Based in Philadelphia, Clarifi is a nonprofit community resource that started in 1966. The company was originally called the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware Valley, but then grew into Clarifi. Clarifi aims to help people struggling with debt and strives to make a complex and confusing situation simple. The company works to create customized action plan including: debt management plans, financial counseling, budgeting help, and more. The company offers a consolidation program through its debt management plan. Customers can enjoy a vast amount of financial educational resources, and Clarifi is upfront about fees. The company is limited in locations, and only serves Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

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The Good

  • Debt Management Plan
  • Well-Accredited
  • Upfront About Fees
  • Long Time in the Industry
  • Education Resources

Debt Management Plan

The debt management plan is designed for people having trouble paying bills, or are at their credit limits. With this program, certified counselors will negotiate with creditors to lower monthly payments, stop fees and interest, and eliminate collection calls. The plan works to get customers completely out of debt in five years. Customers will also go through a counseling session with this plan. The session will help review budget options based on one's financial circumstances. Counseling sessions are one-on-one, and can be done by phone, in person, or online. The debt management plans makes it so customers only pay one convenient monthly payment, and there are no large fees for services.


The company is well-accredited. Clarifi is NFCC-, and COA-accredited.

Upfront About Fees

Many companies are not upfront about the costs of their services-Clarifi is very transparent. The company has a whole page dedicated to fees, and explains monthly, enrollment, and cancellation fees. Their cancellation policy, and frequently asked questions are also clearly explained. Clarifi outlines all fees not just for their debt management plan, but also for all of their services.

Long Time in the Industry

The company has been in the industry ever since 1966. This is longer than most companies in the industry.

Education Resources

The company is NFCC accredited and provides multiple helpful resources. People can learn more about debt relief through public workshops that cover basic financial principles, community workshops, in-office workshops, and targeted programs for specific groups. Consumers can even download a Financial Smarts Brochure. The website also offers educational online resources.

The Bad

  • No Specific Consolidation Program
  • Limited Locations
  • Fees
  • Missing Accreditations

No Specific Consolidation Program

Clarifi does not offer a specific consolidation program. So, people looking for a strongly built debt consolidation program may want to look elsewhere. Clarifi's debt management plan does help customers achieve one convenient monthly payment, but there are differences from the plan and a consolidation program. Clarifi partners with CreditShop to provide loans, and people can use one of these personal loans to help with debt consolidation. However, interest rates depend on credit, and range from 18-36%, and come with a loan processing fee from $25 to $100. Loans only range from $500 to $3,000.

Limited Locations

The company is very transparent with locations. Clarifi is available in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, in the following counties:

  • Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, Chester, and Bucks
  • New Jersey: Camden, Cumberland, Burlington, Atlantic County, Salem, and Gloucester
  •  Delaware: New Castle, Kent, and Sussex

People in other states seem to be out of luck when it comes to Clarifi's debt management plan. However, customers out of state can still enjoy some of the online educational resources.


Those enrolled should expect a monthly fee of $0 to $50 per creditor. People who choose to cancel an appointment or would like a refund will be charged a $10 administrative fee. This fee is removed from the refund.

Missing Accreditations

While Clarifi does hold an NFCC accreditation, the company lacks credentials from two of the top consolidation accreditation organizations, ISO, and FCAA. 

The Bottom Line

Clarifi is a nonprofit resource that aims to provide customers with debt relief and financial freedom. The company has certified counselors and is NFCC and COA accredited. The website is transparent and lays out of the company's fees and policies. While Clarifi doesn't offer a specific debt consolidation program, the company offers a debt management plan that can provide consumers with one convenient monthly payment. The company also offers financial counseling and educational resources. Clarifi does charge a monthly fee. Additionally, Clarifi's services are only available in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. For people in these states looking for debt relief, Clarifi might be worth exploring. Otherwise, we recommend looking into other, more solid debt consolidation programs for consolidation needs.

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