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National Debt Relief specializes in debt settlement services and boasts a number of accreditations and works with both unsecured and secured forms of debt. The company has quite the record of settling debts between 30 to 50 percent less than what its clients owe. Many customers frequently complain of always speaking to a different person every time they call in, causing some friction in the customer experience. Additionally, fees are relatively low but have the potential to be higher than the industry average.

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The Good

  • They work with some forms of secured debt (in addition to unsecured debt)
  • 20 percent Fee – (competitive within the industry)
  • Major industry accreditations with the AFCC and IAPDA
  • Free consultations over the phone
  • $7,500 minimum debt required (industry average)

Other Types of Debt

One thing that impressed us the most about the National Debt Relief program is its ability to not only work with unsecured debt, but some forms of secured debt as well, including private student loans; which is rare in this industry.

Industry Accreditations

Another great aspect about National Debt Relief is the industry accreditations it holds with the AFCC, and the IAPDA. NDR is also compliant with the FTC. These accreditations help legitimize the organization and ensures they follow consumer-friendly best practices.

Great Service

Past clients of National Debt Relief have indicated that they appreciate the transparency offered by the company, its speed of debt resolution, reasonable costs, and professional level of support. Additionally, there are National Debt Relief reviews from those who have canceled the service receiving unexpected refunds.

The Bad

  • Only in business since 2009
  • No permanently-assigned representative for each client
  • Customer complaints

Short Time In Business

One concern with National Debt Relief is that it has only been in business since 2009. While this is not a major problem, it is not quite enough time to establish a major track record in the industry.

No Permanently Assigned Rep

It appears that National Debt Relief does not have one representative that will handle each individual client’s case. This can be frustrating for those who call in to talk about their situation or case because they will often talk to a totally new representative. This can cost both the company and the clients time and cause frustration. We like to see it when companies personalize their services to customers.

Poor Customer Reviews

To corroborate our concern above, the most common complaint against National Debt Relief is that each time the client calls in, they get a different person. This can lead to an inconsistent level of service and support, along with clients feeling that nobody really cares about their situation. This is especially frustrating when attempting to resolve a cancellation or a complicated debt situation.

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The Bottom Line

National Debt Relief could be a good option for those looking to obtain relief from secured debt, and we encourage those who may benefit from this to take advantage of their free consultation. For customers who have unsecured debts only, we recommend looking at other options before choosing National Debt Relief.

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    June 15th, 2016 Window Rock, AZ

    I have been with NDR since 03/24/2015 and so far two accounts have been settled which I am not happy with. Citicard settled for 43% of the 2943. However, the 25% fee was very high of $732.75. If you do the calculation …. 2943 settled for 1265 is not very good. 1265 plus 732.75 fee = 1998 and I only benefitted a saving of 945.00. Another example recently my Discover was settled for 1240 at 73% for a balance of 1621. NDR did not do a very good job with this one. I am actually paying more than the original balance. 1240 settlement plus 403 fee is just like making a payment plan. I still have four other accounts and just imagine what the outcome would be like because, in my opinion, they do not get very good offer of settlement. This is what I have experience so far. If I do get something like 35% or less, they I will be happy. Another down side is… once you enroll, they forget about you and do not even contact you with what is going on other than rehashing what you as a client already are aware of.

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    January 21st, 2016 Bay City, TX

    I tried for years to stay ahead, get ahead and most of the time stay current. The last time I worked out of town and received my check late by 4 days i had $250.00 in late fees AGAIN. I tried to work with all creditors asking to just pay the balance even though I had paid the balance 5 x over plus interest in the past years. No one would work with me. I turned to National Debt Releif and this was one of the hardest things I ever did. It took me almost one year to keep trying to do it on my own. In four months of being with them my first account is settled. I feel great. The calls have stopped. I have peace. So much stress is gone. I make one monthly payment and can actually do home repairs that were very bad. If you can’t hang on anymore due to debt, these are the people to help you.

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  3. User Score


    November 13th, 2015 Pacoima, CA

    Love them, I have been enrolled since 2014 and all of my accounts have been settled except for 2. They answered all of my questions when I enrolled. The customer service is good. I have spoken to several people when I call in, but each of them are always helpful and assists me with any issue. I am happy I enrolled with them. I placed 10 accounts with them and 7 of my accounts were settled quickly and for amounts that were affordable to me. I am always consulted before a settlement is accepted. I have had no problems, and my bank account is drafted twice a month on the correct dates. I have never had any problems with payments being made to creditors on time, not once in 2 years!

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