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LivingSocial provides consumers with a means of purchasing and sharing products and services in their city. Consumers can search for deals on a wide variety of products and services such as restaurants, health and fitness classes, and more. LivingSocial provides consumers with an easy to use website to find great savings in any community.


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The Good

  • Wide range of products and services
  • Can find local deals as well as nationwide savings
  • Large potential for savings
  • Great return/refund policy
  • Easy access to customer service

LivingSocial provides customers with a means of finding deals on a wide variety of goods and services in virtually every community.

LivingSocial allows consumer to shop a wide variety of categories including health and beauty, restaurants, events and activities, sports & fitness, services, families, and home. In addition, consumers can search for escapes, search specific coupons, and shop for other goods including beauty, electronics, fashion, health, home goods, and kids and pets products.

LivingSocial provides information on deals in every community. Consumers simply click on or search for their community to bring up a list of deals offered on products and services. In addition to local deals, consumers can shop products offered through nationwide companies featured on the LivingSocial website.

Consumers can find deals for products and services discounted by 50% or more. This provides customers with a one stop shop to find great values on their vast selection of deals.

They feature a 'good deal guarantee'. Its purpose is to ensure customers receive great deals from quality businesses. Their good deal guarantee provides customers with a quick and easy refund policy. All local and shop unredeemed vouchers may be refunded in full within the first 7 days of a purchase. Any unredeemed, unscheduled voucher after 7 days may be refunded in deal bucks to use towards other purchases on the LivingSocial website. Escapes may be returned up to 30 days after purchase for a full refund with an unredeemed voucher.

Receiving help from customer service is simple with LivingSocial. Their customer service website provides a phone number where consumers can reach a customer service expert who can be reached during business hours with any question. Their customer service website also includes a list of commonly asked questions for customers to access.

Signing up for LivingSocial allow consumers to receive regular emails regarding deals that become available in their community. This allows consumers to remain updated on new deals they may be interested in and to redeem their savings quickly.

The Bad

  • Limited amount of experience in business

LivingSocial may not be as experienced as other deal sites in providing customers with product and service deals.

LivingSocial has only been in business for 7 years. This is significantly less than some of the other deal sites we have reviewed which have been in business for 10 or more years. This suggests competitors of LivingSocial are more practiced in working with their customers and merchants to deliver great deals to consumers.

The Bottom Line

LivingSocial provides an excellent database specializing in bringing local deals to members of their community. Consumers can search for a wide variety of products and services at largely discounted prices. Although they have only been in business for a short period of time, they provide an easy way to find and access deals in their community as well as goods from nationwide businesses.

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October 30th, 2017 Centerville, UT

I love that I can see deals that are local to me. It's nice to have this because there are a lot of local restaurants that have deals so you can try out new food. Some of their travel deals are also really good too.



Jeanine E. Price

August 24th, 2017 Memphis, TN

Do not buy the Living Social offer for the "Ultimate Date Night" as it is a scam. The movie tickets are not the problem. This deal was advertised as if you could use the movie passes and restaurant voucher on one night at a value of $124. You buy the deal for around $49 which includes 2 movie passes and supposedly a voucher for $100 for eating out. The restaurant voucher can not be used on one night and is for inconveniently located second rate restaurants. So in reality you get a $100 credit on an ecard with but you can only use small amounts or that credit at one restaurant at a time. Some only let you use $5 of that credit when you spend say $15. The restaurant I chose only allowed use of $25 credit and I had to spend $50 to get that. So in effect you will have to fork over at least another $100 dollars at multiple restaurants in order to use the entire $100 credit on that card. My voucher was only for 60 days and I travel so getting to use that amount before expiration is a problem. In the past I have not had a problem getting a credit or refund from Living Social but they say I didn't read the fine print when the fact is that the fine print did not indicate that the voucher could not be used on a one "Ultimate Date NIGHT" as advertised. I have been a frequent user of Living Social but I will not use them in the future. This will be posted on several review sights.



puppy Ballantine

May 14th, 2017

Redeeming a voucher was such an awful and unconscionably time-consuming experience that I will never EVER do business wiht them again.