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If you are a video game enthusiast, Greenmangaming offers high value deals exclusively for your favorite games. Founded in 2010, they have grown from a catalogue of 500 games and 26 publishers to over 5000 games from over 350 partners. They recently acquired Playfire, a global social gaming network. This has allowed them to give out rewards for gamers as they participate in various games.


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The Good

  • Huge price percentage off games
  • Large variety of games and publishers
  • Large variety of platforms for games

Greenmangaming provides its users with quality deals for their favorite video games.

When using a deal site, the amount of savings on products is one of if not the most important factor to consider, Greenmangaming provides excellent value in this category. It is not uncommon to see deal percentages around 90% off. There is a large number of products that are roughly 50% off. Compared to other deal sites, these savings are an excellent value.

There is a large variety of games and publishers to choose from. They have expanded from 500 games and 26 publishers and now have over 5000 games from over 350 partners. Over time they have grown to become one of the largest resource for game deals. There will be little reason for someone to leave this site to go to a competitors in search of different deals.

Along with the large selection of deals for many games and publishers, there are also a number of different platforms compatible for these games and promotions. Some of these platforms include PlayStation, Xbox Live, Uplay, Origin, and Steam. Having this variety allows you to use the deals with the gaming platform you currently have, giving you extra value in their site and service.

The Bad

  • Lack of selection
  • No deal alerts

Compared to other deal sites, Greenmangaming will leave many wanting more after using their site.

Greenmangaming is obviously designed for gamers to access deals on their favorite games. If you are not a shopper of game products, this deal site is not for you. This lack of selection on promotions for games only is sure to be a deterrent for many deal shoppers.

If you are searching for games and using their deal site, there is a negative found in their lack of alerts. Having no alerts sent out to users informing them of the best and newest deals out there is less than desirable. Many other deal sites have a feature similar to this, keeping their customer base appraised consistently of what and where the best deals are in order to help their users save the most money possible.

It would be helpful to see how they have responded to specific customer complaints. It would also be helpful to see how transparent they are with their deals, whether they are always valid or if there are some advertising issues consistent with other deal sites.

The Bottom Line

Greenmangaming is an excellent resource for gamers. The deals that are available are of a high value and will certainly save users money. Negative aspects of the site include only games being offered, and no deal alerts sent out to users. If you are looking for deals on video games, they are a great choice. However, because of their lack of other categories we do not recommend them as a deal site.

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