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Since 1999, New Era Debt Solutions has resolved over $200 million in debt. The company has hundreds of 100 percent completed client cases and an average completion time of only 27.73 months-a shorter average than most debt companies. According to the company's website, New Era settles the debt for approximately 43.73 percent of the enrolled balance and the average consumer will save 56.27 percent.

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The Good

  • Customer Service Offerings
  • Additional Services Offered
  • Positive Reviews 

Customer Service Offerings

New Era Debt Relief offers great customer service options:

  • Free consultation
  • Work with a certified credit counselor
  • Offers debt counseling in Spanish

Additional Services Offered

If debt settlement isn't right for you, New Era Debt Relief has several other debt relief options they can help you with, including bankruptcy filings, debt consolidation, and debt reduction.

Positive Reviews

Reviews explain how New Era's representatives go above and beyond for clients. Customers love how approachable and helpful representatives are. Many also like how New Era's representatives help customers deal with creditor phone calls.

The Bad

  • Only Works with Unsecured Debt
  • Lacking Industry Accreditations
  • Doesn't Work Nationwide
  • No Online Dashboard 

Only Works with Unsecured Debt

New Era only settles unsecured debt. Secured debt like federal student loans, car loans, credit union debt, and home mortgages are not eligible for New Era debt programs. This practice is typical in the debt settlement industry.

Lacking Industry Accreditations

The website makes no mention of being accredited with AFCC or the FTC. While the site displays an IAPDA accreditation, this is just one of several important accreditations.

Doesn't Work Nationwide

New Era practices in 43 states and 10 major cities. A list of these available locations is on the company's website. 

No Online Dashboard

New Era does not offer an online dashboard for customers to see their progress.

The Bottom Line

New Era Debt Solutions potentially has some of the lowest prices in the debt settlement industry. The biggest drawbacks of this company are that they are missing a few important industry accreditations and they don't provide as much visibility for your account as other companies.

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    June 27th, 2017 Plant City, FL

    Alex and his entire staff at New Era have been awesome to work with and are always available to listen to my concerns and issues. Although I was not able to complete the program due to personal issues they went above and beyond to help me and I would give them my highest recommendation for people in serious financial trouble as I was. Unfortunately I had to stop before I got rid of some of my worst debt but I had no choice. I am retired living on social security and they did not judge me or belittle me for my problems like other companies I checked into before deciding on New Era. They genuinely care about everyone's situation and handle it accordingly. Do not even look any further if you are needing help with your debt. They will plan a program designed for you. They do not just rubber stamp everyone for the same program. The staff is superb and I wished my circumstances had turned out differently.

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    June 14th, 2017 Pomona, CA

    When we were looking for New Era, the first place we pulled some stuff off was in ConsumerAffairs and that helped us in our decision to go with them. When my husband and I started last December, New Era said the program would be about three years but we're looking right at a year and a half because we've accelerated our payments. We called them, they explained to us how the program worked and we signed up with them. They took care of all of our accounts for us. What I've been happy about was that they were able to get the companies to not contact us right away. So, we haven't had all the phone calls. Actually, I believe every single one of our accounts is settled now. We're just paying out what's left. The cost might be a little bit high though. But, we were so eager to get out of debt. I had no time to devote to taking care of all that myself. So, it's been nice to have somebody there to be able to do it for me and not have the worry on my shoulders. So, the extra cost was worth it because I didn't have to deal with the companies. I've enjoyed working with them. I love how the rep has been available. Any time I need him, I can much call and get a hold of him within 24 hours. And they're always good and accommodating. When we've had to lower our payments one month, or raise our payments another month, they've always been so good to work with us on that. We're not quite out of the program yet but we're getting near the end. So, we're very excited to be done with it soon. If anybody were to ask us and say they're in debt, I would tell them to call New Era because they've done it for us and I think they'll do it for them, as well

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