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Accredited Debt Relief provides comprehensive debt solutions to consumers in need of reducing their payments and better managing their insurmountable debt. Founded in 2008, Accredited Debt Relief has grown to help thousands of people all across the United States overcome the strains associated with debt. They offer a number of debt relief options including: bankruptcy assistance, credit counseling, debt consolidation, debt management, and debt settlement. Each consumer will be assigned to their own negotiator who will work to resolve outstanding accounts with creditors. As one of the nation's top performing debt consolidation companies, Accredited Debt Relief has proven they are capable of helping their clients reach financial freedom.

The Good

  • Customized Debt Consolidation Program
  • Effective Account Management
  • Online Dashboard
  • Affordable

Customized Debt Consolidation Program

Each debt case is different. As a result, each case has to be handled on an individual basis. Accredited Debt Relief understands this concept and has created a program that allows them to provide a customized approach without taking away from the efficiency or results-driven nature of their service. Their debt consolidation program allows clients to essentially eliminate multiple creditors, significantly reduce monthly payments, lower interest rates on existing debts, simplify the bill-paying process through a streamline functionality, and avoid delinquencies as the debt re-payment process takes place. A negotiator will work to take care of these solutions on behalf of the client and keep all aspects of debt consolidation organized and simple.

Effective Account Management

Since the Accredited Debt Relief debt consolidation programs are created to fit individual needs, the negotiators and account managers will be sure to carefully examine all current debt obligations and develop an effective strategy to eliminate debt as quickly as possible. As part of the account management process, clients will be able to utilize a free consultation, which will determine exactly what work can be done on their behalf. Additionally, negotiators will provide credit-counseling services throughout the debt consolidation process to make sure any debt-creating habits are eliminated to ensure future financial success. On top of all this, if at any point a consumer is not satisfied with how their account is being managed, they can cancel their debt consolidation services at no cost.

Online Dashboard

While an account manager or negotiator will constantly be on top of individual account management, clients are also able to see exactly where they stand and what work is being done on their behalf at all times. Clients receive access to an online dashboard that allows them to track their debt consolidation progress. This dashboard can be accessed at any time on almost any device. Clients interested in seeing updates and watching their debt disappear will likely find value in being able to keep track of what is happening with their account.


An individual working to pay off debt may find it difficult to pay for a debt consolidation service, especially if that debt consolidation service is charging significant amounts of money. Accredited Debt Relief understands that their clients are in need of financial assistance and have found a way to ensure that their services remain both affordable and effective. Monthly rates for Accredit Debt Relief's service range anywhere from $10-$40 a month with the average client paying $32 a month to streamline their debt. This is an extremely competitive rate, especially for this service and industry. Additionally, clients will pay anywhere from $0-$100 to get their account and strategy created and implemented. On average, Accredited Debt Relief clients pay $50 to get started, which is also competitively priced.

The Bad

  • Availability
  • High Interest Rates


One of the major drawbacks to the Accredited Debt Relief platform is the fact that they do not operate in all 50 states. To date, the Accredited Debt Relief debt consolidation services are only available in 31 of the 50 states. Those who do not live in a state where Accredited Debt Relief operates will not be able to take advantage of their debt services and products. This limits Accredited Debt Relief's ability to help as many consumers as possible.

High Interest Rates

As part of the debt consolidation service, Accredited Debt Relief negotiators will work with current creditors to adjust not only debt amounts, but also interest rates. The lower the interest rate, the more clients will save since they will not have to pay back as much. Negotiated interest rates range from 0%-17%, with the average client settling with an 8.5% interest rate.

The Bottom Line

Accredited Debt Relief has created a debt consolidation service that helps consumers currently drowning in debt ultimately reach financial freedom. Following the free consultation, a negotiator will work step-by-step through the debt consolidation process on behalf of the client to obtain optimal results. For those who reside in a state where Accredited Debt Relief operates, their services will likely be of value. Their customized and dedicated approach to each individual account will enable consumers to see the results they want on their debt consolidation case.

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