Freedom Debt Relief, a subsidiary of Freedom Financial Network, has resolved billions in debt since its founding in 2002.

The company has considerable industry experience and high client satisfaction ratings.

With all the major industry accreditations, Freedom Debt Relief is a great option for many consumers. Its minimum debt requirement is $7,500. Freedom Debt Relief accepts clients dealing with financial hardship that meet this threshold and clients that can make regular payments to an account to pay for settlements. Freedom Debt Relief employs professional debt experts to negotiate and settle debt for those suffering financial hardship.

The company offers a debt settlement program that involves negotiating with creditors to lower total debt owed and is available in 39 states.

On average, Freedom Debt Relief charges 22 percent of your total enrolled debt, which means the cost varies depending on your financial situation. To settle a $20,000 debt, it will cost around $4,000.

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The Good

  • Excellent Settlement Program and Debt Relief Services
  • Experience and Accreditations
  • Great Freedom Debt Relief Reviews
  • Online Dashboard
  • No Fees Charged Until After Debt is Settled

Excellent Settlement Program and Debt Relief Services

Freedom Debt Relief has several great advantages to its debt settlement services including:

  • Low minimum of $7,500 in debt to begin debt settlement
  • Costs between 15 and 25 percent of the total unsecured debt
  • Free consultation with a Certified Debt Consultant

Freedom Debt Relief offers a free consultation with a highly trained, IAPDA-certified debt consultant when a consumer decides to enlist the company's debt settlement services.

Experience and Accreditations

As an accredited debt relief company, Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) has over 17 years of experience in the debt settlement industry. It has settled over two million accounts since its founding and regularly settles over 50,000 accounts monthly.

Freedom Debt Relief has years of experience standing between the creditor and the client. Freedom will work to obtain settlements that resolve credit card debt (or any type of unsecured debt).

FDR will walk clients through the debt settlement process: first, customers will voluntarily choose to stop making monthly payments to lenders. Instead, clients will elect to make a monthly deposit into a separate special purpose account to save money to pay for the settlements once negotiated. Freedom Debt Relief will then work to negotiate a settlement on behalf of its clients.

Unfortunately, this settlement process will affect your credit score. If you miss any minimum payments on your credit card or other debt, this will decrease your credit score. It's smart to have a plan for boosting your credit score before you start the debt settlement process.

If you choose a debt settlement plan to resolve your debts, the debts you settle are marked as "settled" on your credit report.

While there are some risks to debt settlement, this process allows you to settle debts, avoid bankruptcy, and become debt-free.

Great Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

Most Freedom Debt reviews on Best Company are positive. They commend FDR for having good customer service, explaining debt management, and keeping them updated on where they are at in the debt settlement program.

Clients drowning in high amounts of unsecured debt (credit card debt, personal loans, medical debt, student loan debt) usually find that the company can save a large percentage of what they owe.

Despite the debt settlement program's tendency to negatively affect credit scores, clients with mountains of credit card debt find it extremely helpful for debt reduction. It's also important for people to know that forgiven debt is considered taxable income, so you may owe more in taxes when using debt settlement services.

Online Dashboard

One feature that sets FDR apart from the rest is a unique and intuitive online dashboard to track clients' pace throughout the program. This helps people to actually see their progress while settling their debts. It also offers education to help clients improve their financial knowledge.

Not many debt settlement companies in the industry offer such helpful tools.

No Fees Charged Until After Debt is Settled

As opposed to a debt consolidation company which consolidates all of a customer's debt into one consolidation loan and one monthly payment, debtors approach Freedom Debt Relief as a last resort in order to escape high amounts of debt and avoid declaring bankruptcy.

Freedom Debt Relief doesn't charge any fees until after debt is settled with creditors. This practic is standard for the industry. Debt Relief companies, like National Debt Relief and Pacific Debt, also do not have upfront fees.

Upon enrollment, customers will open an FDIC-insured bank account that the client controls. Clients will put all of their money that would have gone toward paying their debt into this bank account instead. This is the main reason why this program hurts your credit score more than debt consolidation.

Next, FDR or its representatives or agents will negotiate with your creditors to settle on debt to pay.

