Debt Requirement


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    August 9th, 2016 Fredericksburg, VA

    Requested a refund and 9 weeks later I am still waiting. The answer I get is that they changed banks, the accounting department is behind and short staffed. I asked to speak to someone in accounting and was told that they do not speak to clients that is what client services is for. Client service is unable to answer the question of a refund time frame. They are working on it, they are submitted and then processed in order. i asked where I was in the submitted file. Can’t tell me. I asked what the time frame was. Can’t tell me. I said it can take 30 days to a year and the CSR’s response was it could. This is a rip off! I am thankful that I decided to cancel when I did. They should really be ashamed of themselves. People reach out to them when they are struggling and this is how they take advantage. So disappointed!

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