started in 2013, and is based in Plantation, Florida. The company does not directly offer a debt consolidation program, but instead matches consumers struggling with debt to programs that fit their needs.’s platform allows customer to easily compare companies to find the best rates.

Customers can enjoy a variety of educational resources and expert advice, even self-help debt articles. Although a lot of websites offer financial advice, also offers immediate solutions to get out of debt the right way.’s team is composed of business journalists, financial experts, and certified credit counselors.

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The Good

Free Consultation

Though the company does not provide details on its consultation, advertises that it is free, and can help set up a plan for credit card debt, student loan payments, and higher interest rates. A free consultation is standard in the industry.

Education Resources offers consumers multiple educational resources. In addition to debt self-help, finance calculators, and budget tools, customers can enjoy tools and tips and information on each of the debt solutions the company works with.

Consolidation Services Help does not offer a debt consolidation program, or advertise debt consolidation as one of the specific debt solutions the company caters to. However, a few of the company’s debt solutions have lenders that can help with consolidation. The student loan debt solution can help consolidate student loans, and their credit debt help provides education on consolidation services. also has a network of lenders who offer personal loans, loans that can help with debt consolidation.

Ask Experts has an “Ask Our Expert” feature. Customers with questions can submit a question to debt and personal finance expert, Howard Dvorkin. Dvorkin has been helping people for over 20 years, and customers can see his bio online. Customers can ask financial questions of any kind, and whether it is Dvorkin or another pro, someone will answer the question quickly.

The Bad

Not a Direct Consolidation Company does not actually offer any kind of services. The company does not provide a debt consolidation program, or any program for that matter. Instead, acts as a middleman and matches customers up with companies that best fit with their financial situation. This could be a turnoff for people wanting a company that clearly lays out and stands behind a reputable consolidation program.

Website Lacks Information

The company lacks information on their services. In fact, their website does not state any kind of fee or cost information. It is unclear if the company has any hidden fees, and if they require a minimum debt amount. The website also leaves out all information on state availability.

New to the Industry

Starting in 2013, is relatively new to the industry. Since debt consolidation and financial services are such important and personal processes, consumers may want a more experienced company.

Lacks Accreditations

The company deeply lacks accreditations. This is disconcerting for a financial company like this. It does not appear is accredited with any top consolidation accreditation organizations, like NFCC, FCAA, and ISO.

View Top Rated Companies

The Bottom Line is not an actual lender, but acts as a way for customers to easily compare multiple companies and rates. The company works with a network of lenders in different industries, including student loan help, tax loan help, credit debt help, etc. Customers with questions can ask experts, or explore the vast educational resources offers.

However, the company lacks accreditations. They are not NFCC-, ISO-, or FCAA- accredited. acts as a middleman to match consumers up with the company and program that fits their financial situation best. However, when looking into debt consolidation needs, we recommend exploring more accredited, reputable consolidation programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Consolidation or Personal Loan?

While in not an actual lender, the company does provide multiple quotes from lenders who offer loans. The company does not provide an actual debt consolidation program.

What Is The Monthly Fee?

While multiple customers claim having to pay a monthly fee, fees vary depending on each lender. The company does not elaborate on how much, on average, monthly fees are.

Are There Any Upfront Fees? has not disclosed its upfront fees.

What Is The Cancellation Policy?

The company does not provide any information on a cancellation policy, cancellation fees, or late fees.

Can I Get a Free Consultation?’s website offers customers a free phone consultation. The consultation can help set up a plan for credit card debt, student loan payments, and higher interest rates.

More Information

About’s main purpose is to provide financial education information, and to match consumers up with debt relief companies that will best fit their needs. The company also makes it easy for consumers to compare different companies and rates in the industry.

Debt consolidation helps consumers combine multiple loans into one convenient monthly payment. does not offer a debt consolidation program. Instead, people can achieve debt relief from one of’s many lenders. The company itself is not a lender but does help people find loans, credit debt help, student loan debt help, tax help and more. The website does not provide any debt consolidation examples.

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    March 16th, 2014 Pleasant Grove, UT

    I joined Consolidated Credit Counseling and was given the plan of being debt free in 5 years. After reading the resources and taking the advice of the credit counselors, my wife and I were able to get rid of our credit card debt in 2 years!

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