Slick Deals is a unique deal sharing site that has been operational for 15 years. What makes them unique is that they allow members to post and share relevant deals that are currently available in the marketplace. Members are then able to vote and provide feedback on the best deals. They review each posted deal and post the best deals directly on their front page enabling members access to excellent deals happening now. With over 8 million monthly visitors, Slick Deals provides users with a large variety of high quality deals.


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Slick Deals

The Good

  • 15 years of business experience
  • Nationwide and local deals
  • Large list of categories
  • Provides email alerts and a price tracker

Slick Deals gives users quick access to a wide array of deals.

Slick Deals has been operational for 15 years which is almost twice as long as some of their competitors. Their time in business has allowed them to adapt to the changes in the market for deal sites and create a platform that caters to the needs of their current client base.

Members are able to search for deals locally as well as search categories for companies that exist nationwide. Users can search for deals located in their own community or change their location to search for deals wherever they may be. This enables members to obtain deals from virtually anywhere. The best deals are located directly on the front page making it easy for consumers to access and obtain savings.

Slick Deals provides members with 4 main category tabs to search through including deals, coupons, browse, and forums. Each tab allows members to search for specific deals pertaining to different categories. The browse tab includes sub categories such as apple, apparel, automotive, children, computers, electronics, finance, freebies, games, jewelry, groceries, HDTV, home, and photo. The Forum tab allows members to visit online discussions of current deals and events allowing members to become informed about deals occurring in real time. Users can search for coupons pertaining to specific store locations through the coupons tab.

Members are able to set up deal alerts specific to a customer’s preferences. Preferences can be linked to favorite stores, categories or products which interest each user. They also provide customers with a price tracker which allows users to track a product and receive notification when the price of the product drops.

The Bad

  • Overwhelming website

At first glance, this site can seem quite overwhelming due to such a clustered layout and so many different things that can be done and viewed on the site. There is definitely a learning curve. However, they’ve recently rolled out a new updated website that you can view by clicking on the relevant text at the very top of the site. If you aren’t happy about the updated site, simply revert back to the old site by clicking the “classic view” at the top of the page in the same spot.

The Bottom Line

Slick Deals is a fast growing website where members can find a large variety of deal categories. The ability members have to share and rank different deals is an invaluable resource allowing members to access quality deals quickly. We recommend using Slick Deals as an excellent resource for obtaining savings.

Shipping Cost and Time

Shipping charges and times are based on the actual vendor’s policies. When a site user views an item(s) and wishes to purchase it, links posted in the discussion thread will take them to the actual vendor site where they will have specific shipping costs and delivery times based on their company policies.

Return Policy

Because this site is dedicated toward assisting members find the best deals in the nation, and not actually purchasing anything from the site, the return policy is that of the merchant and not of Slickdeals. Please see merchant website and/or store for return policies.

Product Focus

This is a site where deal savvy members find, share and rate deal and coupons across a wide spectrum of products and merchants. Members can expect to find access to deals in the following areas:

  • Holiday Deals (i.e. Black Friday, Halloween, etc)
  • Apple Products
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Photo Equipment
  • Games
  • Apparel And Accessories For The Entire Family
  • Home and Home Improvement
  • Auto (i.e. car chargers, cleaners, scooters, auto parts coupons, etc)
  • Travel
  • Money (i.e. credit card offers, gift cards, etc)
  • Grocery
  • Pets
  • Health & Beauty
  • Freebies

Deals Per Day

There is almost an unlimited amount of deals posted each day by users around the nation. It’s not unlikely to discover 500 different new deals posted on a daily basis. This aspect takes the guess work out of where to shop, which coupon books to buy, which merchant ad’s to look at, etc.

Length of Deal

Each deal has a set run time that is determined by the merchant. Members can expect to find deals set for one day only to monthly. For example, there is a forum which posts monthly deals for Walgreens stores that run from 11/02/14 to 11/26/14.

Local or Online Deals

Each deal is found by site members across the nation. While there is nothing to purchase from the site itself, members are able to post deals that they’ve seen around different websites and merchant ads. The site is set up for the most popular cities nationwide, but users may enter their city or state in order to view deals in their area, such as deals from Groupon and LivingSocial.

Wholesale Products

If a company that offers wholesale products is having a promotion, visitors to the site can view that specific offer in the sites discussion forum, print the coupon or get a promo code where it can be redeemed at their local merchant or online. For example, Costco is a wholesale company and there are a vast amount of deals that have been discovered by members all over the nation.

Refurbished Products

There is almost an unlimited selection of what members can find on this website. There are used and refurbished items listed in the deals forums. For example, there is a deal currently on the site under which supplies second hand goods for maternity wear, family apparel, home décor and more. They also have links to sites such as and several other site links for refurbished goods such as iPhones, computer accessories, cameras, adaptors, stereo equipment, and much more.


They offer what’s called a “Deal Alert” which can be set to notify members via email or in a private message on the site, or both. There is a settings option which will notify members about specific product deals that they signed up for.

Mobile Friendly

There is a mobile friendly site for shoppers on the go. It lists the Frontpage deals first with a search and menu option at the top of the page for narrowing down categories. The formatting is neatly organized, unlike their regular online site, which is very busy and a little outdated.

App subscribers will have access to the following:

  • Frontpage Deals
  • Local Deals
  • Popular Deals
  • Coupons
  • Discussion Forums
  • Category Shopping Options
  • Favorite’s List
  • Remind Me Later where members can “save” a deal and be reminded of it via email
  • Deal Alerts
  • Login to post about deals discovered

Support Quality and Type

It’s not likely that customers will ever have to call a associate as they don’t deal with customer purchases. There is a discussion forum for members to post and answer questions related to general questions, issues, suggestions, announcements and product information. Based on our experience, after asking questions via thread post, a Community Relations Manager responded within 20 minutes. That’s pretty incredible for a site with a large amount of users asking a vast amount of questions.

Time in Business

15 years. Slickdeals was founded in 1999.

Company Contact Information

10300 West Charleston Blvd
Suite #13-131
Las Vegas, NV 89135

Phone: 323-500-4011
[email protected]

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