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Like other debt consolidation companies, Delray Credit Counseling Corp. is nonprofit service focused on helping consumers improve their financial situations. Delray Credit Counseling is based in Delray Beach, Florida and provides consumers with educational tools in order to help consumers understand different financial topics such as taxes and budgeting. Other topics approached by Delray Credit Counseling include managing student loan debt and how to settle debt.

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The Good

Company Highlights

  • More than a decade in business
  • Educational resources
  • Lower fees
  • Free consultation

Accredited Business

One great aspect about Delray is that it is accredited with the ISO and the CC, which is a good indication to consumers that Delray follows the best practices for credit counseling.

Educational Resources

Regardless of their financial status, consumers have access to Delray Credit Counseling’s website and information. The educational resources on their website covers various subjects such as personal loans, student debt, and credit card management. They also provide financial tools such as financial calculators, budgeting worksheets, a bill reminder, and a mobile app.

Lower Fees

While several debt consolidation companies charge consumers an average of $49 monthly basis, Delray Credit Counseling charges a monthly fee of up to $39. This is one of the lowest monthly fees that we have seen from the companies that we have reviewed. Additionally, the company does not charge an initial setup fee. Consumers can expect to save money over time compared to other companies.

Free Consultation

For all interested consumers, Delray Credit Counseling offers a free credit counseling session. This is beneficial to consumers in debt because they will have a chance to get a better feel as to how the nonprofit’s counselors operate. A free credit counseling session can act as a trial run for consumers wanting to be financially free.

The Bad

Company Drawbacks:

  • No state availability information
  • Low quality website

Not Clear on Locations Serviced

Unlike some other debt consolidation companies, Delray Credit Counseling does not specify which states it services. It’s hard to tell if all 50 states have access to resources provided by Delray Credit Counseling or if only Florida residents have access to such resources. However, the sidebar suggests that 48 states including Washington DC are serviced. We would prefer that the company were a little more explicit about state availability.

Low-Quality Website

The website design is not easily navigated, and is in need of updating. Customers may have difficulty finding crucial information about pricing and other policies. Certain aspects of the site are also incredibly distracting, and could dissuade customers from doing business with Delray Credit Counseling.


There are several organizations that debt consolidation companies can be accredited by to ensure quality standards and other business practices. Delray Credit Counseling has some accreditations, but not all that we would like to see, including FCAA and NFCC. These accreditations give customers reassurance of the quality they should expect from a company and is something that should be considered while choosing a company to work with.

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The Bottom Line

Delray Credit Counseling provides a variety of services designed to help consumers manage their finances. The Florida-based company assists in providing debt solutions and credit management. Consumers have the option of receiving a free consultation to determine their needs and what direction they need to take to improve their financial situation.

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  1. User Score


    May 17th, 2016 Adel, GA

    Been with Del Ray for 3 years everything has gone the way it told to me at the beginning of the service. My debt has reduced over half Customer service has always been there for questions if any. Would recommend Del Ray to anyone to consolidate bills or any other financial needs. They have always been truthful with me.

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  2. User Score


    May 11th, 2016 Wichita Falls, TX

    delray helped me pay off my debt and I’m thankful and grateful to them, thank you thank you thank you

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  3. User Score


    May 9th, 2016 Fallon, NV

    The biggest problem I have is not being able to keep track of my payments and status. Your website is not user-friendly. Also, there were a few times talking with someone on the phone where I was not treated with respect. One time I called to find out the status of one of my bills (cause it is not on the website) and I was told I had to call the specific company to find out. He did not have access to that information and the respective company was supposed to send me monthly updates anyway.

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