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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Dealspotr is a free community-driven company created to be a one-stop location for those seeking best deals, providing over 10 million verified coupons and promo codes. Although they have been in business for a relatively short amount of time, Dealspotr has progressed to become an online coupon hub. Their mission is to create the world’s easiest, fastest and most trustworthy tool for finding deals. Because Dealspotr is a social network, it also integrates an influencer marketing platform, where barnds can promote their coupons directly to consumers.

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The Good

  • Wide Variety of Savings
  • Influencer Marketing Platform

Wide Variety of Savings

Dealspotr provides excellent deals for a wide range of products and services. Members can expect to find coupons ranging anywhere from 5 percent off to 60 percent off or more. They boast over 10 million coupons, inluding 20,000 verified coupons, with more working codes than any other site.

Influencer Marketing Platform

As a social site, Dealspotr has created an influencer marketing platform driven to convert visitors into buyers. In helping influencers with their campaigns, Dealspotr provides real-time conversion tracking and reporting, fully automated scheduling and notifications, and exclusive ambassador codes for individual influencers. These services are provided without monthly fees or contracts. 


The Bad

  • Experience


Because Dealspotr has only been in business for a couple years, some people go elsewhere when seeking similar services. This is understandable as people seek out established and trusted networks. However, just because Dealspotr has less experience than alternative sites, it does not necessarily mean that their services are less reliable or profitable.



The Bottom Line

Dealspotr is a  company that has progressed to provide not just competitive coupon deals, but competitive services through their influencer market. This service is similar to a social network which allows members to join for free and to connect with others to promote their business. While you may choose to find a more established company for these services, you 

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5 Reviews

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Kristy McNulty

I joined the influencer program on Dealspotr in October. I've found the community there to be very helpful, with many other bloggers active on the site. What I like most about the site is that every deal is reviewed and validated by members of the community, so you don't see expired coupon codes, which is a major annoyance on other coupon sites. It's also a great way to earn gift cards, I've already earned over $200 by sharing deals and referring members. I highly recommend it!

5 years ago

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CouponLuv Los Angeles, CA

I've been a member of Dealspotr for a few months now. Overall I like the site and the people on it are friendly and you can find some good deals there. I earned $50 in gift cards already and have helped a bunch of people save money.

6 years ago

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Jimmy Van Marina Del Rey, CA

Get all my pizza coupons for papa johns here they have alot of codes. Good site, been using since last December.

5 years ago

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jim horvath Westminster, CA

the garden winds offer is long expired after contacting garden winds they do not acknowledge dealspotr and go as far as that dealspotr is profiting off them with out there knowledge . denying all association with them.

6 years ago

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Henk Holveck West Hollywood, CA

I have called, emailed, tweeted and done everything I could to try and appeal a flag no response over 5 months

6 years ago