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Family Credit Management has 20 years of industry experience and offers free credit counseling over the phone for those who need a better plan to get out of credit card debt. The company then consolidates all credit card payments into one monthly payment at a lower interest rate. The client is given a monthly breakdown of how much is being paid on each item. The company has national availability and certified counselors to offer consultations to clients. Family Credit Management is a very straightforward and transparent company. They also offer education to their customers for long term success.

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The Good

Company Highlights

  • Live chat features
  • Available in all states
  • Certified counselors


Family Credit Management offers courses on many money management principles. Some of the items covered are establishing goals, creating a spending plan, ways to save money, managing bank accounts and investing. All of these items are also in a book that is offered for free to download on the website. Family Credit Management also offers another booklet which gives tips on how to save money. There is also a personal spending plan booklet that helps people create and follow goals. The website also has financial calculators to help figure out credit card debt, student spending, retirement and mortgage savings.


Family Credit Management is available nationwide. This allows customers from all over the country to have access to their services.

The Bad

Company Drawbacks

  • Lack of information on interest rates and fees
  • No FCAA accreditation
  • No NFCC certificate

Lack of Information on Interest Rates and Fees 

Family Credit Management does not disclose upfront fees, monthly fees, or interest rates on its website.


There are several organizations that debt consolidation companies can be accredited by to ensure quality standards and other business practices to help customers choose a company that’s been tried and tested. Family Credit Management has some accreditations, but not all that we would like to see.


There are certifications that debt consolidation companies can hold that ensure quality of standards and services. These certifications require the company to uphold certain standards in order to maintain their certification. Family Credit Management does not hold certain certifications we would like to see.

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The Bottom Line

Family Credit Management has more industry experience than many debt consolidation companies. They have learned a lot about what their customers needs in their 20 years in business: free consultations, certified counselors, live chat, low fees, and more. While we do wish that FCM gave out the average interest rates their clients pay and wished they had more accreditations and certificates, all of the other features they have exceed industry standards.

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    February 23rd, 2015 North Hills, CA

    Very helpful. Megan Marsch was very helpful and helped me through the whole process.

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