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The minimum debt requirement is $7,500
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Freedom Debt Relief, a subsidiary of Freedom Financial Network, has resolved over $10 billion in debt since its founding and has saved clients over $3 billion. 

The company has considerable industry experience and high client satisfaction ratings. 

With all the major industry accreditations, Freedom Debt Relief is a great option for many consumers. Freedom Debt Relief employs professional debt experts to negotiate and settle debt for those suffering financial hardship. 

The company offers multiple debt settlement (involves working with creditors to lower total debt owed) and debt consolidation (involves consolidating all customer debt into single monthly payments) services and is available in 34 states.

On average, Freedom Debt Relief charges 20 percent of your total enrolled debt, which means the cost varies depending on your financial situation. To settle a $20,000 debt, it will cost around $4,000.

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The Good

  • Excellent Settlement Program and Debt Relief Services
  • Experience and Accreditations
  • Great Freedom Debt Relief Reviews
  • Online Dashboard
  • No Fees Charged Until After Debt is Settled

Excellent Settlement Program and Debt Relief Services

Freedom Debt Relief has several great advantages to its debt settlement services including:

  • Minimum of $7,500 in debt to begin debt settlement
  • Costs between 15 and 25 percent of the total unsecured debt
  • One representative to work with

Freedom Debt Relief offers a free consultation with a highly trained debt consultant when a consumer decides to enlist the company's debt settlement services. The same debt settlement consultant will remain with the client throughout the entire debt settlement program while Freedom Debt Relief helps you resolve your debt. If consumers are not satisfied with FDR, the company offers a money-back guarantee.

Experience and Accreditations

As an accredited debt relief company, Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) has over 15 years of experience in the debt settlement industry. It has settled over two million accounts since its founding and regularly settles over 50,000 accounts monthly.

Freedom Debt Relief has years of experience standing between the creditor and the client. Freedom will work to negotiate with every creditor the customer has, in order to secure lower credit card debt (or any type of unsecured debt).

FDR will walk clients through the debt settlement process: first, customers will stop making monthly payments to lenders. Instead, clients will make a monthly payment into a separate account, saving a lump sum for debt negotiation (the minimum payment into this account is different for each company). Freedom will then contact each creditor on the customer's behalf to negotiate a settlement. 

Unfortunately, this settlement process will affect your credit score. If you miss any minimum payments on your credit card or other debt, this will decrease your credit score. 

However, this process allows you to settle debts, avoid bankruptcy, and become debt-free.

Freedom Debt Relief also understands the importance of proving its ability to negotiate with creditors by maintaining accreditations. 

According to multiple surveys we conducted, people value national accreditations, in their debt settlement company, above all other features. FDR is accredited with the AFCC and the IAPDA.

These accreditations show that Freedom Debt Relief is dedicated to offering high quality debt relief services to their clients.

Great Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

Most Freedom Debt reviews are positive. They commend FDR for having good customer service, explaining debt management, and keeping them updated on where they are at in the debt settlement program.

Clients with unsecured debt (credit card debt, personal loans, medical debt, student loan debt) usually find that the company can save a large percentage of money that would otherwise go to their creditors. 

Despite the debt settlement program's tendency to negatively affect credit scores, clients with mountains of credit card debt find it extremely helpful for debt reduction.

Online Dashboard

One feature that sets FDR apart from the rest is a unique and intuitive online dashboard to track clients' pace throughout the program. This helps people to actually see their progress while settling their debts. Such resources let customers make informed decisions that will affect their credit scores.

Not many debt settlement companies in the industry offer such helpful tools. These tools help customers keep informed about where they are in the debt resolution process and stay ahead of their lenders and tackle every type of debt (whether it's credit card debt, student loan debt, utility bills, etc.).

No Fees Charged Until After Debt is Settled

As opposed to a debt consolidation company which consolidates all of a customer's debt into one monthly payment, debtors approach Freedom Debt Relief as a last resort in order to escape high amounts of debt. 

Because clients come to FDR in order to escape high payments, the company doesn't charge any fees until after debt is settled with creditors. However, most debt relief companies, like National Debt Relief and Pacific Debt, do not have upfront fees.

