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Rescue One Financial is an AFCC accredited and 100 percent FTC compliant company composed of 72 highly trained consumer debt and financial consultants. They work in helping customers sort out unsecured loan debt, and currently have over $2 billion in the works through their debt settlement program.

While Rescue One Financial receives 1,000 applicants for consumer loans per month, the company funds around 50 percent of those applicants. This works out to working collectively with $35 million in debt. Our review is focused on their Debt Resolutions service (also known as debt settlement).

The Good

  • Works with a variety of unsecured debts
  • Customer reviews are mostly positive

One-On-One Help

We love that Rescue One really focuses on helping customers one-on-one, with individualized help throughout the entire debt settlement. The settlement process typically takes between 24 to 48 months. They also offer free consultations. Rescue One has 72 consumer and financial consultants – each one is licensed as a California Finance Lenders.

Because Rescue one offers multiple debt solution services, the company reviews each person’s financial situation to see what type of help they qualify for. If the company believes consolidation or a personal loan is a better option, they will recommend that and establish a plan with clients.

Works with a Variety of Debts

From its list of debts they help with, Rescue One Financial seems to work with more debts than most debt settlement companies. The company can help with:

  • Credit card debt
  • Medical bills
  • Cars in reposession
  • Unsecured debts (personal loans, lines of credit, and private student loans)

Positive Customer Reviews

People love the integrity and professionalism help of Rescue One’s customer service representatives. Reviews also state Rescue One will point customers in a different direction when the company isn’t a good fit for debt resolution.

The Bad

  • Lacks transparency with basic information
  • State availability undisclosed

Undisclosed Pricing

Rescue One has not disclosed any pricing information on its corporate website.

No State Eligibility Information

Rescue One does not provide any information on their website about their state eligibility. When we called for information regarding which states the company doesn’t do business with, the Rescue One representative declined to release the list.

Debt Minimum

The company does not list its debt minimum requirements on its website, which can be frustrating for potential customers.

Negative Customer Reviews

Some people have been turned off by Rescue One’s advertising practices. The company has been known to mail out prequalified loan letters to people with financial hardships, reject them, and then offer them debt resolution services. Many consider this practice shady.
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The Bottom Line

In order to see if you are eligible, the company wants customers to call in for their individual state requirements, as they will not disclose a list of state eligibility online or over the phone. Because they do not share state availability, information on a money back guarantee, and do not list pricing information online, we do not recommend working with Rescue One Financial to settle your debts.

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    February 3rd, 2016

    I received the solicitation in the mail, saying that I was preapproved for a loan of up to $35,000. When I saw this, I knew that there were stipulations, and figured that it was some kind of ploy, intended to get me to call. I was not really expecting much from the program, however, I was willing to see how it would play out. When I got placed in touch with a representative, they proceeded to run my information and get an overall feel for my situation. Ultimately, I did not qualify for the loan option. Instead they wanted to redirect me to select the debt settlement option. They did not take the time to explain the methods that would be used to enact the settlement option, more so that I would be eligible to pay back my debt at a lower cost. They also did not take the time to inform me how my credit would be affected after the settlement had been reached and my debt had been paid off. Instead, my analyst proceeded to treat me like my credit score, completely ignoring the facts that led me to my situation, continuously stating that people with my credit score don’t understand money and repayment options work and other condescending remarks such as these. They also proceeded to call me every week and send numerous emails for several months, which made me question if this program is so great, why hound me into trying to pursue their resolution program? I can only assume that the commission is pretty high for the analysts once they close a deal.
    All in all, I was highly displeased with their marketing tactics, with the way that they treat their customers or potential customers, the constant calls and emails, and the overall lack of transparency and general interest in the well-being of the customer. They are ultimately just after the payday at the end.

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  2. User Score


    October 16th, 2015 Aliso Viejo, CA

    I never actually signed up to use the service because through dealing with Rescue One I got an education on my financial situation that helped me work through my debt on my own. They actually helped me decide what was best for me rather than trying to collect some fees like most companies do. They were very knowledgeable and I really appreciated them sharing their expertise. I am no financial guru and I never leave reviews but I thought it was pretty special that they were willing to lose my business to actually help me out. If I ever get into financial trouble again I will definitely be calling them back.

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