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Amazon Local is a branch of Amazon that offers a wide variety of deals in every community. Members can find as much as 75% off goods and services in their own community or in communities nationwide. Amazon Local offers deals on restaurants, home goods, getaways and more. They give customers the opportunity to seek out new businesses around the nation at incredibly discounted rates.

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The Good

  • Receive email notifications
  • Nationwide and Local
  • Great return policy

Amazon Local gives customers the opportunity to obtain local deals catered to their preferences.

Members are able to set up email notifications for deals that match their interests. When users sign up for a membership with Amazon Local, they are able to rate their preferences using a scale of like, neutral, or dislike. Amazon then sends email alerts for products and services based on their ratings.

Amazon Local specializes in helping members find deals in their local community. Along with the ability to pinpoint local deals, members have the ability to checkout deals in surrounding areas. Whether searching for a new restaurant to try or looking to treat yourself to a spa day, members can find deals wherever they are.

They also have an excellent return policy. Most vouchers are eligible for a refund within 30 days after purchase. This is a substantially longer return window than many other deal sites where members are given 14 days or less to receive a refund. Amazon Local also provides members with a 24 hour window to return vouchers for events. Many other deal sites have a no return policy on their event vouchers making them an excellent resource to obtain vouchers for events.

The Bad

  • Limited Contact Information
  • Limited experience in business

It is difficult to find a separate customer service phone number or email address where members can send questions or directly connect with customer service personnel. Members can submit questions through the website through the help tab or submit their phone number to request a call back from a representative.

Another potential drawback to Amazon Local is their limited experience in business. Amazon Local has been in business for 3 years which is significantly less time than most of their competitors that have been in business for 10 or more years. Their limited amount of time in business may account for their smaller category selection and also may affect their ability to cater to the needs of their client base as effectively as some of their more experienced competitors.

The Bottom Line

Amazon Local provides customers with an easy access option for accessing deals in their local community and around the nation. Their excellent return policy and potential to save as much as 75% off make Amazon Local a great resource for finding deals.

Shipping Cost and Time

When customers shop on Amazon Local, they are purchasing a voucher to be redeemed with a merchant. There are no shipping costs or times for these vouchers. Once paid for, vouchers are stored under “Your Order” on your personal account page. At the time a voucher is redeemed with merchants, the shipping cost and time is set by that specific merchant. There may be information in the fine print, on the voucher, or customers can call the merchant to get specific details as to shipping costs and delivery times.

Return Policy

Amazon Local offers a refund on some unused vouchers within 30 days of purchase. Each offer has a “What you need to know” section which will outline the conditions of the purchase. The Return and refund policies for Amazon Local are as follows:

Tickets and Events

  • Tickets for one time event may be returned and refunded with 24 hours of purchase for any reason
  • Full refunds will be offered for cancelled events
  • If an event has been rescheduled and the customer is unable to attend on the reschedule date, Amazon Local will offer a refund of the purchase price
  • No refunds available after an event has taken place


  • Travel and hotel vouchers may be returned and refunded within 30 days of purchase, unless the promotional value has expired or if reservations have already been made.
  • If reservations have been made at the time of purchase on Amazon Local, it’s the customer’s responsibility to contact the merchant and follow their specific policies on refunds. These are not set by Amazon Local

Product Focus

Amazon Local offers customers a wide variety of goods in the form of vouchers that may be redeemed at the local merchant’s establishment or online. They offer products for, but not limited to:

  • Restaurants, Bars & Pubs
    • Online deals such as meal programs and wine offers
    • Local restaurants and grocery stores discounts
  • Entertainment and Travel
    • Online Deals with merchants for events
    • Local resort, show packages, and fun for the family such as deals to Hang Time
  • Shopping & Services
    • Online deals for Adobe Web Design courses and custom photo books
    • Local deals for carpet cleaning services and portrait studio’s
  • Health & Beauty
    • Online deals such as teeth whitening kits
    • Local deals for salons, massages, gyms and hypnosis

Deals Per Day

There isn’t a specific amount of deals that can be run each day. Customers can expect to find new deals on a daily basis and the amount of deals advertised is dependent on the availability of space set by Amazon Local.

Length of Deal

Merchants choose the start date and possible end dates for each deal. Typically deals run no less than a week with persistent options that can run for up to 90 days, which can then be paused and re-stared for another 90 day period. The length of each deal depends on the availability of product and merchant policies for those goods.

Local or Online Deals

Each deal is set to your local area where they will post the deals for local sites, attractions and merchant goods. They also have online deals such as coupon codes for, online subscriptions to various consumer reports, photo books and many others.

Wholesale Products

Merchants decide how many of a specific item can be purchased and at which price. They may offer a wholesale deal with an unlimited amount that can be purchased per voucher, but typically there is a set quantity and price for each deal. When making a purchase, the fine print will display whether it’s a wholesale deal or not.

Refurbished Products

Businesses are changing constantly and as of now, there aren’t any items that are refurbished or used. However, it’s not to say that a business won’t have an offer for refurbished products or even items such as antiques which are, more often than not, used. Customers must read the fine print before making a purchase in order to know if the item being purchased is brand new.


Members of the site have the option to change the frequency of emails to daily, weekly or none at all. If members opt out of email alerts, they must keep in mind that emails related to the personal account and for purchases will still be sent.

Mobile Friendly

The mobile interface is neatly organized and formatted for easy navigation of the sites newest daily deals, with contact information and account options at the bottom of each page.

Mobile apps are available for download on Android, iOS and Kindle devices. App users can expect the following attributes:

  • Search for, sort and filter deals
  • Mark the purchased deal and “used” or “unused”, making it simple to track what has been redeemed
  • Receive notifications for deals
  • Settings to receive emails and/or push notifications for local cities
  • Passcode protected
  • Sharing capability

Support Quality and Type

Customer support centers are located in Seattle, WA; Cape Town, South Africa; India; and the United Kingdom, making it possible for customers to receive support 24/7. When on the Amazon Local website, members may click on the “Amazon Local Support” link on the top left hand side of the page. There is a FAQ page, the toll free number, a number for restaurant takeout orders (only in Seattle), and email support. One thing we like is that there is also a “Request a Call Back” field where you put in the number to be reached at and when you want the callback to take place – Now or in 5 minutes.

When calling, members can expect a short automated introduction and a super quick answer time. Customer service representatives are friendly and professional. There may be a bit of a wait on hold while they find the answers to questions.

Time in Business

They’ve been in business in 3 years. Amazon Local launched in 2011.

Company Contact Information

Amazon Local HQ
410 Terry Ave North
Seattle, WA 98109

AmazonLocal LLC
P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226
1-866-395-2090 – Support offered 24/7

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