Freedom Debt Relief makes money by charging fees on the enrolled debt amount. Its average fees are a bit high (around 22 percent fees on enrolled debt), but its services are thorough.

The company's ability to help clients find an easier road to financial freedom and paying off debt is highly valuable.

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The Bad

  • Freedom Debt Relief Cost
  • Limited Availability
  • Complaints
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Lawsuit

Freedom Debt Relief Cost

One concern with Freedom Debt Relief is their price. On average, Freedom Debt Relief charges $4,000 to settle $20,000 in debt (22 percent of total debt). If Freedom Debt Relief cuts your debt in half, you would end up paying $14,000 instead of $20,000.

Users are charged an average of 22 percent of their total debt to use FDR. While this number is in line with their competitors, it is only an average. Customers could end up paying more or less than this to use FDR. FDR’s prices range between 15 and 25 percent. The rates vary depending on the state the client lives in.

Current national debt relief trends indicate that debt settlement companies tend to charge a percentage of enrolled debt as opposed to saved debt. This means that the more total debt you have, the more debt settlement companies will charge you.

Although working with a debt settlement company still saves you from paying thousands of dollars to creditors, it's better to work with companies that charge a percentage of saved debt rather than enrolled debt.

So exactly how much will Freedom Debt Relief cost you? It will cost you around 22 percent of your total enrolled debt, but customers will have to have a consultation to get an accurate estimate. The fee is competitive for the industry. The fee is assessed when a successful settlement is reached.

However, Freedom Debt Relief’s services are high quality and make it easier to make your way to being debt-free.

Limited Availability

Freedom Debt Relief offers debt settlement programs in only 39 states. If Freedom Debt Relief does not offer services in your state, you'll have to consider other debt settlement companies.

Most debt settlement companies have a minimum debt requirement to ensure a payout. A debt settlement company that charges by saved debt will not run into this problem as much.

Freedom Debt Relief requires a minimum debt amount of $7,500 (the amount of which is charged fees between 15 and 25 percent). While this threshold is low compared to other debt settlement companies, it does rule out people struggling with lower debt amounts.

An additional limitation with Freedom Debt Relief is that the company only works with debtors with unsecured debt. Freedom Debt Relief is not an option for those struggling with secured debt.


While most of the Freedom Debt Relief reviews are positive, there are still several people who have complaints about Freedom Debt Relief. The two main complaints clients seem to have are the following:

  • Debt settlement takes too long or isn't as effective as people hoped
  • FDR charges too much for their services, sometimes costing consumers up to 25 percent of their total enrolled debt

These complaints are fairly common within the debt settlement industry. It’s important for clients to be fully informed about what debt settlement is and how it works. Potential clients should use the free consultation to learn more about the time it takes to reach a settlement and specific price information.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Lawsuit

In 2019, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Freedom Debt Relief reached an agreement that FDR would:

  • Make it clear that in some cases FDR may not be able to negotiate a debt if the creditor is unwilling to negotiate
  • Let consumers know that, in some cases, the creditor will only negotiate if the client is also directly involved in the negotiations, and that the consumer has the right to refuse to participate in the negotiations and can remove the debt from their program without penalty
  • Make it clearer to consumers under what circumstances they will be charged a fee
  • Stop charging fees on all accounts where the settlement amount was not reduced, or where the creditor wrote off the debt on their own
  • Make it clearer to consumers that, if they end their program early, any money left in their program savings account belongs to them, minus any funds earned by the company according to legal statues
  • Pay restitution money to injured consumers
  • Pay a civil penalty

It's a good idea for potential clients to do some research on the process, consumers' rights, and industry standards for settlement companies before setting up a free consultation with a debt settlement service. It's also recommended to read recent customer reviews to get a better sense of Freedom Debt Relief's commitment to clients and how good its settlement services are.

The Bottom Line

Freedom Debt Relief offers several outstanding features for anyone looking to settle their debts: all major industry accreditations, ample debt settlement experience, thoughtful and experienced debt consultants, negotiation with each creditor, and more. The company's 15 to 25 percent fees are pretty standard in comparison to other debt settlement companies (like National Debt Relief).

