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Global Client Solutions started in 2003, and is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company claims to be a leading provider for account management services in the debt settlement industry.

It should be noted that Global Client Solutions is not affiliated with any debt settlement companies. Instead, it is a third-party payment processor for people enrolled in debt settlement programs. The company specializes in providing disbursement accounts where customers can accumulate the funds to pay down their debts.

Global Client Solutions boasts being recommended by over 500 debt settlement companies.

The company is not AFCC, or IAPDA accredited. The website does not provide any pricing, state eligibility, or fee information.

The Good

  • Access information 24/7 online
  • Unique solution to debt

Unique Solution

Global offers a unique solution to the debt settlement industry. Each Global customer’s account separates consumers’ funds from settlement companies–so the customer can have control over all of their own finances. The company offers both debt settlement and consumer services.

Global Client’s Method

Global is a third-party payment processor for debt settlement customers. The company itself is not actually legally affiliated with any debt settlement companies. With Global Client Solutions, customers can expect help with administering payments in and disbursements out of their Dedicated Account. The account helps consumers save up to pay off their debts.

The company claims that with a Dedicated Account, the process is more transparent for debt resolution companies, because they only have account viewing access. This is to make sure that sufficient funds are in the account before entering settlement.

24/7 Online Access

Customers and their clients can use Global’s web-based information system 24/7 to access account management and reporting opportunities. The system is fully customizable, and updates throughout the day so consumers can manage their accounts easier. Customers can choose to access their Dedicated Account information, and make payments online. Additionally, balance information can also be viewed online.

Consumers Control The Account

Consumers fully own and control the Dedicated Account. Consumers can withdraw funds in the Dedicated Account at any time.

The Bad

  • Legal issues
  • Customer complaints

Not A Direct Provider

Unfortunately, Global Client Solutions is not an actual provider. Instead, it is an independent third-party working with payment processing. The company does not have an actual program, and just provides customers in a debt settlement program with payment processing services.


This company has received multiple complaints across the board. A RipOff Report filed against Global Client Solutions accused the company of being a scam, a Trojan Horse for debt settlement companies.

Many customers also claimed that the company sent them fraudulent checks. According to customers, the company gets one’s account information when the fraudulent checks are deposited.


Global was involved in a lawsuit filed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The lawsuit claimed that Global was processing illegal debt settlement fees. The company made it possible for many companies nationwide to charge illegal upfront fees. Apparently, around tens of millions of dollars were processed in fees by Global Client Solutions.

Website Lacks Transparency

The website is not transparent, and lacks the most important information. Programs are not clearly outlined, and the website provides no information on prices, fees, minimum debt amount, or a money-back guarantee. It is assumed that Global does not work with any kind of satisfaction guarantees.

Not Accredited

Global severely lacks in accreditations. The company is not AFCC, or IAPDA, accredited. It is unclear whether or not the company is FTC compliant.

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The Bottom Line

Global Client Solutions is a unique way to help customers make payments for their debt settlement program. While the company is not an actual provider itself, it does add an additional approach to the process, with their Dedicated Account. The Dedicated Account separates consumer funds with debt settlement companies.

Even with this feature though, the cons outweigh the pros. The website deeply lacks transparency, and Global lacks accreditations. Multiple people claim Global to be a scam, and the company has been involved in legal issues. We recommend going for a more reputable and transparent company for debt settlement assistance.

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