Freedom Debt Relief, a subsidiary of Freedom Financial Network, has resolved billions in debt since its founding in 2002.

The company has considerable industry experience and high client satisfaction ratings.

With all the major industry accreditations, Freedom Debt Relief is a great option for many consumers. Its minimum debt requirement is $7,500. Freedom Debt Relief accepts clients dealing with financial hardship that meet this threshold and clients that can make regular payments to an account to pay for settlements. Freedom Debt Relief employs professional debt experts to negotiate and settle debt for those suffering financial hardship.

The company offers a debt settlement program that involves negotiating with creditors to lower total debt owed and is available in 38 states.

On average, Freedom Debt Relief charges 22 percent of your total enrolled debt, which means the cost varies depending on your financial situation. To settle a $20,000 debt, it will cost around $4,000.

View Freedom Debt Relief reviews below.

The Good

  • Excellent Settlement Program and Debt Relief Services
  • Experience and Accreditations
  • Great Freedom Debt Relief Reviews
  • Online Dashboard
  • No Fees Charged Until After Debt is Settled

Excellent Settlement Program and Debt Relief Services

Freedom Debt Relief has several great advantages to its debt settlement services including:

  • Low minimum of $7,500 in debt to begin debt settlement
  • Costs between 15 and 25 percent of the total unsecured debt
  • Free consultation with a Certified Debt Consultant

Freedom Debt Relief offers a free consultation with a highly trained, IAPDA-certified debt consultant when a consumer decides to enlist the company's debt settlement services.

Experience and Accreditations

As an accredited debt relief company, Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) has over 17 years of experience in the debt settlement industry. It has settled over two million accounts since its founding and regularly settles over 50,000 accounts monthly.

Freedom Debt Relief has years of experience standing between the creditor and the client. Freedom will work to obtain settlements that resolve credit card debt (or any type of unsecured debt).

FDR will walk clients through the debt settlement process: first, customers will voluntarily choose to stop making monthly payments to lenders. Instead, clients will elect to make a monthly deposit into a separate special purpose account to save money to pay for the settlements once negotiated. Freedom Debt Relief will then work to negotiate a settlement on behalf of its clients.

Unfortunately, this settlement process will affect your credit score. If you miss any minimum payments on your credit card or other debt, this will decrease your credit score. It's smart to have a plan for boosting your credit before you start the debt settlement process.

If you choose a debt settlement plan to resolve your debts, the debts you settle are marked as "settled" on your credit report.

While there are some risks to debt settlement, this process allows you to settle debts, avoid bankruptcy, and become debt-free.

Great Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

Most Freedom Debt reviews on Best Company are positive. They commend FDR for having good customer service, explaining debt management, and keeping them updated on where they are at in the debt settlement program.

Clients drowning in high amounts of unsecured debt (credit card debt, personal loans, medical debt, student loan debt) usually find that the company can save a large percentage of what they owe.

Despite the debt settlement program's tendency to negatively affect credit scores, clients with mountains of credit card debt find it extremely helpful for debt reduction. It's also important for people to know that forgiven debt is considered taxable income, so you may owe more in taxes when using debt settlement services.

Online Dashboard

One feature that sets FDR apart from the rest is a unique and intuitive online dashboard to track clients' pace throughout the program. This helps people to actually see their progress while settling their debts. It also offers education to help clients improve their financial knowledge.

Not many debt settlement companies in the industry offer such helpful tools.

No Fees Charged Until After Debt is Settled

As opposed to a debt consolidation company which consolidates all of a customer's debt into one consolidation loan and one monthly payment, debtors approach Freedom Debt Relief as a last resort in order to escape high amounts of debt and avoid declaring bankruptcy.

Freedom Debt Relief doesn't charge any fees until after debt is settled with creditors. This practic is standard for the industry. Debt Relief companies, like National Debt Relief and Pacific Debt, also do not have upfront fees.

Upon enrollment, customers will open an FDIC-insured bank account that the client controls. Clients will put all of their money that would have gone toward paying their debt into this bank account instead. This is the main reason why this program hurts your credit score more than debt consolidation.

Next, FDR or its representatives or agents will negotiate with your creditors to settle on debt to pay.

Freedom Debt Relief makes money by charging fees on the enrolled debt amount. Its average fees are a bit high (around 22 percent fees on enrolled debt), but its services are thorough.

