Progressive Debt Relief

Progressive Debt Relief

Progressive Debt Relief is based out of Winter Springs, Florida, and offers customers a variety of services, like debt settlement, debt management plans, debt refinancing, and second mortgaging. The company started in 2005, and offers customers a free consolidation consultation with a personal counselor. There are no upfront fees, and representatives are trained to give customers both the pros and cons of their consolidation services.

Despite being in the industry for several years, the company has few accreditations. Progressive Debt Relief is not AFCC, or ISO accredited. The website lacks important information and does not explain their fees or interest rates. It does not appear any of its consolidation services include a money-back guarantee, or any kind of satisfaction guarantee. 

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The Good

Consolidation Services

Counselors from Progressive Debt Relief are trained to handle consolidation cases objectively, and provide their customers with the pros and cons of the process. The company claims to be open to each person's unique situation. Customers can expect consolidation support throughout the entire process, until the debt is resolved.

Progressive Debt Relief believes the best way to go about consolidation is through counseling, budget recognition, and monetary awareness. While the website does not provide specific information on Progressive Debt's consolidation program, various options within the consolidation services available are listed out.

No Upfront Fees

Though standard in the industry, the company does not charge any upfront fees. Progressive Debt Relief does not make customers pay fees until the company has successfully negotiated or settled the debt. It is free to apply.

Additionally, customers can take advantage of a free debt relief consultation from a certified counselor. This is also standard to the industry, however.

Understanding of Circumstances

Progressive Debt claims to understand that certain unexpected circumstances arise. If a customer misses a payment, they may not be dropped from the program. Customers struggling to make their monthly payment can contact Progressive Debt to explain their situation, so the company can then make reasonable arrangements. However, for people who miss two payments, the company will likely terminate the account.

The Bad

Lacking Consolidation Resources

While the company offers around 11 helpful financial blog posts, none are topic-specific to consolidation. It does not appear that Progressive Debt provides a debt consolidation calculator, or any other specific debt consolidation educational resources.

Does Not Provide Legal Help

Progressive Debt does not provide legal representation or help. People who do not pay their creditors and violate their terms of agreements could get sued by their creditors.

High Minimum Debt

In order to qualify, in most cases one must have at least $10,000 in unsecured debt. Unsecured debt includes but is not limited to: credit card debt, medical bills, personal loans, and business debt.

Unclear Fees

The website does not elaborate on consolidation fees. Even though there are no upfront fees until debt has successfully been negotiated, there is a service fee that applies when one has made at least one payment toward the negotiated debt.

Website Lacks Key Information

The website does not include information on costs or interest rates. Additionally, it is unclear whether or not the company includes a money-back guarantee with its consolidation services. Many top companies in the industry back up their debt consolidation services with some kind of satisfaction guarantee.

Even though Progressive Relief does not charge upfront fees, the website does not elaborate on monthly fee amounts, or if customers should expect cancellation or late fees.

The website also does not explain state availability- the company only has one location in Florida.

Not Accredited

For being in the industry since 2005, Progressive Debt Relief is not well-accredited. The business is not AFCC, or ISO accredited. Additionally, it is unclear whether or not the company is FTC compliant.

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The Bottom Line

Progressive Debt Relief offers a variety of consolidation services. The company's consolidation programs do not require any fees upfront, and interested customers can enjoy a free consultation. Additionally, Progressive Debt makes sure to arm their customers with the pros and cons of each debt consolidation service.

However, the cons outweigh the pros. The website lacks cost and rate information. It is unclear if consolidation services include a money-back guarantee, and the company lacks accreditations. When exploring debt consolidation programs, we recommend looking into a more transparent program.

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