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This company is permanently closed and no longer taking on new clients. To view other Debt Settlement companies you can view our complete list or go straight to our top recommended company.

Franklin Debt Relief was founded in 2006 and focuses on debt settlement. They lack major industry credentials and require at least $10,000 in debt, but have reasonably affordable pricing.

The Good

  • Only charge 20 percent of debt (slightly less than industry averages)
  • No cancellation fee as long as none of your debts have been settled

Like most reputable companies, FDR does not charge any upfront cost for their service, and their overall cost is a reasonable 20 percent of the debt enrolled in their service, which is slightly lower than average at 18 to 25 percent. They claim to offer a free consultation over the phone and charge no cancellation fee for discontinuing their service.

The Bad

  • No longer accepting new clients
  • Lacking AFCC and FTC accreditations
  • State availability not clear
  • Difficult to reach customer service

Again, we feel it’s critical to point out that FDR is no longer accepting new clients to their service. The company also isn’t accredited with the AFCC or the FTC, which calls into question their business practices and commitment to the debt settlement industry as a whole. It’s also important to note that there is no list of states in which they operate and they don’t accept cases smaller than $10,000.

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The Bottom Line

Franklin Debt Relief is no longer accepting new clients, but even if they were, we would not recommend them. Their pricing is attractive, but their lack of customer support, questionable service area, and lack of industry credentials make them undesirable.

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