While people interested in other debt resolution methods, like credit counseling, a debt management plan or debt consolidation loan, will need to consider other companies, Freedom Debt Relief is a good option for those seeking a debt settlement program.

FDR's debt negotiation experience is worth the money. Freedom Debt Relief customer reviews relate that the company has saved them thousands of dollars by negotiating with their creditors. If you're looking to settle your debt through debt negotiation, we highly recommend using Freedom Debt Relief if you receive a reasonable quote from them during your free consultation. 

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Freedom Debt Relief Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freedom Debt Relief?

Freedom Debt Relief is a debt settlement company. We offer a debt settlement program that helps you get out of debt faster and for less. With over 15 years of experience working to reduce our clients’ debt, we have resolved over $10 billion in debt since 2002.

How does the Freedom Debt Relief program work?

After signing up for Freedom Debt Relief, you make monthly deposits into an FDIC-insured bank account that you own and control. Once enough money has built up into this account, negotiations occur towards resolving each of your debts one by one. Once a settlement offer is obtained, we present the offer for you to sign off on. If you agree to the terms, the funds in your FDIC-insured account are used to pay the creditor. This is also when we collect our fee. Once the creditor has been paid according to the settlement agreement, the remainder of the debt is written off. We repeat this process with all of your debts until you no longer owe anything on your enrolled debts.

How does Freedom Debt Relief affect your credit?

Freedom Debt Relief could negatively impact your credit as your creditors are not being paid every month. As such, they will report your missed payments to the credit bureaus, which negatively impacts your score. If you are already behind on payments, however, your credit is already negatively affected, so you should take that into consideration.

How much does Freedom Debt Relief cost?

Our fee ranges from 15%-25% of the debt, depending on the state you live in, how much you owe, and other factors. Under no circumstances, however, will you pay us our fee in advance of a settlement on a debt.

What kind of debt does Freedom Debt Relief work with?

Debt from credit cards, medical bills, department store cards, and many other types of unsecured debt could qualify for Freedom Debt Relief. However, secured debt that involves collateral, including auto loans, mortgages, and federal student loans, do not qualify.

What happens if a creditor tries to sue me during settlement?

Since you’ve stopped making payments to your creditors, there’s a chance that they may sue you in an attempt to collect what you owe them. Freedom Debt Relief makes available to its clients an optional subscription to a legal network of lawyers, which could help in these instances where you get sued.

Is forgiven debt taxable?

According to the IRS, a forgiven debt is considered taxable income. At the end of the year, they will expect taxes to be paid on any settled debt. However, IRS Form 982, Reduction of Tax Attributes Due to Discharge of Indebtedness, may exempt you from this tax. To learn how forgiven debt could affect your taxes, talk to a tax professional.

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Verified Customer


Mark Shearer

May 9th, 2017 Arlington, TX

I got on to check on my credit and it showed their ad there. That's why I called and talked to them, and the first guy I talked to was so impressive. He answered all my questions, and if he didn't have an answer, he would get it, but he answered all of my questions, so I didn't have anything to worry about. Everything's gone smoothly so far. Every time they answer my questions they don't give me any problems, and that's the main thing. It's kind of like insurance— you can buy the cheap insurance or you can buy the better insurance— I prefer the better insurance. You pay a little more, but they take care of your claims, and you don't have to worry about it. So far it's been real good, I don't have any problems at all, I call them, I okay their payments and they can get the work done. They send me the bill over the internet. I can find out where I'm at, check my bank balance, check everything out, so they do a real good job. So far, so good!

Verified Customer


Timothy Williams

May 9th, 2017 Phoenix, AZ

I felt very confident that what I was dealing with was going to get results that I wanted. Some of my friends that I talked to told me about them. I just tried them out as an experiment, actually. They kept me updated online on my computer, and so far, I've saved money. It's pretty smooth; the work is not that bad, the payments are not that high, and it just helps me out with my financial problems or challenges.

Verified Customer


Rita Crawford

May 9th, 2017 Gainesville, FL

I'm very grateful for Freedom Debt Relief, they've really helped me a lot. They've already taken care 3 of my debts, and they're just very professional, they handle everything. They always answer the phone and return my calls. They kept me updated with text messages, also there's a dashboard that shows everything that they do as far as making payments to your debt, and everything else. They've been very good to me.