First, customers will open an account through Freedom Debt Relief into which they will put all of their money that would have gone toward paying their debt (this is the main reason why this program hurts your credit score more than debt consolidation).

Next, FDR will use that account to work with your creditors to find a lower total debt to pay (FDR can cut total debt down to 50 and even 30 percent in some cases). 

Debt settlement companies make money by charging fees on either enrolled debt or saved debt (fees charged to saved debt are more beneficial for customers). Though its services are highly trusted and thorough, its average fees are a bit higher (around 20 percent fees on enrolled debt).

However, FDR’s ability to help clients find an easier road to financial freedom and paying off debt is highly valuable.

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The Bad

  • Freedom Debt Relief Cost
  • Limited Availability
  • Complaints

Freedom Debt Relief Cost

One concern with Freedom Debt Relief is their price. On average, Freedom Debt Relief charges $4,000 to settle $20,000 in debt (20 percent of total debt). If Freedom Debt Relief cuts your debt in half, you would end up paying $14,000 instead of $20,000. 

Users are charged an average of 20 percent of their total debt to use FDR. While this number is in line with their competitors, it is only an average. Customers could end up paying more or less than this to use FDR. FDR’s prices range between 15 and 25 percent. The rates vary depending on the state the client lives in.

Current national debt relief trends indicate that debt settlement companies tend to charge a percentage of enrolled debt as opposed to saved debt. This means that the more total debt you have, the more debt settlement companies will charge you.

Although working with a debt settlement company still saves you from paying thousands of dollars to creditors, it's better to work with companies that charge a percentage of saved debt rather than enrolled debt.

So exactly how much will Freedom Debt Relief cost you? It will cost you around 20 percent of your total enrolled debt, but customers will have to have a consultation to get an accurate estimate. The price is competitive for the industry and is assessed when a successful settlement is reached.

However, Freedom Debt Relief’s services are high quality and make it easier to make your way to being debt-free.

Limited Availability

Freedom Debt Relief offers debt settlement programs in only 35 states. Additionally, the company requires a minimum debt amount of $7,500 (the amount of which is charged fees between 15 and 25 percent). Most debt settlement companies will require a minimum amount of debt in order to ensure payout.

A debt settlement company that charges by saved debt will not run into this problem as much. 

An additional limitation is that Freedom Debt Relief is that the company only works with debtors with unsecured debt. This limitation is understandable since no debt settlement company wants to risk losing its client's homes.


While most of the Freedom Debt Relief reviews are positive, there are still several people who have complaints about Freedom Debt Relief. The three main complaints clients seem to have are the following:

  • Debt settlement takes too long
  • FDR charges too much for their services, sometimes costing consumers up to 25 percent of their total enrolled debt
  • People have trouble navigating and logging into FDR's website

These complaints are fairly common within the debt settlement industry. It’s important for clients to be fully informed about what debt settlement is and how it works. Potential clients should use the free consultation to learn more about the time it takes to reach a settlement and specific price information.

The Bottom Line

Freedom Debt Relief offers several outstanding features for anyone looking to settle their debts: all major industry accreditations, ample debt settlement and debt consolidation (consolidated monthly payments) experience, thoughtful and experienced debt consultants, negotiation with each creditor, and more. The company's 15 to 25 percent fees are pretty standard in comparison to other debt settlement companies (like National Debt Relief). However, it does have the potential for higher fees.

FDR's debt negotiation experience is worth the money. Freedom Debt Relief customer reviews relate that the company has saved them thousands of dollars by negotiating with their creditors. If you're looking to settle your debt through debt negotiation, we highly recommend using Freedom Debt Relief if you receive a reasonable quote from them during your free consultation. 

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Novellla Ann Bryant
February 23rd, 2016 Fort Thomas, KY

I've been very pleased with the progress FDR is making on reducing my debt. Looking forward to being debt free!

don likes
February 18th, 2016 Denver, CO

My wife and I have been satisfied with the help that we received from debt relief. The only thing we wished, there was some way to stop the harassing phone calls that we are receiving since we decided on going with debt relief.

