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InCharge has been in business for 19 years and claims their process can help clients eliminate debt up to 90% faster. The company has helped over 3 million with free credit counseling and has helped pay off over $3 billion of debt. They help reduce interest and make it easy for customers to pay off their debt with one monthly payment. InCharge fees are reasonable and their credentials are impressive. However, InCharge doesn’t reveal several key pieces of information, such as the interest rates they charge or what states they’re available in.

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The Good

Company Highlights

  • Low Fees–Up to $75 per Month
  • Free Consultation
  • AICCCA and NFCC Accredited
  • Certified Credit Counselors

Accreditations and Certifications

InCharge carries certifications we look for, namely with the NFCC, which is an indicator that they know what they’re doing and are committed to proving they’re the best. Additionally, the fees they charge are reasonable, up to $75 per month. The free consultation they offer is standard for the industry and allows potential clients to determine if they’ll be a good fit for their needs. Customers seem to love the personal service and have no problem recommending the company to others who may be looking for help. They appreciate the time and effort that counselors spend working with them to help them understand how to improve their financial circumstances.

Low Fees

Debt consolidation is a government regulated industry. If you choose to work with a certified company, you will find that most companies charge about the same prices, while prices vary by state. InCharge has a lower monthly fee for the industry–charging a monthly fee up to $75 and an upfront fee anywhere from $0 to $50.

Financial Tools and Resources

Clients working with InCharge Debt Solutions have access to different tools and resources to help them improve their financial situation and financial education. Some of the resources available to clients include financial calculators, videos, guides, ebooks, and estimators. Another resource available to consumers is the InCharge blog which provides expert tips and insights on different financial obstacles.

The Bad

Company Drawbacks

  • No Information about Interest Rates
  • No Information about Which States They Service
  • No Information about a Cancellation Policy

Interest Rate

Like many companies in the debt consolidation industry, InCharge does not disclose the average interest rates offered through its debt management plans. This makes it difficult to determine if this company’s service is more or less expensive than the competition without going through the entire process of getting a quote. In debt consolidation, interest rates are extremely important to potential customers. Customers will want to go to a company that offers the lowest fees and can get the best interest rates. Interest rates will have an impact on how much customers will save and how fast they will be able to pay off their debt.  Additionally, InCharge does not disclose other pieces of information we’d like to see, such as which states they are licensed to operate in. We also prefer to see some sort of ISO certification as an indication that the company’s financial records are compliant and fraud-free.


InCharge does not disclose where they are available. This can limit potential customers from using their services without this information. National availability is important for a growing company, and also in providing quality care to more customers. The more available InCharge’s services are the more potential customers will have a chance of working with them. Most debt consolidation companies offer information on which states they are available in on their websites.


The cancellation policy and process is not published on the website. This lack of transparency can cause some miscommunication or mistrust with InCharge. It is important to be clear with current and potential customers of what is to be expected if they choose to cancel. Most debt consolidation companies publish their cancellation policies and sometimes offer money-back guarantees. InCharge does not offer this information at this time.

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The Bottom Line

Although we commend InCharge for their accreditations and certifications, the lack of full disclosure on their interest rates is troubling. It makes it hard to know if customers are really getting a good deal with them compared to the competition. Companies that are transparent and offer full disclosure to potential clients build more trust. Not publishing items such as success rates and interest rates can make it difficult for customers who are trying to shop around for the company that fits their needs the most. InCharge Debt Solutions doesn’t offer any special features and is not fully transparent, and for these reasons we cannot recommend them at this time.

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    June 7th, 2016 Colorado Springs, CO

    I used InCharge to help pay off credit cards that had gotten out of hand. The monthly payment was easy, smaller than all our payments combined. Customer Service always answered any questions I had. I followed my credit score thru this process and it hasn’t been negatively effected. We also paid off all our debit a little more than 1 year early. Anytime a balance dropped below $100 we made a one time payment directly to the credit card and paid it off in full, our payment with InCharge would stay the same, but now more money was going to a different bill, they let you chose which one to add the extra cash to.

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  2. User Score


    April 21st, 2016 Mercer Island, WA

    I am new to Inchage but they are very easy to work with and understand your individual need to gain finacial freedom thank you Incharge

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