Freedom Debt Relief, a subsidiary of Freedom Financial Network, has resolved billions in debt since its founding in 2002.

The company has considerable industry experience and high client satisfaction ratings.

With all the major industry accreditations, Freedom Debt Relief is a great option for many consumers. Its minimum debt requirement is $7,500. Freedom Debt Relief accepts clients dealing with financial hardship that meet this threshold and clients that can make regular payments to an account to pay for settlements. Freedom Debt Relief employs professional debt experts to negotiate and settle debt for those suffering financial hardship.

The company offers a debt settlement program that involves negotiating with creditors to lower total debt owed and is available in 39 states.

On average, Freedom Debt Relief charges 22 percent of your total enrolled debt, which means the cost varies depending on your financial situation. To settle a $20,000 debt, it will cost around $4,000.

View Freedom Debt Relief reviews below.

The Good

  • Excellent Settlement Program and Debt Relief Services
  • Experience and Accreditations
  • Great Freedom Debt Relief Reviews
  • Online Dashboard
  • No Fees Charged Until After Debt is Settled

Excellent Settlement Program and Debt Relief Services

Freedom Debt Relief has several great advantages to its debt settlement services including:

  • Low minimum of $7,500 in debt to begin debt settlement
  • Costs between 15 and 25 percent of the total unsecured debt
  • Free consultation with a Certified Debt Consultant

Freedom Debt Relief offers a free consultation with a highly trained, IAPDA-certified debt consultant when a consumer decides to enlist the company's debt settlement services.

Experience and Accreditations

As an accredited debt relief company, Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) has over 17 years of experience in the debt settlement industry. It has settled over two million accounts since its founding and regularly settles over 50,000 accounts monthly.

Freedom Debt Relief has years of experience standing between the creditor and the client. Freedom will work to obtain settlements that resolve credit card debt (or any type of unsecured debt).

FDR will walk clients through the debt settlement process: first, customers will voluntarily choose to stop making monthly payments to lenders. Instead, clients will elect to make a monthly deposit into a separate special purpose account to save money to pay for the settlements once negotiated. Freedom Debt Relief will then work to negotiate a settlement on behalf of its clients.

Unfortunately, this settlement process will affect your credit score. If you miss any minimum payments on your credit card or other debt, this will decrease your credit score. It's smart to have a plan for boosting your credit before you start the debt settlement process.

If you choose a debt settlement plan to resolve your debts, the debts you settle are marked as "settled" on your credit report.

While there are some risks to debt settlement, this process allows you to settle debts, avoid bankruptcy, and become debt-free.

Great Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

Most Freedom Debt reviews on Best Company are positive. They commend FDR for having good customer service, explaining debt management, and keeping them updated on where they are at in the debt settlement program.

Clients drowning in high amounts of unsecured debt (credit card debt, personal loans, medical debt, student loan debt) usually find that the company can save a large percentage of what they owe.

Despite the debt settlement program's tendency to negatively affect credit scores, clients with mountains of credit card debt find it extremely helpful for debt reduction. It's also important for people to know that forgiven debt is considered taxable income, so you may owe more in taxes when using debt settlement services.

Online Dashboard

One feature that sets FDR apart from the rest is a unique and intuitive online dashboard to track clients' pace throughout the program. This helps people to actually see their progress while settling their debts. It also offers education to help clients improve their financial knowledge.

Not many debt settlement companies in the industry offer such helpful tools.

No Fees Charged Until After Debt is Settled

As opposed to a debt consolidation company which consolidates all of a customer's debt into one consolidation loan and one monthly payment, debtors approach Freedom Debt Relief as a last resort in order to escape high amounts of debt and avoid declaring bankruptcy.

Freedom Debt Relief doesn't charge any fees until after debt is settled with creditors. This practic is standard for the industry. Debt Relief companies, like National Debt Relief and Pacific Debt, also do not have upfront fees.

