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American Debt Enders is a credit counseling company, offering a broad spectrum of financial services through their extensive network of affiliates and law firms, including and Golden Financial Services. The company, which started as a free credit counseling service, has been in the debt industry since 2006. Today they provide a full spectrum of debt relief services, including debt settlement, debt management, personal loans, bankruptcy, and more.

The basis of our review will be on debt settlement programs.

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The Good

  • Free account set up and consultation over the phone
  • Available in 42 states
  • Educational resources

Free Consultation; No Added Fees

Like most debt relief companies, American Debt Enders helps clients get their accounts set-up by offering no upfront fees and a free consultation over the phone.

Online Educational Materials

American Debt Enders offers consumers free educational resources in the form of credit counseling, credit restoration, and debt loan consolidation. The company also provides an updated blog with an array of financial topics ranging from credit, debt, student loans, credit reports, company updates, and much more. Financial literacy tools are available for consumers to paint a brighter picture as far as their finances are concerned.

Experienced Founder

Steven Ciantro founded American Debt Enders in 2006. But before that, he was a certified credit counselor and a finalist for Ernst and Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year.” Ciantro is personally invested in the debt relief industry because he himself went through debt problems. He founded American Debt Enders to help people live debt free.

Available in 42 States

American Debt Enders is available in 42 states. States where service is unavailable include Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, North Dakota, South Carolina, Vermont, Washingtion, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

The Bad

  • May not be in business anymore
  • Would not give prices online or over the phone
  • Missing key industry accreditations and certificates
  • No mention of a money back guarantee

Transparency Issues

Our main problems with American Debt Enders revolve around a lack of transparency. To start, there is no information on pricing or what they typically settle debts for. While many other companies choose not to put prices online, they do put an average settlement percent. There is also no mention of a money back guarantee or refund on the site.

Overall, there is little information on the company itself – including number of employees and who they are. This lack of information is troubling and calls into question the value, and potentially the legitimacy, of services rendered. Finally, this company may no longer be in business.

No Industry Accreditations

As far as we can tell, American Debt Enders holds no accreditations within the debt settlement community. There is no mention of being a member of the AFCC, IAPDA, or being FTC compliant.

No Client Login

Many companies that offer debt settlement or any kind of debt relief service have a place for clients to login. This portal contains information on the client’s debt status – how much they have paid, how much they have left to paid, and when they can expect to be debt free. American Debt Enders has no client login. On its website, the company states that monthly financial updates are mailed to the client.

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The Bottom Line

American Debt Enders has no accreditations from the IAPDA, AFCC, or FTC. on top of that, they seem to be missing basic information about their own company. Due to missing information, we recommend those seeking debt settlement or resolution seek help from more transparent companies, even if American Debt Enders is still accepting applications.

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