Debtmerica Relief

Debtmerica Relief

Debtmerica Relief specializes in settling unsecured debt and has been in the industry for over a decade. The company has programs aiming to resolve debt within 24 to 48 months, and try to settle the first account in just 4 to 6 months. According to Debtmerica Relief's website, clients will get a 50 percent reduction on their enrolled debt without fees if they make their monthly payments. They will experience a 29 percent reduction after fees.

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The Good

  • Free Consultation
  • Transparent
  • Accredited
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Free Consultation

Debtmerica Relief encourages potential customers to set up a free debt consultation for a quote. The company advertises a low monthly payment price. These two practices are standard in the debt settlement industry.


Debtmerica Relief lays out all fee information, as well as legal facts on litigation and bankruptcy. We like that the company provides essential information you need to know when choosing a debt settlement program. They are direct and honest about answering questions.


Debtmerica Relief is IAPDA, and AFCC accredited, which is important because it shows that the company is committed to the industry by employing best practices. The website does not indicate if the company is 100 percent FTC compliant.

Money-Back Guarantee

This company offers a money-back guarantee.

The Bad

  • Minimum Debt Requirement
  • State Eligibility
  • High Fees

Minimum Debt Requirement

The company has a higher than average minimum debt requirement of $10,000. This factor alone may disqualify those who are interested but are looking to settle a much smaller amount of unsecured debt.

State Eligibility

Debtmerica does not share what states they provide services to on their website. A potential client would need to call in and talk to a representative before knowing if their state is eligible.

High Fees

Fees with Debtmerica Relief are slightly higher than average. Those who choose this company should expect to pay 20 to 24 percent of their total debt enrolled. The lower the debt amount, the higher the rate. For example, for a $20,000 settlement, you are charged 24 percent ($4,800). For a $30,000 settlement, you are charged 23 percent. ($6,900). 

The Bottom Line

Debtmerica Relief is IAPDA and AFCC accredited. We love that this company is more transparent than most, and freely provides information on its fees. However, you could find lower fees with other debt settlement programs, and the company is not transparent about which states it offers services to. We recommend looking into one of the top debt settlement companies to find one with lower fees that provides services in your state.

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