Upon enrollment, customers will open an FDIC-insured bank account that the client controls. Clients will put all of their money that would have gone toward paying their debt into this bank account instead. This is the main reason why this program hurts your credit score more than debt consolidation.

Next, FDR or its representatives or agents will negotiate with your creditors to settle on debt to pay.

Freedom Debt Relief makes money by charging fees on the enrolled debt amount. Its average fees are a bit high (around 22 percent fees on enrolled debt), but its services are thorough.

The company's ability to help clients find an easier road to financial freedom and paying off debt is highly valuable.

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The Bad

  • Freedom Debt Relief Cost
  • Limited Availability
  • Complaints
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Lawsuit

Freedom Debt Relief Cost

One concern with Freedom Debt Relief is their price. On average, Freedom Debt Relief charges $4,000 to settle $20,000 in debt (22 percent of total debt). If Freedom Debt Relief cuts your debt in half, you would end up paying $14,000 instead of $20,000.

Users are charged an average of 22 percent of their total debt to use FDR. While this number is in line with their competitors, it is only an average. Customers could end up paying more or less than this to use FDR. FDR’s prices range between 15 and 25 percent. The rates vary depending on the state the client lives in.

Current national debt relief trends indicate that debt settlement companies tend to charge a percentage of enrolled debt as opposed to saved debt. This means that the more total debt you have, the more debt settlement companies will charge you.

Although working with a debt settlement company still saves you from paying thousands of dollars to creditors, it's better to work with companies that charge a percentage of saved debt rather than enrolled debt.

So exactly how much will Freedom Debt Relief cost you? It will cost you around 22 percent of your total enrolled debt, but customers will have to have a consultation to get an accurate estimate. The fee is competitive for the industry. The fee is assessed when a successful settlement is reached.

However, Freedom Debt Relief’s services are high quality and make it easier to make your way to being debt-free.

Limited Availability

Freedom Debt Relief offers debt settlement programs in only 39 states. If Freedom Debt Relief does not offer services in your state, you'll have to consider other debt settlement companies.

Most debt settlement companies have a minimum debt requirement to ensure a payout. A debt settlement company that charges by saved debt will not run into this problem as much.

Freedom Debt Relief requires a minimum debt amount of $7,500 (the amount of which is charged fees between 15 and 25 percent). While this threshold is low compared to other debt settlement companies, it does rule out people struggling with lower debt amounts.

An additional limitation with Freedom Debt Relief is that the company only works with debtors with unsecured debt. Freedom Debt Relief is not an option for those struggling with secured debt.


While most of the Freedom Debt Relief reviews are positive, there are still several people who have complaints about Freedom Debt Relief. The two main complaints clients seem to have are the following:

  • Debt settlement takes too long or isn't as effective as people hoped
  • FDR charges too much for their services, sometimes costing consumers up to 25 percent of their total enrolled debt

These complaints are fairly common within the debt settlement industry. It’s important for clients to be fully informed about what debt settlement is and how it works. Potential clients should use the free consultation to learn more about the time it takes to reach a settlement and specific price information.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Lawsuit

In 2019, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Freedom Debt Relief reached an agreement that FDR would:

  • Make it clear that in some cases FDR may not be able to negotiate a debt if the creditor is unwilling to negotiate
  • Let consumers know that, in some cases, the creditor will only negotiate if the client is also directly involved in the negotiations, and that the consumer has the right to refuse to participate in the negotiations and can remove the debt from their program without penalty
  • Make it clearer to consumers under what circumstances they will be charged a fee
  • Stop charging fees on all accounts where the settlement amount was not reduced, or where the creditor wrote off the debt on their own
  • Make it clearer to consumers that, if they end their program early, any money left in their program savings account belongs to them, minus any funds earned by the company according to legal statues
  • Pay restitution money to injured consumers
  • Pay a civil penalty

It's a good idea for potential clients to do some research on the process, consumers' rights, and industry standards for settlement companies before setting up a free consultation with a debt settlement service. It's also recommended to read recent customer reviews to get a better sense of Freedom Debt Relief's commitment to clients and how good its settlement services are.

