Fast Debt Settlements is a debt relief company that is certified, audited, and bonded. The company claims to solve over $10 million of debt monthly. While Fast Debt Settlements’ website does not give information on its location or how long it has been in business, it appears the company has been in business for less than ten years.

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The Good

  • Very low fees in the industry
  • Educational resources
  • $7,500 minimum debt requirement

Low Fees

Fast Debt Settlements only charges 15 percent of the debt enrolled for its services.

Free Evaluation

You have the option to schedule a free consultation with absolutely no upfront commitment or fees. The form is quick, and you can find out how much you can save in minutes through a free debt analysis. If Fast Debt Settlements cannot handle your financial situation, they will refer you to a company that can.

Average Debt Requirements

To sign up with Fast Debt Settlements, you must have at least $7,500 in debt. This amount is not the best we’ve seen, but it is lower than what many other companies in the debt settlement industry require.

Low Program Payment

Fast Debt Settlements aims to affordably get rid of client debt in the shortest amount of time possible. In fact, the company strives to settle debt in just 24 to 48 months. Fast Debt Settlements claims to have the lowest fees in the industry, and uses a performance-based fee model.

Online Resources

If you are wanting to learn more about debt relief, debt settlement, or credit help, then you are in luck. Fast Debt Settlements’ website offers articles and online resources that customers can use to educate themselves on a variety of financial topics.

The Bad

  • Website issues
  • Available in 41 states
  • Not accredited

Outdated Website

Scrolling through the website feels clunky and outdated. Titles and pictures are extremely bright and colorful, just enough to make things look tacky and unprofessional. Additionally, many key factors are lacking. There are buttons on the website like the “click to chat” or “click to call” that don’t work when selected. The website is also not mobile friendly.

Not Available In All States

While the company does offer debt relief services in just about all 50 states, a Fast Debt Settlements phone representative mentioned that the company does not offer debt settlement services to the following states: CT, GA, KS, ME, NH, SC, OR, VT, WV. However, the company’s website has contradictory information near the bottom of the page in fine print. This makes it very difficult to tell what the most up to date information is.

No Industry Accreditations

Fast Debt Settlements is not accredited with the AFCC or the IAPDA.

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The Bottom Line

For those who want to look more into Fast Debt Settlements, the company does offer a quick and easy, free consultation. Potential customers can use the free consultation to see if Fast Debt Settlements can offer a payment plan that works best for their situation.

If you owe less than $7,500 in debt and are looking for a company to help you settle, we do not recommend using Fast Debt Settlements.

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