Woot is an independent subsidiary of Amazon that specializes in bringing their consumers products at greatly discounted prices. Woot began by providing customers with a daily deal which was posted at 12 am and lasted for 24 hours. They continue to feature the daily deal on their website but have expanded to include a variety of discounts and promotions in their inventory. Consumers will find a wide variety of products from outdoor apparel to electronics.


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The Good

  • 13 years in the industry
  • Great category selection

Woot has several years of experience in the deal site marketplace and offers consumers a wide selection of products.

Woot was founded in 2004. They have grown with the deal site industry for the past 13 years adapting and changing to the customer’s needs. They have proven themselves to be a viable business and continue to grow in the marketplace.

Shipping costs vary depending on the items purchased, but Woot offers customers a one-day shipping option on all orders placed before 11:30 AM Central Time. These orders will be delivered the following day. For all orders placed after 11:30 AM, orders will be received in the following two days. It should be noted that customers must manually choose the “One-day shipping” option. It is not automatically chosen upon checkout. Emails from Woot even remind users that they must be alert when choosing a shipping method for orders and know that each delivery is based on an “estimated” time.

Consumers will find a wide selection of product categories. Along with the daily deal featured on the front page of their website, Woot offers customer 11 different deal categories including home, electronics, computers, tools and garden, sport, accessories and watches, kids, shirt, wine, sellout, and side deals. The percentage consumers can save varies based on the product category. Many of the deals featured in these categories are 50% off or more.

The Bad

  • Limited customer service info
  • Limited ability to return items
  • Content can be difficult to understand

Woot.com’s website can be difficult to navigate making it difficult to find information.

Woot does not provide a direct phone number or email address for contacting customer service. Users are required to create an account with Woot before they are able to access their support page. At that point questions and concerns may be submitted through their customer support page. The requirement to sign up for Woot’s service may be a frustrating to individuals who may not want to open an account. It is also frustrating for consumers to have limited access to customer service representatives.

If the product arrives to the customer damaged or defective in any way, customers are encouraged to contact Woot’s Customer Support Team via their Support page on the company’s website. Generally, however, the defective item must be returned within 21 days of the initial purchase. If the product is returned after the 21-day time limit, Woot suggests contacting the original manufacturer directly. If the return request is made within the 21 days, customers need to include the order number, description of the purchased item and an explanation of what the issue is. If the item remains in stock at Woot, they will replace the item. If the item is out of stock after the customer returns this item, Woot may issue a refund for the original item. It should be noted, however, that if Woot deems an item to be not damaged or defective, Woot reserves the right to impose a 15% restocking fee.

The content throughout Woot.com is extremely sarcastic. It can be difficult to get passed the sarcasm and find straightforward information. Their lack of transparency can cause confusion and frustration when searching for information on their website.

The Bottom Line

Woot provides customers with great discounts on a large selection of products. While their product selection and discounts are great, Woot’s lack of straightforward information as well as ability to access customer service can be incredibly frustrating to consumers.

Product Focus

Each week, Woot’s hot daily deals focus on a specific type of product, whether is be gadgets, electronics, computers, home goods, tools and garden supplies, sporting gear, accessories and watches, kids items, shits, wine, last minute sell outs and other side deals from Woot’s sister sights.

Deals Per Day

Woot offers single day deals called “Today’s Deals” which lasts 24-hours or until the product runs out of supply. From midnight to midnight Central Time, Woot posts the best deal Woot has to offer at the lowest price the web has to offer. However, Woot doesn’t want to cut the options short at just one deal, so they offer special “Events” which last for a designated amount of days and can be found in every subject category listed at the top of Woot’s webpage.

Length of Deal

Today’s Deals last only 24-hours. The Events however can last more than a day and are given a predetermined amount of time, usually a week or more, that the deal is relevant. Again, if the product supply run’s out before the time is up, Woot will replace the product with a new deal and a new time limit.

Local and Online Deals

All of Woot’s deals a specifically online. They do not offer local deals.

Wholesale Products

N/A: Just deeply discounted products.

Refurbished Products

N/A: All items are new and not refurbished.


Woot sends out Daily Digest emails that alert customers of the deals being offered across all of Woot’s sister sites. For shoppers looking to follow the day’s deals without visiting the Woot site directly, there are multiple options. They can follow the company on Twitter at @woot, they can Like the Facebook page at facebook.com/woot or they can subscribe to the RSS feed. Users can also sign up for a free account at account.woot.com where they are able to personalize their email preferences, review items they have previously purchased, comment on the live forums and even upload a personal photo.

Mobile Friendly

Woot offers users the ability to keep up with daily deals on the go through both an easy to use mobile website and a smartphone application. Each mobile option is equipped with easy navigation through the day’s hottest deals as well as other product offers on dozens of different subject categories.

Support Quality and Type

Woot doesn’t offer phone support unless you are reaching a particular party member, but they do offer alternative means of support. First and foremost, there is a lengthy, highly informative Frequently Asked Questions section that can be found under “What is Woot?”, at the bottom of the page. Warning, the FAQ section is incredibly sarcastic and may be offensive to some people. Users can also write the company a message through the support page and even email them through [email protected]

Time in Business

Woot was founded in 2004 in Texas.

Company Contact Information

Woot, Inc.
4121 International Parkway
Carrollton, Texas 75007


[email protected]

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