Verified Customer


Emma Phillips

May 9th, 2017 Live Oak, FL

If somebody is in debt like I was, I feel that Freedom Debt Relief was the good company to use, I would be glad to work with them again if I had to do it over. It's very positive, what they were doing. I saw it on Facebook and I thought I would check it out and see what they did. I talked to a lady and she discussed what I needed. She said that she has been in that position before, and that they helped her, so that's why she was working with them. I thought, well, if she trusted someone else to do that, then I figured I would do it too. I heard from them twice since they got my account and so they're working out what I have to resolve. So far, I've been satisfied with what they're doing. I will eventually save money when I get my debt paid off. I'm very satisfied with it, and I'm not worried about my debt right now, like I was before.

Verified Customer


Dorothy Mcfadden

May 9th, 2017 Port St Lucie, FL

I can always get them if I have a problem or I have question, all I have to do is call them or email them. They kept me updated by email, and they saved me money. I have complete confidence in them. I feel fine about working with them, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Verified Customer


James Knapp

May 9th, 2017 Feeding Hills, MA

I was laid off and forced to retire early, and I didn't make enough money on unemployment to pay for all the credit card bills I had accrued. I think I saw an ad on the internet about Freedom Debt Relief. I called them, and no complaints, I'm pretty happy with how it's going. I got emails from them, and actual correspondence through the postal service, and they've been good at keeping in touch. They told me it's going to take a few years to pay all the debt off, but so far so good. From the first card they settled I think I saved a thousand dollars, and they're taking care of three others that they're dealing with, trying to get my debts down. I think it was a good decision, and I'm happy with their service.

Verified Customer


Michael Mccormack

May 9th, 2017 New Kensington, PA

I'm very happy with the decision to sign up with them. I wish I made it sooner. Working with them saved me money. They're all very accommodating and treat you like a decent person, and were always ready to answer any questions that you may not have been sure of. I go on the dashboard, and once in a while they gave calls to keep me updated. They put your mind at ease about being in that kind of situation, without making you seem like a deadbeat that couldn't pay your bills. I highly recommend them to anybody. I was getting emails from them, so I looked them up and read about them, and they seemed to be the best company out there.

Verified Customer


Maria Warford

May 9th, 2017 Stafford, VA

I'm very happy with how they're dealing with my debt, and how easy they're making it on me. When I saw the online advertisement and called them, the young man was extremely kind and knowledgeable, and immediately helped me. Within half an hour, I knew that I could be going debt free, so that's what happened. I had no knowledge about how to do it, but he knew exactly what to tell me to make me comfortable. I've saved money with them. They always send me a text and then email telling me to look into my file, and I can see what they're doing. I am thankful that I got it; it's just silly that I waited that long to sign up with them!

Verified Customer


Irene Escobedo

May 9th, 2017 Fallbrook, CA

I like how they have the online dashboard because it makes easier and visible for you to look at your information, unless you have to talk to somebody all the time, but mainly I like the fact that they do the work for you. I needed help with a couple of credit cards, and I would say they probably saved me almost 10 grand. They kept me up to date by email, which was very good for me because I'm a busy mom and care giver. I did have a bad experience where a gentleman called me from there, offering some kind of loan. He was being kind of pushy, and when he called me I was busy driving. I told him that I would have to call back, but he insisted, trying to explain the program, and he was actually kind of rude at one point. He told me that he couldn't see why I couldn't understand how the program works, so that was a bad experience.

Verified Customer


Kenneth Bates

May 9th, 2017 Anaconda, MT

They are really great to work with. We signed up with them to stave off a bankruptcy proceeding,and about $19k were saved. Every time there was an update they sent out an email, and eventually we had a dedicated case worker. We feel very good about the decision to sign up.

Verified Customer


Kathryn Peck

May 9th, 2017 Las Vegas, NM

It's been excellent, working with the debt relief consultants. They help in time, and they're considerate, courteous, and efficient. Through emails and phone calls, they kept me up to date. I had a business setback that caused problems, but I saved money, and I felt relieved.

