started in 1974, and is based in Riverside, California. The nonprofit offers financial counseling and education services both online and face-to-face in their local offices. Their comprehensive online hub offers resources and guides on personal finance. Customers can also come to for a debt management plan and credit counseling.'s debt management plan can help with debt consolidation and is completely laid out online. has helped over 2 million customers and offers counseling by phone in all 50 states.

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The Good

  • Debt Management Plan
  • Free Consultation
  • Debt Management Plan Process
  • Educational Resources
  • Accreditations and Memberships

Debt Management Plan

Customers can sign up for's debt management plan to help with debt consolidation. In fact, the debt management plan can consolidate all monthly credit debt payments into one convenient payment. tries to reduce fees and interest rates from creditors, and the debt management plan helps clients create a reasonable budget. Additionally, acts as a liaison between clients and their creditors, and can speak on behalf of both parties. The program gives customers access to their online account 24/7. According to the website, has a certificate of authority in 50 states. The company is licensed to conduct debt management services in 32 states, and has locations in the following states: CA, AZ, FL, MA, NV, NM, and SC.

Free Consultation's process starts with a credit counseling session with the client. All credit counseling sessions are free and include a budget and debt repayment plan. In this free session, customers can request credit card debt consolidation built into the plan. Clients are also offered educational resources and personalized money management advice.

Debt Management Plan Process

During the free consultation, professionals record the client's debt and financial information, and if the situation is right, will propose the debt management plan. will send creditors a proposal, and clients will sign up for automatic monthly payments. Funds are distributed by electronic transfer, and clients receive a monthly progress report. It is important to note that once one debt is completely paid off, the debt management plan payment remains the same. Leftover funds are split between the remaining accounts, thus speeding up the debt payoff process.

Educational Resources

Customers can learn more about debt relief from the variety of online education resources offered. is a member of NFCC, and provides free online courses, free live assistance, financial calculators, and a personal finance blog.

Accreditations and Memberships is accredited with the Council on Accreditation (COA), the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), Financial Counseling Association of America (FCAA), the HOPE NOW Alliance, and more. Potential customers should look for a company with accreditations and memberships. Maintaining accreditations requires companies to upkeep certain standards and best practices. This ensures that customers receive quality service and is something that should be considered when choosing a company to work with.

The Bad

  • No Consolidation Program
  • Poor Online Transparency
  • No Money-Back Guarantee
  • Lack of Consolidation Resources

No Consolidation Program

The company offers a debt management plan that helps consolidate multiple credit card loans into one convenient monthly payment.'s program can also reduce interest rates and fees with creditors. However, does not offer a specific consolidation program. People looking for direct help with consolidating debt may want to explore other companies. Additionally, does not offer debt settlement services or a consolidation loan. The company states it is not a loan company, and does not loan money. Really, this company is made for people looking into credit counseling and a debt management plan.

Poor Online Transparency

The debt management plan includes a monthly administration fee, as well as an enrollment fee, but the website does not explain specifically what those are. In fact, the website does not describe any fees in detail, and it is unclear whether or not has cancellation, late, or upfront fees.

No Money-Back Guarantee

While a lot of top companies in the industry offer a money-back guarantee, it is unclear if's debt management plan includes one. It is also not clear if they charge a cancellation fee.

Lack of Consolidation Resources offers a vast amount of educational and financial resources. While there is a lot of information in regards to financial and debt services, the company does not have a lot of consolidation-specific resources. There are no consolidation calculators, either. We would like to see more financial educational resources available to customers. These resources can aid customers in long term financial literacy and help improve their financial well-being. 

The Bottom Line is a nonprofit company that specializes in credit counseling and a debt management plan. While the company does not offer a debt consolidation program, customers can consolidate multiple credit loans into one convenient monthly payment with the debt management plan. is well-accredited, and is a member of NFCC and FCAA. has a certificate of authority in 50 states, and the company is licensed to conduct debt management services in 32 states. has locations in the following states: CA, AZ, FL, MA, NV, NM, and SC.

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