February 8th, 2016 Kingman, AZ

Every thing that was agreed upon has progressed per our agreement. Things have gone so much better for my wife and myself since you took over our debt problems. Keep up the good work. Thank you so very much.

Valerie Yarborough
February 3rd, 2016 Pensacola, FL

I'm fairly new to the program. However, so far my experience with the program has been an extremely positive one. Everyone has been professional and friendly. And they have already settled one of my account's. I highly recommend this company.

Aretha L. Pierre
January 29th, 2016 New York, NY

I must admit I was a bit skeptical and frightened, but things are moving along quite well. The company keeps up with you on a monthly basis, and when I call, I get a very welcomed voice over the phone. I have not completed the program yet, but things are moving along amazingly well and effortlessly. Thank you for the experience!

Steven R. Green
January 21st, 2016 Fontana, CA

I am without question extremely pleased with the results you obtained with one of my creditors in such a short timeframe. Totally remarkable! Your word & on stage showmanship is unparalled. 1 down. 2 to go. Much Love to you guys at FDR.

Jason Godwin
January 21st, 2016

We have not been able to check out progress online tidied to the fact that your website is constantly down! It is SUCH an inconvenience! But we are satisfied with the company just NOT your website!

Geraldine Romero
December 16th, 2015 Angel Fire, NM

My experience has been very good so far my only complaint though is that Colonial Finance is still calling me at work and I have asked you all to contact them but so far that has not happened. Other then that everyone is amazing and very helpful.

Helen Y Cushnie
December 16th, 2015 Yonkers, NY

I'm pleased for the first of 7 of my settements. Looking forward to the next one.

Carolyn Morgan
December 11th, 2015 Midlothian, VA

these service has been everything i need. they are doing a great job helping me to solve my debt issues.

December 10th, 2015 Chino, CA

Freedom Deb Relief has given my husband and I a much happier outlook on life! After a job layoff and medical issues we were really struggling each month to pay our bills. We now can breathe and enjoy life! Thank you FDR for helping us!

Gregory Greene
December 7th, 2015 Baltimore, MD

So far I've been very pleased with the progress that I have made in reduction my debt. The associates at Freedom have been very understanding and helpful in walking me through this process. This was a very difficult decision for me to have to go this route due to the fact that I am on affixed income. I highly recommend this service to anyone facing financial difficulty.

December 3rd, 2015 Natick, MA

Didn't take as long as first thought. all people involved in the process made the process very easy.

December 2nd, 2015 Minneapolis, MN

I have had an excellent experience with FDR with the exception of some faxed docs that seemed to vanish into thin air. The personnel have been unfailingly courteous and patient and have provided answers to my questions.

Judith Hawk
November 12th, 2015 Little Rock, AR

Ultra professional and personable. Every representative upheld the same courtesy and friendliness from day one. Of course one cannot go through something like this without worry and uneasiness but Freedom Debt Relief took away the majority of it and replaced it with a peace of mind that said all will be okay. I am so glad I made the decision to go with Freedom Debt Relief.

Karen Godwin
November 12th, 2015 Sarasota, FL

Not as fast as I hoped to settle with the creditors, have had 1 file in court, several sent to collection agency's that repeatedly call me. Hopefully will get them all settled soon.

November 11th, 2015 Walled Lake, MI

Freedom Financial has been both professional and accessible. In terms of the former, they have been careful to explain the entire process and are more than diligent about keeping the client up to date. In that connection, they have a variety of "bells and whistles," i.e., things like a "dashboard" for example, that allows the client to keep abreast of his progress. Here, however, is the one problem that I have run into. Their "dashboard" is not accessible through an AOL account. Being functionally illiterate when it comes to computers and unwilling to get a second e-mail account, this has meant that I have not been able to access all of Freedom's resources via computer. Fortunately, however, Freedom Financial's accessibility offsets this problem. There has never been a time when I have called with a question that they have not been there with an answer at the ready. Indeed, Freedom's staff is friendly and understanding and has been extremely tolerant of my computer illiteracy to boot. It is hard to ask for much more. Suffice to say, needing the services of Freedom Financial has not been one of the proudest moments of my life. That said, the staff at Freedom Financial has made the experience as painless as it could reasonably asked and have maintained the highest standards of courtesy and competence. Freedom Financial deserves much praise and I give them my highest recommendation.