Verified Customer


William Payne

May 9th, 2017 Monongahela, PA

Every experience I had with Freedom Debt Relief has been a good one. It was recommended to me by a friend. It was a relief, and they saved me money. Email and text messages were used to keep me up to date.

Verified Customer


Sadie Jude

May 9th, 2017 Ulysses, KY

Everyone there, every place that I talked to that helped me was really kind and caring. I had some friends that went to them and they were supposed to be really good. They were wonderful to me, and they saved me money. Most of the time they send updates by computer, but where I didn't understand a lot about doing things on the computer, they would call in and keep me updated. I'm very glad that I did sign up.

Verified Customer


Yvonne Greene

May 9th, 2017 Louisville, KY

I feel like all the consultants were professional, prompt at calling me back if I had a situation, everybody was just top of the line as far as dealing with me as a customer. They had a couple of websites you could go to, They had a tracking situation where you could track all your debts and see how the negotiations were going, they always emailed you about the lawyers, the litigators and negotiators and everything; it was just fantastic. At first I was a little anxious about it, I call the BBB and found out that you were a highly recommended company and good standing and after that I just started to feel more comfortable about not paying my debtors and letting you all handle all the negotiations. I needed to consolidate some bills and get rid of some high interest rates on my credit card, and I saved money by signing up with them. I mailed the company 3 separate letters about individuals who worked with me one on one during this process. Charley Brown signed me on with Freedom Debt Relief. Sharon Jones called me from the sister company Consolidated Plus after I'd been in the program for a while, and got me a consolidation loan. Last but not least, Cris Harver was my last negotiator on my remaining debts, and he helped me finish those up within about a month's time. I sent these personal letters to the management teams, they're about each one of those people and about the company as a whole.

Verified Customer


Jeff Blake

May 9th, 2017 Fort Pierce, FL

I just saw an Ad somewhere and just decided to give it a try. They're doing a really good job, there have been no problems at all. They keep me updated all the time. I absolutely saved money, and I would do it again. They're doing a great job, they got me out of debt.

Verified Customer


Teresa Seiler

May 9th, 2017 Tennyson, IN

It's been excellent. They have called us, they've emailed us and they've set information on our computers. I did save money with them. We signed up with them because we needed to do something fast. It was a relief. I just appreciate their being there, I appreciate that they can contact us, I appreciate all that Bobby did for us. It's been nice not to be hounded by debt collectors.

Verified Customer


Susan Harper

May 9th, 2017 Brooklyn, NY

I'm glad I decided to go with them, and they've been very helpful. I was looking to consolidate some accounts and I just found them on the internet so I signed up. So far it's been excellent, they settled one account already, and we're in the process of settling another account, so I'm very pleased I signed up. They've kept us up to date mostly through email, and I believe I did save some money. I think it was a great decision I made.

Verified Customer


Becky Nedelka

May 9th, 2017 Aurora, OH

I'm very pleased with my decision to sign up, and with the money I saved. I signed up in order to stay at a good program, and what they offered seemed pretty good. I was kept up to date via emails, I even received a couple of texts. They're pretty honest and straight forward, and I feel like they do their best to get everything resolved quickly. They've been great; they provide information right away, answer any questions pretty quickly... all in all, I'm very happy.

Verified Customer



May 9th, 2017 Claremore, OK

We were in trouble. We wanted to pay our bills, and we didn't want to file for bankruptcy, so we decided to go with Freedom Debt Relief. They've been very easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and I haven't had any problems. They have a site where you can sign in your account and see where you are at all times. Everything seemed to be secured on it so we went with them, and we saved money by working with them. I don't have anything bad to say about them.

Verified Customer


Gerald Ray

May 9th, 2017 Elyria, OH

The outcome has been tremendous! All the consultants have been very positive, and explained everything that was going to happen in the next couple of months. They were very up to date on everything as well. Without them, I would probably be in a big major hole right now, with all my savings gone by now.

Verified Customer


Karen Frost

May 9th, 2017 Allendale, MI

At first, I was a little nervous, but I believed in what they were saying. They are very truthful and honest, and I liked that they were very precise on what they were saying. They made sure you understood what you were saying and how things are going to be. I really liked working with Freedom Debt Relief; I'm very pleased with all of it.

