Having been in business since 1998, Debt Rx has settled millions of dollars in debt. However, they’re held back by a total lack of industry accreditations. There is also little information about the company available online.


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The Good

  • Extensive industry experience (in business since 1998)
  • Spanish language staff on hand when you call in

Extensive Knowledge of Debt Settlement

Founded in 1998, Debt Rx is one of the oldest names in the debt settlement game. That experience means more relationships with more creditors and (hopefully) more favorable settlement terms for clients. One way this experience manifest itself is in the information they present on their website. Debt Rx clearly states that debt settlement isn’t for everyone, and if they think debt settlement isn’t right for you, they will be upfront with you. The company makes sure you know what you’re getting yourself into, and isn’t just after your money.

Services Offered

Clients have expressed appreciation for the free consultation and fluent Spanish-speaking customer service agents.

Another great service offered by the company is an onsite calculator – this is used to help people realize how much debt they could be paying without settlement throughout their entire life.

The Bad

  • No major industry accreditations (AFCC, IAPDA, FTC)
  • No promise of a money back guarantee
  • Lack of company information

Potentially High Prices

Although not the highest in the industry, Debt Rx’s 22 percent cost for debt enrolled is slightly more expensive than much of the competition. This cost was given to us over the phone from a company representative.

Missing Accreditations

More concerning to us (and the majority of customers based on surveys) is their complete lack of industry credentials, having neither AFCC, or IAPDA accreditations. The company also does not mention FTC compliance.

Limited Consultation

The “free consultation” offered by Debt Rx only lasts ten minutes. In our opinion, ten minutes is not long enough to fully understand your options and what you are signing up for. Several of our top companies speak with consumers for hours before they choose to sign up (or not sign up) with them. Other companies offer a limited free consultation of 40 minutes or longer. As far as we have seen, Debt Rx offers the shortest consultation of any debt settlement company.

Lack of Information

Of concern to consumers may be the fact that Debt Rx discloses little information on its website. For example, several important points, including pricing, minimum debt amount, and state availability, are all unclear.

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The Bottom Line

Debt Rx has few attributes to proclaim them as an exemplary company, although they do have many years of financial experience under their belt. Their lack of pricing and accreditations concerns us. We like that this company offers its services to Spanish speaking clients, although these positive attributes are not able to fulfill our high expectations in what to look for in a settlement company. Overall, we recommend viewing some of our other higher rated companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Debt Rx Cost?

Debt Rx does not disclose this information on its website.

Can I Get A Free Consultation?

There is a free consultation over the phone to determine general needs, types of debt, monthly income, and personal challenges. It might be best to be prepared before calling in and have any debt information on hand regarding debt amounts, names of creditors, and so forth. A more in-depth consultation may be required to look further into collection notices, specific bills, loan agreements, etc.

What Types of Debt Does Debt Rx Work With?

Debt Rx handles unsecured loans for debt settlement purposes, a list of which can be found on their website.

What Is the Minimum Debt Amount I Can Sign Up With?


More Information

About Debt Rx

Debt Rx is one of the longest operating debt settlement and negotiation firms in the United States. The company prides itself on providing personal attention and focus on existing clients. Debt Rx’s team of negotiators has settled millions of dollars in unsecured debt. The company strives to help its clients find the right solution for each individual’s particular needs.



Account Set-Up

  • Free consultation: Yes
  • Personal consultant during the settlement: No


  • AFCC accredited: No
  • IAPDA accredited: No

Time in Business


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