The Bottom Line

Freedom Debt Relief offers several outstanding features for anyone looking to settle their debts: all major industry accreditations, ample debt settlement experience, thoughtful and experienced debt consultants, negotiation with each creditor, and more. The company's 15 to 25 percent fees are pretty standard in comparison to other debt settlement companies (like National Debt Relief).

While people interested in other debt resolution methods, like credit counseling, a debt management plan or debt consolidation loan, will need to consider other companies, Freedom Debt Relief is a good option for those seeking a debt settlement program.

FDR's debt negotiation experience is worth the money. Freedom Debt Relief customer reviews relate that the company has saved them thousands of dollars by negotiating with their creditors. If you're looking to settle your debt through debt negotiation, we highly recommend using Freedom Debt Relief if you receive a reasonable quote from them during your free consultation. 

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Freedom Debt Relief Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freedom Debt Relief?

Freedom Debt Relief is a debt settlement company. We offer a debt settlement program that helps you get out of debt faster and for less. With over 15 years of experience working to reduce our clients’ debt, we have resolved over $10 billion in debt since 2002.

How does the Freedom Debt Relief program work?

After signing up for Freedom Debt Relief, you make monthly deposits into an FDIC-insured bank account that you own and control. Once enough money has built up into this account, negotiations occur towards resolving each of your debts one by one. Once a settlement offer is obtained, we present the offer for you to sign off on. If you agree to the terms, the funds in your FDIC-insured account are used to pay the creditor. This is also when we collect our fee. Once the creditor has been paid according to the settlement agreement, the remainder of the debt is written off. We repeat this process with all of your debts until you no longer owe anything on your enrolled debts.

How does Freedom Debt Relief affect your credit?

Freedom Debt Relief could negatively impact your credit as your creditors are not being paid every month. As such, they will report your missed payments to the credit bureaus, which negatively impacts your score. If you are already behind on payments, however, your credit is already negatively affected, so you should take that into consideration.

How much does Freedom Debt Relief cost?

Our fee ranges from 15%-25% of the debt, depending on the state you live in, how much you owe, and other factors. Under no circumstances, however, will you pay us our fee in advance of a settlement on a debt.

What kind of debt does Freedom Debt Relief work with?

Debt from credit cards, medical bills, department store cards, and many other types of unsecured debt could qualify for Freedom Debt Relief. However, secured debt that involves collateral, including auto loans, mortgages, and federal student loans, do not qualify.

What happens if a creditor tries to sue me during settlement?

Since you’ve stopped making payments to your creditors, there’s a chance that they may sue you in an attempt to collect what you owe them. Freedom Debt Relief makes available to its clients an optional subscription to a legal network of lawyers, which could help in these instances where you get sued.

Is forgiven debt taxable?

According to the IRS, a forgiven debt is considered taxable income. At the end of the year, they will expect taxes to be paid on any settled debt. However, IRS Form 982, Reduction of Tax Attributes Due to Discharge of Indebtedness, may exempt you from this tax. To learn how forgiven debt could affect your taxes, talk to a tax professional.

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January 4th, 2017 Rochester, MN

I have evaluated your program several times in the past month and finally knew I needed to make the decision to pursue. I want to commend your competent representative who I had the pleasure to work with, Jason H. He thoroughly and confidently (and patiently) answered all the questions I had and it was absolutely his confidence and assurance throughout the process that convinced me this was the right decision. He never made me feel like a failure because I could not keep up with the debt. Even though this is how I feel myself. I absolutely cannot say enough about his interactions and his patience. Your company can be proud of this individual.



December 31st, 2016 Grand Rapids, MI

Great service! Felt comfortable with the process and now I am on my way to a debt free future!


Alma Cundiff

December 29th, 2016

Very happy with the service and money saved.

