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Dealspotr is a coupon based company that has been created to help customers have a one-stop location to find the best deals that are available on the internet. Although they have only been in business a few short months, Dealspotr has made great progress in growing the business to an online coupon hub. Their mission is to create the world’s easiest, fastest and most trustworthy tool for finding deals. In addition, their mission is also to make sharing deals and advice more rewarding for the Dealspotr members. Along with being a coupon hotspot, Dealspotr also serves as a social network, where customers can connect and communicate to share great deals and product information.  

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The Good

  • Average savings
  • Selection categories

Members can set up an account with Dealspotr for free. When setting up an account, members can choose to either run through Facebook or through a personal email account. Once an email is given, members can then begin posting deals, connecting, and communicating with other members about deals, and receive email alerts for new coupons that are posted that might be of interest. As mentioned before, Dealspotr is a social network for finding and sharing online discounts. A few things worth researching before joining Dealspotr are listed here.

The range of coupons found on Dealspotr is vast and covers a great amount of excellent deals. Members can expect to find coupons ranging anywhere from 5 percent off to 60 percent off and more. Deals can also be found for money off a product or service and can range anywhere from a free coupon to several hundred dollars off of any given product. On average the coupons found on Dealspotr are around 20 percent off. Along with being able to post deals for other members, Dealspotr also allows members to earn what is called Karma Points. These points are accumulated by posting deals, commenting to clarify coupons, information about ongoing sales, and connecting with friends. Karma Points are then saved and members can move through different tier levels. Rewards for Karma points are paid in e-gift cards. This is a great benefit and incentive for the members of Dealspotr to continue posting great online deals and contributing to the Dealspotr community. Currently there are over 30 thousand deal posting members who actively post on Dealspotr.

Dealspotr has a wide range of categories that coupons can be found. They offer deals for twelve different categories. These categories include: automotive, babies and kids, business, department stores, electronics, fashion, health and beauty, home and garden, food and drink, services, sports and outdoors, and travel or events. Dealspotr also has a Deal Type drop down menu where members can search for coupons through online or in-store deals, coupon codes, product deals and sales links, as well as free shipping, a percentage off, dollars off, or through rebates. All of these options and categories make shopping and finding deals on Dealspotr organized and easy for member use.

The Bad

  • Experience
  • Location of deals

Dealspotr is a unique company that offers not only one service to members but many by the ability to connect through online coupon deals. However, the company does have a few shortcomings that should be noted for potential members.

As mentioned before, Dealspotr is a new company that has only been around for a few short months. Although this is not an inconvenience to members, it is worth knowing to show that the company does not have the experience and background that other companies might possess. In addition, because Dealspotr has only been in business a few short months, they show very limited information about the background of the company. Based in California, the company is run by ZipfWorks Inc. but an official start date is unknown as well as any other information about the base of the company.

Most of the companies that Dealspotr regularly has coupons for can be found nationally. The most popular stores include Target, Walmart, Starbucks, BestBuy, Kohl's and Macy's. This is a great benefit to members nationwide, however, the down side is that Dealspotr is not known for their local deals. To best help members, a coupon site should allow both national and local deals. This might be due to the fact that the company is so new and further down the road there is definitely potential for Dealspotr to branch into this online deal niche as well. Currently, however, Dealspotr only promotes stores that can be found in most locations across country.

The Bottom Line

Dealspotr is a new company that has seen great progress in the few short months since they launched. Their service is similar to a social network which offer members to join for free and to connect through coupons and online deals. Members are given the opportunity to share deals with others and to earn points through the Karma Point system to earn e-gift cards as a reward for participating in the community. The deals that are posted have a wide range of discounts but on average deals can be found on Dealspotr for around 20 percent off. They offer twelve different category selections all of which have stores and name brands that are located nationally. However, this means that Dealspotr is not yet an online coupon hub for members to find any local deals.

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Kristy McNulty

January 6th, 2017

I joined the influencer program on Dealspotr in October. I've found the community there to be very helpful, with many other bloggers active on the site. What I like most about the site is that every deal is reviewed and validated by members of the community, so you don't see expired coupon codes, which is a major annoyance on other coupon sites. It's also a great way to earn gift cards, I've already earned over $200 by sharing deals and referring members. I highly recommend it!



Jimmy Van

August 18th, 2016 Marina Del Rey, CA

Get all my pizza coupons for papa johns here they have alot of codes. Good site, been using since last December.



Henk Holveck

June 12th, 2016 West Hollywood, CA

I have called, emailed, tweeted and done everything I could to try and appeal a flag no response over 5 months



jim horvath

April 1st, 2016 Westminster, CA

the garden winds offer is long expired after contacting garden winds they do not acknowledge dealspotr and go as far as that dealspotr is profiting off them with out there knowledge . denying all association with them.




January 27th, 2016 Los Angeles, CA

I've been a member of Dealspotr for a few months now. Overall I like the site and the people on it are friendly and you can find some good deals there. I earned $50 in gift cards already and have helped a bunch of people save money.