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Since their founding in 1998, Debt Rx has settled millions of dollars in debt. Debt Rx is certified with the IAPDA as a Bronze Member. They offer coverage in 37 states and Washington, D.C.

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The Good

  • Extensive Industry Experience 
  • Services Offered
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Extensive Industry Experience 

Founded in 1998, Debt Rx is one of the oldest names in the debt settlement industry. That experience means more relationships with more creditors and (hopefully) more favorable settlement terms for clients. One way this experience manifests itself is in the information they present on their website; Debt Rx clearly states that debt settlement isn't for everyone and they require a minimum debt of $5,000. If they think debt settlement isn't right for you, they will be upfront with you. The company makes sure to provide you with the proper service to fit your needs.

Services Offered

Debt Rx provides several great services. They offer an online dashboard that allows customers to easily manage their accounts. Another great service offered by the company is an online debt calculator to help people calculate how much debt they will pay, without settlement, over the course of their lifetime. Customers may also speak with a representative over the phone. Clients have expressed appreciation for the free consultation and fluent Spanish-speaking customer service agents.

Money-Back Guarantee

Debt Rx promises a money-back guarantee. If they are unable to produce results, they will not charge a fee. In addition, they charge $0 in fees until after a settlement is reached. However, they do not guarantee that your debt will be lowered by a specific amount or percentage.

The Bad

  • Limited Availability
  • Potentially High Prices

Limited Availability

Debt Rx is only available in 37 states and Washington, D.C. Potential clients who live outside of these states will have to seek alternative debt settlement companies.

Potentially High Prices

Debt Rx's fees range from 15 to 22 percent, which is typical for the industry. However, some competitors advertise lower fees. Customers may want to compare prices to guarantee the best deal. 

The Bottom Line

Debt Rx offers many great services to customers. We like that they employ Spanish-speaking representatives. Their years of experience, accreditation with the IAPDA, and money-back guarantee can provide customers with confidence. Customers must verify that Debt Rx is available in their state. We also recommend that customers compare companies to see if Debt Rx offers the best price for their settlement.

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    July 3rd, 2017 Clarksburg, MD

    Great company. Didn't charge me until the debt was settled. I cant say enough good things about them. Thank you

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