John Nofplotes
November 10th, 2015 Norfolk, VA

Quick, knowledgeable responses to my requests and questions. When and if you are having financial difficulties, Freedom Debt Relief can be the best method to stabilize your personal economic situation.

November 9th, 2015 Canton, TX

Brenda and I have been very thankful for the help and advice we are receiving from FDR. From the first representatives that we were in contact with until the present representative. This situation that we have gotten ourselves into is something I am not proud of but the people at FDR have helped to alliveate some of that guilt. The experience we have had with FDR has not only been very professional but also very friendly and personal. Thank you to the people at FDR for that.

November 4th, 2015 Bronx, NY

Customer service is excellent and very knowledgeable every step of the way. So pleased with my decision to go with Freedom debt relief...

Brent Ebmeyer
November 4th, 2015 Apple Valley, CA

FDR has been most beneficial in getting us out of debt quickly.

Maureen Anne Lakeberg
October 30th, 2015 Tucson, AZ

I am still in the beginning stages of this process to bring down our debt. So far we have on creditor who has agreed to terms set up by your company on our behalf. The hardest part of this process is the phone calls, emails and postal mail.. I have found a lot of encouragement from James and feel secure in that he is always here if we have questions and concerns.

October 29th, 2015 Fresno, CA

Freedom debt relief gives me a new hope of being free to budget my money and pay bills on time and makes me realize that budgeting money is very important. It avoids me in going into bankruptcy and frees me from the anxiety of where will the next money will come from to pay the bills. The staff are very helpful and reassuring that everything will be taken care of, from communicating to the creditors and having a legal protection in case of any legal ;lawsuits. Also, it gives me new dreams of being debt free in the near future, free of financial worries and happy to breath fresh air and able to meet the daily needs with the hope of being able to cope with whatever challenges will be in the future.

October 28th, 2015 Farmingdale, NY

Very simple. Freedom debt has been a revelation for me. I hit a few financial bumps in the road that forced me to make some hard decisions involving my debt to creditors. They have helped with the negotiating and solving of several of these debts and are still working on others for me, and at the same time helping me rebuild my damaged credit. Highly recommend!

Susan Cordero
October 28th, 2015 Elmhurst, NY

Ever since we contacted FDR, I have had nothing but pleasant experiences. Right from the start, the personnel at FDR have been patient, kind and thoughtful. Every representative has provided explanations and have never made us feel rushed. Even at the beginning when I kept asking the same questions, no one made me feel ignorant or was short tempered. I am grateful to FDR for helping us straighten up our financial life and can never say enough good things about them. I was so excited when I received my congratulation card on resolving my first credit card!!! I have nothing but good things to say and have referred people to them, and will continue to do so. Thanks again for all your help!

Scott B
October 28th, 2015

Freedom debt relief has been great I was at first wasn't sure about the company after being for six months they started talking to my credit card companies and they approved the first settlement so I'm so great full with the company right now. Working on the other two companies soon.

October 22nd, 2015 Manassas, VA

The agents who assisted me were incredibly helpful as well as professional. I'm so grateful for this company and it's efforts. Can't wait to finally be debt free! Thank you so much!!!

October 22nd, 2015 Gainesville, FL

Everything is going very well I'm only eight months in and already had my first settlement on my biggest account (My Rating is. 10+) thanks

Jesse Mendoza
October 21st, 2015 Hayward, CA

Freedom has always answered all my questions and have called just to check to see if I have questions. They explained everything before I signed up made it a comfortable experience. I'm pleased with it so far. I've been enrolled 4months and already I've settled two accounts and working on my third. It is a process so be patient.

October 21st, 2015 Gonzales, LA

Our experience has been very pleasant dealing with an unpleasant issue. Thank you for helping us navigate through this bad situation.

glenn d laughan
October 19th, 2015 York, PA

your company was very helpful in solving my dept problems they were always very courteous and understanding and always respectful

Patricia Ulloa
October 19th, 2015 San Diego, CA

My experience with Freedom Debt Relief it has been great!!! No stress no worries!! thank you!