Verified Customer


William Kosick

May 9th, 2017 Tabor City, NC

Although there were no arrangements with the time frame involved, it's been very successful so far. The consultants were very helpful, and I was always getting email updates. It was a very positive experience.

Verified Customer


Mala Srinivasan

May 9th, 2017 Queens, NY

I decided to sign up with them because I was facing hardship. Now, I extremely believe I made the right decision. It was a marvelous experience because they are extremely prompt in responding my questions. Also, they were extremely helpful, and I could get all the information from their website. They really helped me a lot, and reduced my debt by a large extent. All I can say is that I'm extremely thankful and grateful to all the Freedom Debt Relief consultants that are working on my accounts.

Verified Customer


Jeffrey Head

May 9th, 2017 Springfield, TN

I was behind on Credit Cards, and I just needed a way out. The representatives were friendly, nice, and helpful. This was definitely better than bankruptcy.

Verified Customer


Edin Kucanin

May 9th, 2017 Minneapolis, MN

They helped me save money from my debts, so I'm happy with them. Plus, they would send me emails, text messages and phone calls all the time; everything about them is good.

Verified Customer


Glenn Lawson

May 9th, 2017 Geary, OK

We were receiving frequent updates from them, through emails or even phone calls. I'd say the consultants were real helpful, patient, and told us everything we needed to know. Signing up with them was probably the best thing I've done.

Verified Customer


Earnest Hannah

May 9th, 2017 Ashland, KY

I feel very good about signing up with Freedom Debt Relief. They helped me save money, and to be honest, they're one of the best companies I've dealt with. If I had questions, the answers were provided on the spot, or shortly after.

Verified Customer


Rose Miller

May 9th, 2017 Colorado Springs, CO

They're easy to talk to, and when they explained to me how it works, it was like a layman's terms. If you have a problem or question, they get back at you right away, so it's been a really easy process. I feel pretty confident; I trust them.

Verified Customer


Benny May

May 9th, 2017 Shreveport, LA

Without them, I was lost. They already settled with one company, and I really appreciate the service. They are very easy to work with, and if you have any questions or concerns, they take all the burden on themselves. I also saved money, so I can say it was definitely a very positive experience.

Verified Customer


Roger Field

May 9th, 2017 Jonesboro, AR

So far, my experience with Freedom Debt Relief has been excellent. They've done everything they said they'd do, and more! A lot of my debt were solved by them. They text and called me by on my phone, so I was well informed. I have to admit, I was skeptical about it at first, but now I feel very good about signing with them.

Verified Customer


Winston Williams

May 9th, 2017 Pompano Beach, FL

They emailed me all the time, and sometimes I would call to know what was going on, so I was very much informed. Working with the associate was a good experience, they guided me throughout the whole process. It's a good company to work with. They communicate well and I will recommend them to anyone who needs their service.

Verified Customer


Ricky Clark

May 9th, 2017 Titusville, FL

I like how easy it was to work with them. There was a website that I could go to, like a dashboard, and I could keep up with everything through there. Besides, the consultants were very nice, understanding, and gave me directions on what to do or how to do things.

Verified Customer


Roxanna De Las Mercedes Miranda

May 9th, 2017 Pineville, NC

They were very prompt and they called me as soon as they had one of my creditors completed. I'm glad I signed up with them. Actually, my father did the same thing, and he was very successful with his case. I had a great experience. They worked quickly with me and my creditors.

Verified Customer


David Cain

May 9th, 2017 Wichita, KS

Signing up with them was good, and the consultants were great as well. However, the last 2 settlements weren't the best. I have to do it myself because they did not pay the debt.

Verified Customer


Cheryl Malato

May 9th, 2017 Frisco, TX

I found the process and their system easy to understand. The costumer service agent I spoke with was very user friendly as well. They kept me updated through their client portal and through emails. I am very satisfied with the outcome.

Verified Customer


Michael Silver

May 9th, 2017 Hartselle, AL

After 4 years of hellish kidney dialysis, I used up my credit cards. I decided to call Freedom Debt Relief to get some help, and I don't regret it. They always had a reasonable answer for me, and every time a problem popped up, they seemed to solve as much as possible. They were very reliable and I would recommend them to anybody that may be going through similar issues I went through.