The company's ability to help clients find an easier road to financial freedom and paying off debt is highly valuable.

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The Bad

  • Freedom Debt Relief Cost
  • Limited Availability
  • Complaints
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Lawsuit

Freedom Debt Relief Cost

One concern with Freedom Debt Relief is their price. On average, Freedom Debt Relief charges $4,000 to settle $20,000 in debt (22 percent of total debt). If Freedom Debt Relief cuts your debt in half, you would end up paying $14,000 instead of $20,000.

Users are charged an average of 22 percent of their total debt to use FDR. While this number is in line with their competitors, it is only an average. Customers could end up paying more or less than this to use FDR. FDR’s prices range between 15 and 25 percent. The rates vary depending on the state the client lives in.

Current national debt relief trends indicate that debt settlement companies tend to charge a percentage of enrolled debt as opposed to saved debt. This means that the more total debt you have, the more debt settlement companies will charge you.

Although working with a debt settlement company still saves you from paying thousands of dollars to creditors, it's better to work with companies that charge a percentage of saved debt rather than enrolled debt.

So exactly how much will Freedom Debt Relief cost you? It will cost you around 22 percent of your total enrolled debt, but customers will have to have a consultation to get an accurate estimate. The fee is competitive for the industry. The fee is assessed when a successful settlement is reached.

However, Freedom Debt Relief’s services are high quality and make it easier to make your way to being debt-free.

Limited Availability

Freedom Debt Relief offers debt settlement programs in only 38 states. If Freedom Debt Relief does not offer services in your state, you'll have to consider other debt settlement companies.

Most debt settlement companies have a minimum debt requirement to ensure a payout. A debt settlement company that charges by saved debt will not run into this problem as much.

Freedom Debt Relief requires a minimum debt amount of $7,500 (the amount of which is charged fees between 15 and 25 percent). While this threshold is low compared to other debt settlement companies, it does rule out people struggling with lower debt amounts.

An additional limitation with Freedom Debt Relief is that the company only works with debtors with unsecured debt. Freedom Debt Relief is not an option for those struggling with secured debt.


While most of the Freedom Debt Relief reviews are positive, there are still several people who have complaints about Freedom Debt Relief. The two main complaints clients seem to have are the following:

  • Debt settlement takes too long or isn't as effective as people hoped
  • FDR charges too much for their services, sometimes costing consumers up to 25 percent of their total enrolled debt

These complaints are fairly common within the debt settlement industry. It’s important for clients to be fully informed about what debt settlement is and how it works. Potential clients should use the free consultation to learn more about the time it takes to reach a settlement and specific price information.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Lawsuit

In 2019, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Freedom Debt Relief reached an agreement that FDR would:

  • Make it clear that in some cases FDR may not be able to negotiate a debt if the creditor is unwilling to negotiate
  • Let consumers know that, in some cases, the creditor will only negotiate if the client is also directly involved in the negotiations, and that the consumer has the right to refuse to participate in the negotiations and can remove the debt from their program without penalty
  • Make it clearer to consumers under what circumstances they will be charged a fee
  • Stop charging fees on all accounts where the settlement amount was not reduced, or where the creditor wrote off the debt on their own
  • Make it clearer to consumers that, if they end their program early, any money left in their program savings account belongs to them, minus any funds earned by the company according to legal statues
  • Pay restitution money to injured consumers
  • Pay a civil penalty

It's a good idea for potential clients to do some research on the process, consumers' rights, and industry standards for settlement companies before setting up a free consultation with a debt settlement service. It's also recommended to read recent customer reviews to get a better sense of Freedom Debt Relief's commitment to clients and how good its settlement services are.

The Bottom Line

Freedom Debt Relief offers several outstanding features for anyone looking to settle their debts: all major industry accreditations, ample debt settlement experience, thoughtful and experienced debt consultants, negotiation with each creditor, and more. The company's 15 to 25 percent fees are pretty standard in comparison to other debt settlement companies (like National Debt Relief).

While people interested in a debt management plan or debt consolidation loan will need to consider other companies, Freedom Debt Relief is a good option for those seeking a debt settlement program.

FDR's debt negotiation experience is worth the money. Freedom Debt Relief customer reviews relate that the company has saved them thousands of dollars by negotiating with their creditors. If you're looking to settle your debt through debt negotiation, we highly recommend using Freedom Debt Relief if you receive a reasonable quote from them during your free consultation. 