Freedom Debt Relief Logo

Reply from Freedom Debt Relief

Jan 15, 2019

We're pleased to hear that you're satisfied with your savings and the service that we provide, Alma! We're happy to be on your side and please don't hesitate to contact us when you have questions or concerns, simply call (800) 655-6303 or email Thank you for choosing Freedom Debt Relief!


Terry Stanton

December 29th, 2016

trying to get out of debt. living in an old camper on the back of my truck. Dorothy K was a big help to me and very pleasant person to work with



December 29th, 2016 Lawrenceburg, TN

I was/am very impressed on how nice, kind, knowledgeable, and professional Dan, your representative, was/is/ He did a super job and guided me into exactly what I needed to do. This was an answer to prayer, especially after being hounded for months by a company when I was not even behind on my payments to them.


Amanda Weiss

December 28th, 2016

I started the program in June of 2014. We settled our first card in Jan 2015 during that time my credit went from 710 to 560 during that time. Little did I know the difference we did not pay the cards I still had to pay taxes on to the IRS. Also I just tried to open a checking account to a credit union that had a loan we "settled" and to open the acountry I had to pay the difference. I will never use nor recommend to use them ever. Talk to your credit card companies and whoever you owe money to they can always work with you.


Lisa M. Benick

December 28th, 2016 Springfield, MO

Casey was very informative and helpful. I felt totally comfortable with the decision I made to begin with Freedom Debt Relief.


paula costanzo

December 26th, 2016



Steve Morriss

December 25th, 2016

Alex has been very beneficial throughout the process


Dewane Hale

December 25th, 2016

I am pleased with Freedom Debt Relief. The process was quick and easy. I am finally on my way to be8ng debt free! Thank you!


Sally Martinez

December 22nd, 2016

Gregory S informed of all procedure of application, never in a hurry, very patient as well as informative. Freedom debt relief is pretty awesome!


George Hines

December 22nd, 2016

Thank You Debra A for assisting me with the application process . Your professional approach and and knowledge of services offered from Freedom Debt relief, has made my experience less stressful than I could have ever expected. After your explanation of services, I feel very comfortable proceeding. Again I thank you for such professional and truly caring Help with such a negative subject.



December 21st, 2016

Had a great experience working with freedom, and I'm looking forward to finish paying off all my debt

Freedom Debt Relief Logo

Reply from Freedom Debt Relief

Jan 15, 2019

We're proud of your financial success, Leonardo! Thank you for choosing Freedom Debt Relief to be your partner on your debt-free journey and please don't hesitate to contact us when you have questions regarding your account, simply call (800) 655-6303 or email . Thank you for being a part of Freedom Debt Relief!


Jessica Lee

December 20th, 2016 Tempe, AZ

Had a wondeful experience with these folks. Who knew they could be so helpful?? Would tell any of my friends about them because I honestly didn't understand what they did but they were patient enough to help me understand without making me feel like they were selling to me.


Patricia Gale

December 20th, 2016

Dakota was just wonderful I couldn't have asked for better service she was very thorough and quite delightful made me feel very comfortable


H L Myers

December 18th, 2016

When I first filled out the online form for Freedom Debt Relief, I really didn't think I would be willing to actually go through with it. After dealing with abusive leaders during my time in the Army, the VA (need I say more?), and uncountable numbers of companies whose only goal is separating the unwary from their money; my trust is not exactly easy to acquire anymore. Gregory S's integrity and genuine manner is extraordinary, and his obvious empathy & compassion perfectly balances his bedrock foundation of honor. I was incredibly lucky to be connected with him, because his sterling character resonates with such power through his words, backed up by his actions, that even over the phone, it is nearly tangible - unmistakable and impossible to overlook. While I was a soldier, I often had to show "respect" to people who only ever inspired contempt in everyone unfortunate enough to be forced to work with them. Those who truly deserved and quickly earned my respect were rare gems, even amongst those who, by the very act of taking an oath to kill, and risk injury or death to defend our freedom, are worth far more than both our current and future commanders in chief. Mr Gregory S actually shocked me, by earning my genuine respect with such ease, that I was quickly able to accept the risks associated with the debt settlement plan he helped me and my husband conclude was the best course of action for our family. His easy rapport and genuine personality made a stressful decision such as this, easy to make and difficult to second-guess. He is a true asset to your company, and I feel incredibly glad to have met him. The only criticism I have about him, is that he spends far too much time working.


