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RetailMeNot provides shoppers with many opportunities to save money while shopping. As there name suggests, they are a great destination for customers looking to not pay full retail prices for certain products. Deals are available for shoppers in both the United States and Canada. Products are available from many of the top brands in their respective industries. With over 600,000 plus coupons from over 70,000 stores, RetailMeNot provides deal-seekers with a ton of options to choose from.  

The Good

  • Huge selection
  • Price alerts

RetailMeNot sports a huge selection of products and services. Their website states they have over 600,000 coupons from over 70,000 stores. This variety gives confidence to shoppers who are searching for specific coupons and deals. Their site showcases these deals throughout, with their home page portraying their trending deals right at eye level. As you use the site more and more, they also have a section designed specifically for you and your interests. This can help save you time when searching for the right deals. There is also a Top Deals section, showing you what has been most popular recently. Top brands have offerings all over the site, including Kohls, Amazon, Macy's, and Sprint. They have numerous categories of products to search through. Some of these include Flowers, Food, Party Supplies, and Sporting Goods. In total they have 24 categories of products to find deals in. Not only do they have a number of great coupons for the USA and Canada, their sister company's offer deals from brands around the world.

Complaints that were made were mostly dealing with problems with their advertising as well as certain products/services. For potential customers, it is comforting to see how they have taken care of problems that have arisen and should give confidence when using their site.

For both iOS and Android devices, there is a valuable app available to help you become notified of recent and popular deals. As they put it on their website, this seemingly puts thousands of coupons right in your pocket. This makes finding and saving coupons very simple as well as notifying you of trending deals. It is a nice feature to be able to show stores your phone with the coupon on it in order to save money.

The Bad

  • Deal layout on site
  • Shopping experience

It is a challenge to find something wrong with RetailMeNot. They do a fantastic job of helping their users pay far less than they would on retail sites. There is one factor that could be improved to help the user experience.

  • Deal layout on site

While there are countless valuable deals on their site, it does take a little more work to find the deals than some other sites. On the home page, underneath the "Recommended deals for you" section there is a "Top Deals" section. Other sites show a much larger list of top deals than RetailMeNot. This smaller, more concise list is not a terrible thing since it prevents the site from feeling cluttered. However, if you don't find what you are looking for initially you will have to continue shopping deeper into the site.

Another shopping experience factor that could be improved is the way categories are found. Many other sites use their categories as tabs on the home page. RetailMeNot has them located under the "Browse Coupons" section where the link exists for "Browse by Category". From there you will be able to see all the categories they offer. Similar to Top Deals, this layout is much cleaner although takes more steps to get where you are looking to go.

The Bottom Line

RetailMeNot is a great source for finding many coupons and deals for numerous products and industries. They have a huge selection, and have valuable price alerts. We recommend RetailMeNot at this time.

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Cassidy Gundersen

December 18th, 2017 Orem, UT

I have tried to use retailmenot for over 2 years now hoping that one day their codes or discounts would work. To this day, I have never found a legitimate discount code on their site. I’m not entirely sure what their business model is or how they make money, but I would NOT count on them to get a discount.




December 13th, 2017 American Fork, UT

I've been using RetailMeNot for years - I love all the coupons I can find at most stores. Some don't work, so you definitely have to dig to find things you like, but it's so worth it! It's also a free app, which is a huge bonus.