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robert h lance
October 7th, 2015 Hemet, CA

10, freedom has provided excellence service for me and been there when i need them.

October 7th, 2015 Glenside, PA

I am only 3 months into a 4 year program, but everything seems to be moving along very well. I am very pleased so far.

October 6th, 2015 Independence, KY

when i called them they hung up on me TWICE not happy at all

marcus rodriguez
October 6th, 2015 Scottsdale, AZ

So far everything has been great.

Orlene Dentone
October 1st, 2015 Acampo, CA

We really needed some help in finding a solution to relieve our debt of over $70,000. Freedom was able to put a program together that worked for us. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is in a struggling debt situation.

Dennis J. O'Brien
October 1st, 2015 Carmel, NY

Experience was delightful. Carly was professional and accomplished everything I needed to. The settlement offers started coming in a couple weeks ago and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

October 1st, 2015 Powhatan, VA

I'm 67 years old. I accumulated 30k worth of credit card debt.I tried to deal with credit card companies but didn't have any success. I had perfect payment history. my ratio's were high, none of the companies, I spoke to, would lower any of the interest rates. I spoke with freedom debt relief worked out a monthly payment ,I could afford and in 42-46 months ,I would be credit card debt free.I've been in the program for seven months and 75% of my debt has been settled. I'm very pleased and would recommend freedom debt relief to anyone who needs debt reduction. thank you from Glenn in Virginia

Cynthia Martin
September 30th, 2015 Austin, TX

Freedom Debt Relief is negotiating on my behalf and making headway. The only reason they are not getting a perfect 10 is because I just wish it would happen quicker although I understand that it is a process and takes time. It is understandable but I would like to get from under debt that I can not pay. Truly, thank you for all your help!

nancy jaginski
September 25th, 2015 Borrego Springs, CA

I have been very pleased with the process so far. I have already paid off one loan. GREAT.

Eileen Bellissimo Shiner
September 23rd, 2015 Derry, NH

So far you are doing what is expected. and I am hoping to have more debt remove soon. Again I thank you for all the help

Robyn Niles
September 23rd, 2015 Cadillac, MI

Once all the kinks were worked out I have been very pleased with Freedom Debt Relief. Thank you so much for doing all you do!!!!

Stephanie Lynch
September 23rd, 2015 Hartford, SD

he instant I signed with Freedom Financial to help me settle my debt problems, I felt like a million pounds disappeared off my shoulders. The quickness the amount adds up surprised me that they were able to settle the first of my debts in such a quick, timely manner and at such a savings, that it definitely picked up my spirits that this can and will be done. Thank You Freedom Financial Debt Relief. Can't wait til I'm a winner. S.Lynch

Joyce Blue
September 21st, 2015 Temple, TX

I realize there is more debt to pay down, but I am so pleased at the first payoff. I am really experiencing freedom from being overwhelmed by debt and a ringing phone due to late payments or no payments. Yeah!!!!!!

G Gunning
September 18th, 2015 Miami, FL

I am please with the progress being made in eliminating my credit cards debts FDR .Keep up the good work.

Denise Girard
September 17th, 2015 Randallstown, MD

Dialing the number I jotted down from a radio add I was a bit hesitant, nervous, and not sure what to expect when call a debt relief company. I was at my wits end, I tried to get help from all avenues and was turned down because my debt to income ratio was too high. Paying all my debt left me in hardship every month and was starting to put stress in my life. While speaking with the Rep from Freedom Debt relief I could feel the stress, although I was not sure if this was the right choice, dissipate. As the months have gone by and we settled one of my debtors I am amazed how smooth this experience has been and look forward to becoming debt free. My stress is gone and I am looking forward to a better financial future. All of us spend more than we have and think we can handle the payoff, but when it gets out of control and no where else to turn, Freedom Debt Relief is the best answer to a debt-free life. As I continue this path along with the great, hardworking, caring professionals of Freedom Debt Relief, and as each debt is resolved, I feel grateful and not alone in this journey.

Jennie Sharp
September 17th, 2015 Cleveland, OH

I'm pleasantly surprised how quickly they got my first settlement. I have not had to deal with any of my creditors. They truly have made this a painful process.

