America Debt Resolutions

America Debt Resolutions

America Debt Resolutions specializes in unsecured debt and has a good track record with customers for resolving debt. One aspect that sets this company apart is how each consultant working for the company is salary based. Because employees are not making commission on each customer, consultants focus more on clients and less on a bigger paycheck. The company is known for personalizing its service to each individual customer. However, there is much important information that we were not able to find out about the company.

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The Good

  • Online portal
  • Well accredited
  • Personal information is safe

Online Client Portal

One feature that sets the company apart from many others is its client login. Clients of America Debt Resolutions have the ability to login to view their account information and to contact a representative with any questions or comments about the ongoing settlement.


America Debt Resolutions is accredited with the American Fair Credit Counsel (AFCC) and International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA). The website lists that the company is compliant with FTC rules and regulations. They even have a link to the FTC page that discusses FTC rules regarding for-profit companies not being able to charge up-front fees for unsecured debt settlement services.

Privacy Policy

The company has a strict privacy policy, and promises not to release any personal or valuable information to third party sites.

Good Reputation

A variety of reviews state that American Debt Resolutions successfully resolves debt in a smooth manner. Many also say that representatives are very fast in responding to questions. The company is praised for the effort they put toward each customer's situation. Those with additional questions can use the convenient live chat feature.

The Bad

  • Undisclosed state availability
  • Lack of transparency

No State Availability Information

The website doesn't list which states America Debt Resolutions does business with. The company lists that their services are not available in every state, and that fees vary by state. When we called to find out which states they don't do business with, they declined to give that information. This makes it difficult for potential customers because they will have no idea whether or not the company can help them until they call in.

Website Lacks Key Information

The website does not provide any pricing information. Additionally, they do not give information on how long their debt settlement programs take on average. The website does not provide any information on whether or not America Debt Resolutions has a money back guarantee. We would feel more comfortable recommending them to consumers if there were a little more transparency overall.

Compare to the top rated debt settlement companies

The Bottom Line

America Debt Resolutions is well accredited and has a successful track record of helping customers resolve debt. They offer a free, non-committal debt consultation.

However, we do not recommend going with this company for debt settlement. Their website lacks a degree of transparency and does not provide information on a money back guarantee, state service availability, or pricing. Even when we called customer service, representatives chose not to release state availability information. We recommend looking elsewhere for debt settlement.

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