Jeremy Dean
October 14th, 2015 Nashville, TN

Freedom Debt Relief is definitely my recommended process of relieving debt. I was left stranded with overwhelming credit card debt after a relationship ended and immediately knew I would need to find a solution to help with the transition of recovery. I followed the steps exactly as they were presented to me and have settled for 45% with the first creditor, which will be eliminated within a year. That is such a relief. FDR has not hassled me in any way, they dealt with the creditor directly so that I did not have to, and they are very non-intrusive into my excessive calls, no badgering or inconsiderate intrusions into my daily life...just a highly professional organization that goes to bat for those of us who were too stupid to stay out of debt in the first place. Highly recommend!

Neil D Cowling
October 8th, 2015 Westland, MI

I would rate it higher, however, I have only been in this for three months with one settlement out of 13. I am happy with the progress and with the courtesy I have encountered when I have a question. Another result is a significant decrease in spending on a tight budget. My counsel to others is that one persist and be patient.

ronald chickering
October 8th, 2015 Worcester, MA

they are doing a good job so far.

October 7th, 2015 Lubbock, TX

Very easy to work with!

robert h lance
October 7th, 2015 Hemet, CA

10, freedom has provided excellence service for me and been there when i need them.

October 7th, 2015 Glenside, PA

I am only 3 months into a 4 year program, but everything seems to be moving along very well. I am very pleased so far.

October 6th, 2015 Independence, KY

when i called them they hung up on me TWICE not happy at all

marcus rodriguez
October 6th, 2015 Scottsdale, AZ

So far everything has been great.

Orlene Dentone
October 1st, 2015 Acampo, CA

We really needed some help in finding a solution to relieve our debt of over $70,000. Freedom was able to put a program together that worked for us. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is in a struggling debt situation.

Dennis J. O'Brien
October 1st, 2015 Carmel, NY

Experience was delightful. Carly was professional and accomplished everything I needed to. The settlement offers started coming in a couple weeks ago and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

October 1st, 2015 Powhatan, VA

I'm 67 years old. I accumulated 30k worth of credit card debt.I tried to deal with credit card companies but didn't have any success. I had perfect payment history. my ratio's were high, none of the companies, I spoke to, would lower any of the interest rates. I spoke with freedom debt relief worked out a monthly payment ,I could afford and in 42-46 months ,I would be credit card debt free.I've been in the program for seven months and 75% of my debt has been settled. I'm very pleased and would recommend freedom debt relief to anyone who needs debt reduction. thank you from Glenn in Virginia

Cynthia Martin
September 30th, 2015 Austin, TX

Freedom Debt Relief is negotiating on my behalf and making headway. The only reason they are not getting a perfect 10 is because I just wish it would happen quicker although I understand that it is a process and takes time. It is understandable but I would like to get from under debt that I can not pay. Truly, thank you for all your help!

nancy jaginski
September 25th, 2015 Borrego Springs, CA

I have been very pleased with the process so far. I have already paid off one loan. GREAT.

Eileen Bellissimo Shiner
September 23rd, 2015 Derry, NH

So far you are doing what is expected. and I am hoping to have more debt remove soon. Again I thank you for all the help

Robyn Niles
September 23rd, 2015 Cadillac, MI

Once all the kinks were worked out I have been very pleased with Freedom Debt Relief. Thank you so much for doing all you do!!!!

Stephanie Lynch
September 23rd, 2015 Hartford, SD

he instant I signed with Freedom Financial to help me settle my debt problems, I felt like a million pounds disappeared off my shoulders. The quickness the amount adds up surprised me that they were able to settle the first of my debts in such a quick, timely manner and at such a savings, that it definitely picked up my spirits that this can and will be done. Thank You Freedom Financial Debt Relief. Can't wait til I'm a winner. S.Lynch

Joyce Blue
September 21st, 2015 Temple, TX

I realize there is more debt to pay down, but I am so pleased at the first payoff. I am really experiencing freedom from being overwhelmed by debt and a ringing phone due to late payments or no payments. Yeah!!!!!!

G Gunning
September 18th, 2015 Miami, FL

I am please with the progress being made in eliminating my credit cards debts FDR .Keep up the good work.