September 16th, 2015 New York, NY

FDR is very helpful so far, the process has been easy and the results are quick. Thank you FDR

Andrew Ramos
September 11th, 2015 Fresno, CA

It feel good that you're helping me to achieve that goal in getting me out debt. Once that's done I will never again get my self in debt again. One down and two to go. Continue your good work in accomplishing that goal. Thank you

September 10th, 2015 San Antonio, TX

I am very pleased with the support from freedom financial regarding my debt relief. Everyone is very helpful and professional. Thank you for the progress updates via phone and emails.

September 10th, 2015 Opelousas, LA

After only 3 months, everything is proceeding as promised. So far am pleased and looking forward to the next 3 months.

ronald cook
September 10th, 2015 Fairfield, OH

Has done all you said you would. Only wish is it went a little faster on settlements.

Louis Yingling
September 10th, 2015 Torrance, CA

Very professional. Answer all questions quickly. They are very knowledgeable

Richard Goodrow
September 9th, 2015 Queensbury, NY

Excellent work but wish the perocess could be somewhat shorter than current.

September 9th, 2015 Orange City, FL

This company set up my account. All good and well. They proceeded to deduct the payment out of my account on the wrong date bouncing five payments on my checking account. This also tied up any funds in my account for five days, hence no money in my accout and $140 in over draft fees. Be CAREFULL!

Mary Lewis
September 2nd, 2015 Coleman, MI

Doing great

August 31st, 2015 Elyria, OH

I wish they would communicate better. I was upset with how high their fees are.

Larry Strope
August 31st, 2015 Athens, PA

I have found FDR to be a reactive company. The only things they have done for me (to date) were the direct result of an action on my part, nothing proactive on their part.They are taking money from my 'escrow' account and calling it a "bank monitoring fee". Banks I've worked with have always paid me interest for my deposits, FDR uses a bank that charges me to deposit. I have yet to get a clear, concise answer from any of their phone reps. (One I had to spell their own email address to). The claim to not receive papers and emails, when I have proof they have. Based on my current situation with FDR, I'd say the biggest mistake I've ever made.

August 31st, 2015 Alhambra, CA

FDR continues to provide me updates on my account. I really appreciate the follow up phone calls and the outstanding customer service.

Ron Hearl
August 28th, 2015 Cape Coral, FL

Freedom responded quickly to my 'distress' call for financial help! Everyone has been very knowledgeable, informative, and helpful. I was unsure of myself- whether to file bankruptcy & carry the stigma of that decision- or be honorable & still pay my obligations the best way possible. I am more than satisfied I chose Freedom-financial friends that outperform! Thanks to everyone on my team. God bless!

Maurice E Footrail
August 27th, 2015 Mountain View, CA

Freedom debt relief is undoubtedly one of the best debt companies around. They helped settle one of my accounts for half the balance due. Nearly a 50% savings. Thank you Freedom Debt Relief.

August 26th, 2015 Bethlehem, PA

Excellent company. Have done everything that they have promised to do. They have created a system that works and their people are on top of my personalized program. They know what is going on, what needs to be done, and then make it happen.

klaus bigga
August 26th, 2015 Glendale, AZ

All the staff i worked with till now are very helbfull and friendly. I can recommand freedomdebtrelief Allways

August 26th, 2015 Pittsburgh, PA

I was nervous beginning the program and was hesitant to start. From the first phone call, I was convinced that this was a much better alternative to bankruptcy. I had tried bankruptcy prior to calling Freedom Debt but I was told I didn't have enough debt. I was in disbelief, because after I paid all my bills, I had $200 left to last until my next payday, which was in another 2 weeks. That $200 was to be used for groceries for a household of 5 and has for 2 vehicles; it couldn't be done. Any available credit I had would be used on groceries and gas. It felt as if I would be stuck paying these creditors until the day I died. I've only been with Freedom Debt Relief for one month and they have already made a settlement with one of my 6 credit cards. If you are serious about getting out of debt and can't wait any longer, make the call, you'll be glad you did. I know I am.

Cheryl Feist
August 25th, 2015 Lincoln, NE

For anyone joining FDR's program be advised that not all Creditor's will work with Freedom Debt Relief to resolve your debt. When this happens, the Creditor has the option to pursue court ordered garnishment. This happened to me. I was told by FDR to fax the summons to the advanced legal team and assumed it would be handled. It wasn't...I also feel FDR needs to be more upfront in communicating where clients are at in the debt settlement process, ie: how many payments are left before a Creditor is paid off. I was in the program 13 months before leaving and don't feel they helped my situation.

