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Allied Credit Solutions offers a broad portfolio of services, including credit repair, credit monitoring, debt management, and debt settlement. This review focuses on their debt settlement services. From the company’s website, they seem like a normal debt settlement company, offering many of the same perks of working with a debt settlement company. However, the company merely has two short paragraphs on debt settlement throughout their entire site.

Although they offer a money back guarantee, Allied has no real industry credentials to speak of.

The Good

  • Free consultation via the phone to go over your current debt situation
  • Money back guarantee (before any debts are settled)
  • Offers military discounts (one of the only settlement companies to do so)

Free Consultation Over the Phone

Like many companies in this space, Allied Credit Solutions offers a toll-free number for potential customers to call in and speak with a credit consultant at no cost regarding the company’s debt settlement services. Additionally, they claim to offer a money back guarantee which should serve as a sign of confidence in their services.

Pay Only When Debts are Settled

All debt settlement companies are required by the FTC to only charge consumers once a debt settlement has been reached with creditors. Allied Credit Solutions is no different. They guarantee that their clients will see results and that they won’t pay anything until a debt is settled.

The Bad

  • Would not give pricing online or over the phone
  • No industry accreditations from major organizations
  • The states they are available in are unknown

Unknown Pricing

Allied Credit Solutions doesn’t advertise or disclose its pricing for debt settlement services anywhere that we could find. They also fail to mention an average or typical percent they settle debts for.

Not Focused on Debt Settlement

Even though Allied Credit Solutions does provide settlement services, that is not the company’s main focus. The company brands themselves as a credit solutions company – they restore people’s bad credit. Almost everything on the company’s website addresses credit problems – they even ask people to call them for a free credit evaluation. Debt settlement (as well as collection removal, identity theft, credit monitoring, and lending), are sub-services provided. In fact, there are only two paragraphs on their website that address debt settlement. If you are in need of debt settlement, it may be more beneficial to work with a company that specializes in settlement specifically.

Missing Accreditations

There is no mention of any accreditation with the AFCC or IAPDA on Allied Credit Solutions’ website. However, after digging further, the company is IAPDA certified.

No Personal Consultant

Although the company does offer a free consultation over the phone, when you sign up with Allied Credit Solutions, you will not be working with the same consultant for you settlement process. Over the course of your one to four year settlement process, you will have to work with multiple sales representatives who may or may not know your exact situation.

Services May Not Be Available in Your State

Unfortunately, Allied Credit Solutions does not disclose which states they are currently licensed to operate in, which limits their availability to potential clients.

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The Bottom Line

Allied Credit Solutions has a lot of problems: unknown pricing, high minimum debt requirements, no accreditations and unknown service area. On top of this, there is nothing that sets them apart as an excellent choice for debt settlement. For these reasons, we do not recommend anyone work with Allied Credit Solutions. Consumers will be better off with a company that specializes in debt settlement, or at least debt relief in general.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Allied Credit Solutions Cost?

Pricing will vary depending on each specific situation. There is no known pricing structure found on the company’s website.

Can I Get a Free Consultation?

Allied Credit Solutions does offer a free consultation which can be set up either by calling into their main customer service line or by filling out a form on their website to be contacted by a representative at a later date and time.

What Types of Debt Does Allied Credit Solutions Work With?

Allied Credit Solutions handles unsecured loans, though they may give advice and direction on how to better manage secured loans to keep faulty payments and high interest rates from harming credit further.

What Is the Minimum Debt Amount I Can Sign Up With?

Allied Credit Solutions does not disclose this information on its website.

More Information

About Allied Credit Solutions

The CEO of Allied Credit Solutions has extensive background in corporate finance and financial services, particularly when it comes to credit. The company aims to tackle all the ways in which their client’s credit has been harmed and to address each issue one by one to improve their overall credit score. Allied Credit Solutions offers a free initial consultation for those who are interested.



Account Set-Up

  • Free consultation: Yes
  • Personal consultant during the settlement: Undisclosed


  • AFCC accredited: No
  • IAPDA accredited: No

Time in Business


Minimum Debt Requirement


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