Verified Customer


Mary Ritter

May 9th, 2017 Pleasant Lake, IN

The people I spoke with were very assuring and easy to speak with. They answered all my questions when and were very helpful. Also, every time they made any kind of settlement, they would contact me and keep me regularly informed. I found my experience with them to be very good.

Verified Customer


Nazmul Hai

May 9th, 2017 Arlington, TX

I think that Freedom Debt Relief is a good company. I don't have any more headaches now, and I'm also paying my settlement and getting my cards paid off. They were a great help.

Verified Customer


Beryl Carpenter

May 9th, 2017 Vilonia, AR

We were completely overwhelmed with our payments, and after a breast cancer surgery I had, we couldn't keep up with them. Although I was doubtful, they were extremely open and explained everything. It seemed as if they wanted to work for you. I could check up on my account online, and if they had any settlement ready, they would let me know first. All there is left to say is that I trust them; they know what to do.

Verified Customer


Julie Ketchem

May 9th, 2017 Golden, CO

The people I spoke with were very knowledgeable, and answered all my questions very promptly. They have a website where I could keep track on everything. Plus, they sent me an email every time they were about to close on the debt. I felt pretty good about everything.

Verified Customer


Diana Basford

May 9th, 2017 Tomball, TX

I decided to go with Freedom Debt Relief after not seeing any way out. They were extremely helpful and polite, and I'm just glad I did it. It was such a positive experience.

Verified Customer


Charlie Knight

May 9th, 2017 Montgomery, AL

One thing I learned about Freedom Debt Relief is that, whatever they tell you that they're going to do, it happens. They're very professional, very open and they listen. They have a great website that allowed me to check on my case's progress 24 hours a day. This whole experience brought me to understanding that you have to be very patient about trying to establish things in life. It's really important to have people like Freedom Debt Relief that can help others with financial binds.

Verified Customer


Michael Bare

May 9th, 2017 Henderson, NV

Every time I talk to any of the consultants, they are great! They have kept me updated through text messages or emails, and I have felt very positive about signing up with them.

Verified Customer


Wendell March

May 9th, 2017 Surprise, AZ

Somebody referred me to Freedom Debt Relief, and so far, it's been very good! I had trouble with the internet portal to check the progress of my case, so I had to call them personally to get the updates. I'm just glad I did it; it's a very good program!

Verified Customer


Jennifer Cameron

May 9th, 2017 Springfield, PA

I've been getting constant emails with updates, so that's good. They already negotiated one of my settlements within the first 2 months, and helped me save around $800. On top of that, the consultants were really quick, really communicative, and I just think it's valuable.

Verified Customer


Tom Pedersen

May 9th, 2017 Bellville, TX

After losing my job a few years back, my debts got to a point of no return. However, Freedom Debt Relief got null of my stuff; all my debts consolidated into a payment that I can make. They were reduced to almost 60% of the total debts, so I would say that it's highly recommended. They've got a lot of different programs that can apply for different situations. They make the whole process very easy.


Laura Herrell

May 9th, 2017

Tyler was very helpful, He was able to explain the program and answer all of my questions.



May 9th, 2017 Chantilly, VA

Tiffany B. was incredibly patient, informative, and pleasant in each of our interactions. She earned my trust, and made an otherwise arduous experience feel comfortable.



May 5th, 2017 Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I decided to go with Freedom Debt Relief because of some overdue bills I had. They helped me reduce the financial burden I have, and kept following up on me. Sometimes I would get a text, and sometimes I would get an email to check my dashboard. Overall, it was a great experience.


Charles Tison

May 5th, 2017 Toledo, OH

It's been a good experience so far. Things are going well, and it helped to get into a consolidation loan with their sister company, and will also further help me to repair my credit and to get a much better credit score, and get myself out of debt. Just based on research, seems like it would be the quickest option to get out of debt, and they're well known in that type of industry so they get the best result. I feel positive about it. I feel like it's going to help me get things taken care of quickly, and I feel really good about it so far. They've been very good, I've enjoyed it. It's a good experience.