Gary E.
August 24th, 2015 Lexington, TX

Have only been in program 6 months and already have the first settlement. Great job!

Yvonne Eckmyre
August 22nd, 2015 Riverview, FL

My time with Freedom Debt Relief has been a nice experience. I hope the rest of the time will be very helpful.

August 20th, 2015 Los Angeles, CA

Very knowledgeable and attentive to their clients needs. I highly recommend them for any needing help out of a bad financial situation.

Virginia L Andrews
August 20th, 2015 Saratoga Springs, NY

I am so happy about my first settlement with them. I hope it will continue. I feel very confident it will. Thank you all again for your hard work.

August 20th, 2015 Laurel, DE

I felt like I had just won the lottery!! To know I only have 3 more to go is awesome!! Your staff is incredible!! I will recommend this to other people I know who are in the same situation

John Weeks
August 19th, 2015 Tulsa, OK

The folks at FDR have been very helpful and courteous each and every time I've spoken with them. They have helped guide me thru this process and I'm very thankful to have them on my side. It's great to be on my way out of debt!

Mary Lewis
August 19th, 2015 Saginaw, MI

You are great thank you

Vicki Young
August 19th, 2015 Miamisburg, OH

I have also been having problems logging into my client portal. I just gain access to my account today. I signed up on 7/16/2015 and just now gain access. I am starting to get very frustrated with all the phone calls from creditor that they have promised will stop. They told me that they have sent letter to all my creditors, but I am started to doubt it.

Kathy Frederick
August 18th, 2015 Toledo, OH

When I signed up was told things would be resolved within a few months. 7 months in the program and only 2 accounts have been resolved. When you call you can only talk to the operator who tells you "they are working on it" and you can't talk to anyone else because "they are busy". I am sorry I ever signed up for the program.

Paul Marquardt
August 13th, 2015 Abington, MA

Freedom Debt Releif has been the best thing for me.

Louis Romano
August 12th, 2015 Saint Johnsville, NY

Care about my concerns and they act accordingly. After just a couple of short months, they have already negotiated my first settlement. Great to work with.

Linda Taylor
August 11th, 2015 Phoenix, AZ

The staff are very helpful, they listen to you and understand. Its very daunting owning up to having a debt problem but they didn't make me feel ashamed and were quick to offer me sensible options to the problem. The only thing that you have to be prepared for is knowing you can't stop the calls/emails/letters from your creditors but you can minimise the impact by diverting all phones to one cell and basically ignoring all calls to any number you don't recognise or that also does not have a caller ID. Aslo realise it won't all be cleared in one go and make sure you understand what you are being offered. On the whole a good experience and understanding that you also need to ask questions on the support you are going to get.

Jamie W
August 7th, 2015 Dallas, TX

At the beginning of the program, I had a great experience with Freedom. Towards the end I saved enough money to pay off the remaining balances. So I called in April 2015 and asked for a payoff, I submitted the funds to pay off all the debt. After a few weeks I called back and they said that they were paying off the debts and had a few scheduled in May. So, I called back in June and they did not have enough money in the account to pay off all the accounts. The agent asked if I could send in a little extra to make sure it was covered and anything extra would come back to me. I was a little upset but I sent a additional draft. Now while all of this was happening, they had stopped automatic draft until they started again in Aug. I was really upset because I was told they were not going to take any more money. I called them again, this time real upset, they said that they needed more money and they took it from the draft. I told them they had gave me 2 payoffs amounts and I was wanting a full refund on what they drafted from my account. Well, they said that a Manager would call me but they never did. So, today I checked the website and it said all accounts have been paid. I called them and asked to close the account. They said it would take a few days to get it processed. Well, we will see if this is over! I will be reporting their doing to the Better Business Bureau after I get refunded. In all I feel like was was punished for paying off early and they wanted to make up some of that money. I would not recommend anyone from using them because of the problems I've had since April.

Sherry Couch
August 6th, 2015

Glad to be getting bills paid off. Thanks

Stacie m
August 5th, 2015 Imperial, NE

I have had nothing but good experiences and encouraging conversations with customer support. I would definitely recommend this company to help get debt taken care of.

Ravi Kumar Alluri
August 5th, 2015 Euclid, OH

great and they need to negotiate with my creditors fast