Oak View Law Group

Oak View Law Group

Oak View Law Group helps clients get out of debt with 11 legal options. A few of the areas they focus on include debt consolidation, chapter 13 bankruptcy, chapter 7 bankruptcy, and debt settlement. This review focuses on the debt settlement service they provide. The company features an online dashboard as well as high customer satisfaction. While the company is a law firm rather than a company that specializes in debt settlement, many customers have loved this aspect. On the downside, Oak View Law Group is missing major industry accreditations.

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The Good

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Online Dashboard and Tools
  • Law Firm
  • Availability

Client Satisfaction

Oak View Law Group (OVLG) has been helping people since 2007. According to their website, they have an 84 percent client satisfaction rating.

Online Dashboard and Tools

We really like to see it when companies offer online dashboards to help clients see all of their information. With Oak View Law Group's dashboard users can view signed creditor paperwork, edit personal information, view their credit analysis, submit support requests, add notes to the account, and more. This adds to the level of transparency that OVLG offers to its clients.

Oak View Law Group's website has online resources and tools such as debt calculators, infographics, blogs, etc.

Law Firm

The advantage to working with OVLG is you're actually working with a law firm, not a company that specializes in debt settlement. Because they are a law firm, they guarantee that their panel of attorneys will get you out of debt without breaking any laws. Being a law firm also means that they will give their clients legal counsel on each debt. Reviewers continually mention that they love working with Oak View Law Group representatives.


Their services are available in 46 states. They do not service WI, VT, CO, or CT.

The Bad

  • Lacking Accreditations
  • Undisclosed Information

Lacking Accreditations

The major concern with using Oak View Law Group is their lack of accreditations. They are not accredited with the IAPDA - an important certificate for debt specialists that accounts for debt laws and legislation. The company is missing an accreditation with the AFCC. These two associations, the AFFC and the IAPDA, are probably the most important accreditations a company can have in this industry. This makes it difficult to recommend a company when it does not hold either.

Undisclosed Information

Oak View Law Group has not disclosed its prices or its minimum debt requirement. 

The Bottom Line

Oak View Law Group provides decent services to those in all states except Wisconsin, Vermont, Colorado, and Connecticut. One important aspect to consider is the fact that the company does not hold accreditations with the two prominent certification organizations, the AIPDA and the AFCC. If the company was accredited with these two organizations, we would feel more comfortable in recommending them to consumers.

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    July 25th, 2015 Cincinnati, OH

    I have been using them for the last three years to clean up PDL and some medical bills and they have been taking care of them and no problems with additional fees from the collectors or calls and reduced the amounts owed.

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