Miriam Germain

December 18th, 2016 Jamaica, NY

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. James C, He was very patient with me, and he made me feel like I was making the right decision with FDR. Every question was answered with all the details to eliminate any doubts. Both accounts were negotiated and settled. I would definitely refer FDR and Mr. James C to my friends and family. Thank you for a wonderful experience and Thank you for having an Amazing Team.


Stephen McKetchnie

December 17th, 2016 Palm Springs, CA

Joel A is wonderful. He is very knowledgeable and patient even if I have a stupid question.He has great customer service skills.The folks in the customer service office office are very knowledgeable as well and guide me every step of the way to make sure I stay on track thanks guys.


Emily Escajeda

December 16th, 2016

Dakota is so helpful and supportive and she puts my mind at ease.


Samantha Tedeja

December 16th, 2016 Philadelphia, PA

Michael P was really patient with me for filled all my needs and help me better myself as well as my credit. Thank you!


era tapio

December 14th, 2016 Palestine, TX

very pleasant and accomodating


Tina Rouse

December 14th, 2016

FDR has been very attentive to my needs! They have been quick on getting settlements with my creditors. I've been really pleased with the outcomes. I would recommend FDR to my family and friends!

Freedom Debt Relief Logo

Reply from Freedom Debt Relief

Jan 04, 2019

Thank you for your positive review, Tina! Did you know we have a referral bonus program for our clients? Please feel free to reach out to our client services team to learn more! Give them a call at (800) 655-6303 or email . Thank you for choosing Freedom Debt Relief and we're all looking forward to your brighter financial future!


Sean Fernando

December 13th, 2016 Los Angeles, CA

Great Service!!!


Toni Wheeler

December 12th, 2016 Keller, TX

The agent was extremely helpful and explained everything in great detail, including the pros and cons of the agreement.


Joeseph Bourgeois

December 12th, 2016 Zephyrhills, FL

the professionalism of Henry G was superb. He answered our questions perfectly and explained every aspect of the program. we are totally relieved at what the program will do and how much better our future now looks, Thank you.


katielyn diekmann

December 10th, 2016 Billings, MT

Just enrolled, it seems easy enough. They set everything up for me so I barley have to do anything but make my monthly payment.


Juanita E Miles

December 10th, 2016

I was struggling with a financial hardship and trying to find a solution for my issues. I was surfing the internet for help and of course there were so many choices I felt overwhelmed. So I chose a couple just to get an idea of what they had to offer. I received call backs, but one call really stood out. It was a call from Monica S at Freedom Debt Relief. Her conversation was clear concise encouraging even compassionate to my personal issues. I had many questions, and Monica had many answers. I of course checked the company out and they have a great BBB rating and reviews. I have become a client and feel confident Freedom Debt Relief will help me reach my goals. A special thanks to Monica for baby stepping me through the process.


Jeremy Maze

December 8th, 2016 San Jose, CA

Shaun L was very good at explaining the program and making me feel comfortable with my decision . I will definitely recommend Freedom Debt Relief to my friends and family !


Melvin Jordan

December 7th, 2016

I am completely satisfied with the customer service work performed by Freedom Financial.

Freedom Debt Relief Logo

Reply from Freedom Debt Relief

Jan 04, 2019

We take pride in curating a top tier client services team that's always ready to help you, Melvin! Please continue to contact us when you have questions or concerns, simply call (800) 655-6303 or log onto . Thank you for being a part of Freedom Debt Relief!


