GottaDeal has been in the business of saving consumers money for 10 years. With GottaDeal, members can find coupons and promotion codes for a huge list of categories including electronics, home, health and beauty, and much more. Daily deals are posted directly to the front page of their website along with the most popular deals from their online forums.


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The Good

  • Large category selection
  • Deals forums where members post additional deals
  • Deal alerts

GottaDeal offers consumers an impressive category selection where members can find great discounts from their favorite stores.

GottaDeal has been in business for roughly the amount of time deal sites have existed. Their business has stood the test of time and adapted to the changes that occurred as the deal market progressed. Their website offers several features that cater to the needs of their customers, specifically their product and store selections.

Users can expect to find a large list of product categories they can shop through which include electronics, home goods, health and beauty, fitness, pets, toys, apparel, outdoor, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and much more. Members can either shop for specific products or find deals offered by specific stores. GottaDeal offers coupons and promotional codes for many major retailers such as Banana Republic, AceHardware,, Sports Authority, Starbucks, Sam’s Club, and many more. Daily deals are posted directly to the front page of the GottaDeal website giving users the chance to locate and obtain deals quickly.

One of the most appealing features of the GottaDeal website is their forum section. Their website includes forums where members are able to share deals with other users. One of the most appealing forum feature is their Black Friday tab where members are able to add pending Black Friday deals weeks before the actual event, giving users time to compile deals they may be interested in.

GottaDeal gives members the chance to set up what they call ‘Deal Alerts’. Users are able to sign up for the instant deal alert mailing list that mails out new deals to members as soon as they become available. Using this instant alert system informs users of great deals as they are happening in order to avoid losing out on deals that sell out quickly.

The Bad

  • Limited forms of contact

A potential drawback to using the GottaDeal website is their lack of contact information.

-Limited forms of contact

GottaDeal does not provide a customer service phone number. Users are able to email questions or comments to the GottaDeal team through their website. Emails can take as long as 2 or 3 days to receive a response due to the large quantity of emails they receive. This is not ideal for individuals who prefer to speak with a representative directly or at least receive a quick response.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for great deals posted on a website with a clean interface, easy navigation, and awesome deals posted by people like you (and even in your area), this site is worth a view. However, we have reviewed several deal sites that are more transparent and readily available than GottaDeal.

Shipping Cost and Time

When members locate a deal they like, they will click on the deal which will lead them to the direct merchant website. Once there members can find the shipping costs and times, as they are determined by the merchant and not

Return Policy

Each deal listed is based off of the actual retailer site and the return policy is of that specific merchant. Please note the fine print when making purchases for the return and refund policies.

Product Focus

This site has been designed to focus on all kinds of products, with no specific focus in mind. The only products that are focused on are the ones that members can find at huge savings and discounts on from retailers such as:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Sam’s Club
  • Dell
  • Walmart
  • Kohl’s
  • Groupon
  • QVC
  • Home Depot – And the list goes on and on.

Deals Per Day

There isn’t a set amount of deals that can be posted daily as members are also able to post deals and coupons in each of the member forums.

Length of Deal

Deals last as long as the merchant decides they do. Because there is nothing to purchase from GottaDeal directly, each merchant decides the time line of the specific deal – could be 1 day, could be much longer.

Local or Online Deals

Members can expect to find online deals and local deals from merchants and retailers. There is a list of stores and merchants on the website for local retailers such as Guitar Center, Dollar Tree, Pier 1 Imports and more, as well as online retailers like,, QVC and HSN.

Wholesale Products

If a merchant is a wholesale retailer, like Costco or Sam’s Club for instance, then members can expect to find wholesales deals on the site.

Refurbished Products

If a merchant or retailer offers refurbished and/or used products, like for instance, then members can expect to find some of those deals listed on the site.


Emails are sent out daily via the “Daily Deal Update” mailing list. They say that many times there are “hot deals” that will appear on a retailer’s site which may sell out within a couple of hours and, in some cases, a few minutes. Due to some of the high demand products, the website curators have created and implemented an “Instant Deal Alert” which will only be used to send instant alerts about the “absolute hottest” deals that they can find. As soon as they see the deal, they determine, based on user preferences, whether or not they think you’d like the deal then they will send an instant alert almost insuring that you will receive a fair chance to purchase the product from the retail site.

Mobile Friendly

When visiting the site on a mobile device, members will find that the interface isn’t exactly mobile friendly, as its just a really small version of the actual website. They do, however, have apps for use on iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices. Those who download the app will experience:

  • Clean interface for easy browsing
  • Notifications of private messages
  • Become involved in discussions
  • Participate in exclusive contests throughout the year

Support Quality and Type

Thus far members may only contact support via their “contact” link located on the main webpage where it’s stated, “It may take several days for your e-mail to be answered if it is sent during a particular busy time…” We sent an email and have yet to receive a response 3 days later. However, because there is nothing to purchase and it’s a big avenue for members to locate and share deals that they see, customers may contact the actual retailers for customer support.

Time in Business

They’ve been in business for about 10 years. launched in 2004.

Company Contact Information

We have been unsuccessful in locating a contact phone number, address and direct line of communication. There is a “contact” link found on the website should members have any questions or concerns. They MUST enter their email address or they will not receive a response.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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