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LAST UPDATED: October 30th, 2019
Phillips Cruises attracts all types and group sizes of travelers and families. Cruises offered by the company range from three to five hours and are offered year round. The two ships in the company's fleet can carry up to 238 passengers as it travels 140 miles into Prince William Sound to view over 26 Alaskan glaciers. The cruise line offers a no seasickness guarantee.

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The Good

  • Unique experience
  • Snack bars and saloons
  • Hot lunch provided

Unique Experience

The company's high-speed catamaran features three decks, two of which are enclosed and heated. The cruise route travels narrow passageways along jagged shorelines. Passengers get to view a wide variety of wildlife in their natural habitats. Guests come face-to-face with massive ice towers at such a close range that they can hear them move. The thunderous roars make for an unforgettable experience.

Snack Bars and Saloons

Snack bars and full service saloons are open and available throughout the trip. Passengers can sit and sip their favorite beverages at comfortable upholstered booths with tables next to large picture windows. Watch for playful sea otters, harbor seals, kittiwakes, bears, whales, or mountain goats as the ship travels. Cruises are narrated by a Chugach National Forest Service Ranger from May to September and the rest of the time is narrated by the Captain.The Ranger also hosts a kids' program teach young people about the history of the area. Standard amenities found on all Phillip Cruise ships include:
  • No Seasickness Guarantee
  • Complimentary Hot Lunch
  • Snack Bar
  • Full Service Saloon
  • Comfortable Seating

Hot Lunch Provided

A complimentary hot lunch is provided for all guests. Choices include fish and chips, chicken breast tenderloins with coleslaw, vegetarian Teriyaki bowl, and a kid's meal consisting of an all beef hot dog, fruit cup, and chips. Meals must be selected at the time of reservation. Otherwise, fish and chips will be served by default.


Pricing information on cruises is made public. The pricing for Phillips cruises breaks down as follows:
  • 26 Glacier Cruise: $159 Adult, $99 Child plus taxes/fees
A journey into Prince William Sound is unforgettable. Explore the serenity of Esther Passage. View the majestic alpine and tidewater glaciers in College and Harriman Fjord while traveling in luxurious comfort aboard the M/V Klondike Express, the fastest catamaran in Alaska.
  • Glacier Quest Cruise: $109 Adult, $69 Child plus taxes/fees
Cruise into magnificent Blackstone Bay, home to seven glaciers and Yosemite-scale waterfalls. Watch for playful sea otters, harbor seals, kittiwakes, bears, whales or mountain goats. The M/V Glacier Quest is our newest luxury catamaran that will whisk you to your adventure in comfort with large picture windows and heated cabin. The cruise line departs from the Port of Whittier, located around 60 miles or 1.5 hours south of Anchorage, Alaska. The cruises can be accessed by coach, car, or rail service departing from Anchorage. Contact the company for further transfer information.

The Bad

  • Needs remodeling
  • Seating at meals
  • Customer complaints

Needs Remodeling

The ship is worn in some areas and in need of general repair. The furniture in some of the rooms could be updated to more modern decor. Balcony furniture has been reported by previous customers to be a mishmash collection of items that appear to not go very well together. The ship is currently scheduled for a remodeling. Activities are geared to older people and those who want to shop heavily.

Seating at Meals

At the time of booking a reservation, guests are assigned seating for meal times. While the seats for a couple may be at the same table, the seats may not be next to one another. You can ask to exchange seats with other passengers, but at times this can be a hassle depending on the willingness of the other passenger to move. Guests may not move to another table.

Customer Complaints

Some passengers report that five hours is too long for this type of cruise. The reason given is there is only so long someone can look at glaciers and wildlife before getting extremely bored. Once customer described the cruise as a day-long activity you can participate in when you have time to kill.

Expensive Snacks and Beverages

Snacks aboard the ship are on the expensive side. Guest may desire to bring their own snacks and beverages with them if budget is a concern. The fish lunch served is small in portion-size but enjoyable to the taste buds. Plus, most of the food choices are fried, which may not be acceptable for some guests. If this is a concern, you may want to pack a lunch to take aboard the ship.

Weather Issues

The area is prone to frequent rain and guests will want to dress accordingly. Be sure to bring rain gears as well as wear clothes and shoes you do not mind getting wet. Passengers may want to dress in layers to accommodate the unpredictable weather. The boat also feels very windy once it starts moving, and guests may want to bring along a winter hat, gloves, and scarf to keep warm. The boat may also feel crowded at times depending on the number of guests aboard.

The Bottom Line

Phillips Cruises is an interesting Alaskan cruise for travelers of all ages. The cruise line provides a no seasickness guarantee and prices are affordable for any budget. For 31 years, the company offered travelers an up-close view of the 26 majestic glaciers and wildlife in the region aboard its five-hour cruise. Individuals who choose this cruise line will want to dress warmly for the high winds and bring rain gear. Guests are advised to also wear clothes and shoes that they do not mind getting wet. While a free lunch is provided, guests with special dietary concerns may want to pack their own lunch and beverages. Snacks aboard the ship are expensive as well, so visitors might want to bring their own. Overall, the cruise is enjoyable by all and the company appears to be trustworthy and reliable. Overall, we would recommend using another cruise line for your travel needs. Visit our recommended cruise lines.

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