Joan Conne

December 7th, 2016 Lexington, KY

Staff are knowledgeable, caring and supportive.

Freedom Debt Relief Logo

Reply from Freedom Debt Relief

Jan 04, 2019

Thank you for recognizing our hard-working client services team, Joan! We care for all of our clients and we're here to support you throughout your debt-free journey. Please continue to contact us when you have questions or concerns, simply call (800) 655-6303 or log onto . Thank you for choosing Freedom Debt Relief!


Rosamaria Contreras

December 7th, 2016

I have had a great experience and would recommend this to anyone with debt problems add a solution.

Freedom Debt Relief Logo

Reply from Freedom Debt Relief

Jan 04, 2019

We appreciate your positive review, Rosamaria! We're proud to be on your side and any time you have questions or concerns, please contact our world-class client services team at (800) 655-6303 or log onto . Thank you for being a part of Freedom Debt Relief!



November 30th, 2016 Las Vegas, NV

we are fairly new with this program, so far everything seems good.

Freedom Debt Relief Logo

Reply from Freedom Debt Relief

Jan 04, 2019

We're happy to have you on board, Sandy! We're excited about your financial success and please don't hesitate to contact us when you have questions or concerns. Give client services a call at (800) 655-6303 or log onto . Thank you for being a part of Freedom Debt Relief!


normand thibodeau

November 30th, 2016

so far have done everything they promised

Freedom Debt Relief Logo

Reply from Freedom Debt Relief

Jan 04, 2019

Thank you for your positive review, Normand. We're happy to be of assistance and please don't hesitate to contact us when you have questions or concerns, simply call (800) 655-6303 or log onto . Thank you for being a part of Freedom Debt Relief!


Steven Olson

November 19th, 2016 Reno, NV

Great service glad to be part of freedom debt relief. Thank you very much.

Freedom Debt Relief Logo

Reply from Freedom Debt Relief

Jan 04, 2019

We appreciate your positive review, Steven! We, too, are glad that you chose us to be your partner on your journey to debt freedom! Don't forget, when you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact client services at (8000 655-6303 or log onto . Thank you for being a part of Freedom Debt Relief!



November 19th, 2016 Lone Rock, IA

Great company to work with! Got one credit card done within the year!

Freedom Debt Relief Logo

Reply from Freedom Debt Relief

Jan 04, 2019

Thank you for your great review, Carol! We're proud of your progress and we're all looking forward to your debt-free future. Additionally, don't forget we have a wonderful client services team that's available to you to answer any questions or concerns you have. They can be reached by calling (800) 655-6303 or log onto . Thank you for being a part of Freedom Debt Relief!


Ronald Montague

November 18th, 2016

So far so good. Settled a CC 500 reduction! Hitting my sixth month so hoping FDR will start getting more settlements soon! Customer service is great!

Freedom Debt Relief Logo

Reply from Freedom Debt Relief

Jan 04, 2019

Congratulations on your success, Ronald! We're proud of the milestone you've reached and please don't hesitate to contact us when you have questions or concerns. Give them a call at (800) 655-6303 or email . Thank you for choosing Freedom Debt Relief!


Cherryl Ellison

November 14th, 2016 Covington, VA

Very satisfied!!!! The representatives are very courteous, and helpful. They make you feel comfortable and at ease. I've never called when I wasn't able to talk to someone immediately.



November 13th, 2016

So far so good! They have help me solve my debt problem. And as of November 2016 Lived up to what they agreed on. All my debt would be reduced on avg. of 45% and paid off within 48 months - if not sooner.



November 11th, 2016

You guy,s are doing great with helping me lower my debt, I should have came to you sooner, My wife was so impressed, She signed up also for your program, Keep on doing great work.


Dianne Merritt

November 8th, 2016 Richmond, VA

I signed up with Freedom Debt Relief a month ago.I did what they said when the welcome package came.I sent my creditors the page changing my phone number and e-mail to theirs.But instead of my creditors calling,texting or e-mailing FDR.I continued to get calls,texts and e-mails from my creditors.All my creditors have told me they will not work with FDR.When I notified FDR they tell me they do work them.Since signing up with FDR the calls etc. from my creditors have gotten worse.I talked to FDR yesterday 3 times and got the same bs from them,The last person I talked to suggested I change my phone number and e-mail to stop them from contacting me.They told me it could take 4 to 6 months for them to negotiate with my creditors.I asked why it would take them that long,they couldn't tell me.I asked them why if I went to a bankruptcy lawyer or Credit Counseling of Virginia they could stop my creditors from contacting me.Again all I got was they negotiate with my creditors.They are a rip off do not trust them.

Freedom Debt Relief Logo

Reply from Freedom Debt Relief

Nov 20, 2018

Hello Dianne, We’re so sorry to hear you have had a negative experience. Could you please send us your contact information in a private message so we can look into this further and have someone contact you?



November 3rd, 2016 Brooklyn, NY

Freedom Debt Relief personnel are always available to help with concerns/questions. Enrolled for a few months and have already approved one settlement with a creditor. I feel that I am on my way to really managing my debt.


yolandia eubanks

November 3rd, 2016

Everyone has been wonderful to work with but it is very overwhelming to know know exactly what you need to do when the creditors are contacting you and and what you should do.


Lois Longmire

November 2nd, 2016 Baltimore, MD

November, 2016 I have nothing but great service. From my first call in August, 2016 to now. I would recommend calling them if you need help with your debt!


Roberta Green

November 2nd, 2016 Ogden, UT

From the beginning of this process I've been very nervous, but whenever I've needed a pep talk or a kind, sympathetic ear the customer service department has always been there to easy my anxiety. I appreciate it very much.


Ann Ahlborn

October 27th, 2016

I am very pleased with the work that FDR has been doing on my behalf. Thank you.

Freedom Debt Relief Logo

Reply from Freedom Debt Relief

Jan 04, 2019

We're happy to hear that you're pleased with your program, Ann! We're looking forward to continuing negotiating great settlements for you and in the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact client services at (800) 655-6303 or log onto . Thank you for choosing Freedom Debt Relief!


Tammie Hawkes

October 21st, 2016



Brian Evans

October 20th, 2016

One debt was settled with a balance of $1,100 from an over $2,300 debt. We were quite pleased when the contacted us with a settlement after only depositing monthly savings for only 5 months. Can't wait the the remaining 5 accounts are dealt with and settled.

Freedom Debt Relief Logo

Reply from Freedom Debt Relief

Jan 04, 2019

Congratulations on your success thus far, Brian! We're proud of your savings and we're looking forward to your next milestone. Along the way, please don't hesitate to contact client services by calling (800) 655-6303 or log onto when you have questions or concerns. Thank you for being a part of Freedom Debt Relief!


Alvaro Guzman

October 20th, 2016 Pacoima, CA

Hello; freedom ; tank you for continue helping me.i like how you are doing you work i:m happy for everything your team freedom debit relief .is doing... ;ALVARO GUZMAN


Charlotte P. Belfiore

October 19th, 2016

My first account has been successfully negotiated and settled; saving me almost 48% of my total owed! I now have one account knocked down and out! I am confident my remaining accounts will be negotiated and successfully settled as well. I am relieved already, after living for years paying monthly and never getting ANYWHERE!! Thank you so very much for relieving lots of anxiety. I look forward to these next wonderful settlements you will get by doing what you do best "NEGOTIATE" !


Bruce mancuso

October 18th, 2016 San Jose, CA

This company literally took the stress off me and my heart in which I have a pacemaker and difubulator and I must be stress free. Doctors have asked me if there is anything I changed in my life to make my heart perform better like my diet excersise or whatever because they can't believe the recovery I have done I told them this company relieved the stress and let me live again