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LAST UPDATED: March 22nd, 2021
Pearl Sea Cruises travels to interesting and unusual destinations in Tahiti, the South Pacific, Caribbean, Latin America, and the Panama Canal. The cruise line features one flagship cruise liner called the Pearl Mist. The Pearl Mist is smaller than other ships, allowing guests to visit exotic destinations other cruise lines cannot access.

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The Good

  • Light adventures
  • Great amenities
  • Dining and room service

Light Adventures

The ship combines fascinating lectures from experts with offshore excursions to the regions discussed. The experts will share their knowledge with passengers at night. The next day, he or she will show passengers what he was sharing through a tour on land. All offshore excursions are considered "light adventures." Sometimes the focal point will be physical activities while others will be cultural experiences in regional art, food, and music.

Great Amenities

Cabins are equipped with flat-screen televisions, DVD players, safes, and private climate controls. These suites also feature balconies with sliding-glass doors. Amenities include toiletries, hair dryers, minibars, and luxurious bedding. Free Internet access is available in all cabins and throughout the rest of the ship. Cabins include full-sized bathrooms, hairdryers, safes, toiletries, phones, and private climate controls. Wi-Fi is available and complimentary throughout the ship. Each cabin includes two twin beds that combine to form a king bed. Accessible cabins and singles cabins are available.


Pearl Seas Cruise caters to middle-aged and older travelers. In-room safes are provided to protect valuables. Additionally, Pearl Sea Cruises includes 7-night, 11-night, and 14 night cruises. Cruises are offered year round. Destinations offered by Pear Seas Cruises include the following:
  • Tahiti
  • Fiji
  • South Pacific
  • Europe
  • Caribbean
  • Latin America
  • Panama Canal


Pearl Mist features a library stocked full with books and board games. There are six lounges to enjoy, along with a fitness center, putting green, and computer workstations. Elevators allow easy access to all decks to the ship. Pearl Mist also provides wheelchair accessibility to guests with special needs. Guests can relax in style on the sundeck with comfortable lounge chairs and tables.

Dining and Room Service

The main dining room is equipped with glass walls to give guests full view of the water scenery. Meals are scheduled at set times with an open-seating plan. Special diets are catered to for guests with certain dietary needs. Room service is also complimentary for travelers aboard Pearl Sea Cruises. Pearl Sea Cruises also provides complimentary cocktails, appetizers, snacks, and certain beverages include in the price of the fare.

The Bad

  • Limited activity options
  • Customer complaints
  • No pool

Limited Activity Options

Activities are limited in options. There are nightly lectures and musical performances from local musicians. There are no organized activities for children and teenagers. Families may want to consider another cruise liner for interesting activities for their young ones. The cruise line skimps on luxury amenities and certain areas of the ship can get too dirty from smokestack soot from some customers.

Customer Complaints

The pipes can get a bit loud at time and prevent guests from getting a good night's sleep. If this becomes a problem, the cruise line will move you to another room at your request. However, you may not get a good room that has as many amenities and features as the one you reserved. This has been disappointing to previous passengers.

No Pool

Smoking is not permitted in any area of the ship. The cabins feature two twin beds that are pushed together to form a king-sized bed. There is also no pool for guests to enjoy. These issues put a damper on the overall enjoyment of the ships and limit the number of passengers who would want to book a cruise with the fleet. Customers who desire a more comfortable traveling environment will want to seek reservation arrangements with another cruise line that will accommodate these needs.

Deposit per Person

Pearl Seas Cruises requires a $500 deposit per person for any reservation fewer than nine nights. A $900 deposit is required per person for trips longer than ten nights. Single travelers will be charged 150- 175 percent the double occupancy rate for their stay. Payment is due in full 60 days before departure. If any cruise is booked within 60 days of boarding, payment is due in full at the time of the reservation. There are also service fees for various features/amenities. These service fees include:
  • Offshore excursions
  • Medical Treatment
  • Luggage Handling


The cruise line does not provide transportation to and from airports. Passengers will need to arrange their own transportation or book a hotel that offers complimentary shuttle service to the ship. The cruise line will provide transportation at the end of the cruise for an additional fee. There are other cruise lines that provide this service to its guests. The company would provide a more pleasant experience to its guests if it would provide this simple added touch.

The Bottom Line

Pearl Seas Cruises attracts older travelers who desire a quiet sailing experience built around socializing and minimal activities. Families may not have a good experience with this cruise line and desire to choose another cruise line as there are no activities and entertainment options for kids. Complimentary appetizers, cocktails, snacks are provided as an added plus. Travelers who smoke will not be allowed to do so anywhere on the ship. The cruise line charges extra for many of its services, which can make cruises expensive for passengers on a limited household budget. Amenities such as a pool would greatly improve the cruise line, but the company fails to provide passengers with this experience. The company has few complaints and resolves issues to customer satisfaction. For travelers who desire vacations to cooler destinations, Pearl Seas Cruise is a great fit. Overall, we would recommend using another cruise line for your travel needs. Visit our recommended cruise lines.

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Virginia Ellington Cornelia, GA

Recently traveled to Cuba in February into March. We had no problems with staff, food or service. my husband and I travel frequently so we are very adaptive to most situations, and just enjoy the adventure! My concern is that this trip numerous people started coughing after several days into the trip, both me and my husband became very ill toward end of trip, After several trips to the doctor I ended up in hospital for upper respiratory infection with complications, we did hear that on previous trip a couple of people ended up in Havana hospital and were seriously ill? I did tell cruise line that my concern is cross contamination and was the ship cleaned properly between trips? I will travel with Pearl again, but I will certainly clean my room with disinfectant and not have staff in my room only remove trash and give clean towels, my medical background does make me realize how hard it is to kill germs, especially in a very close environment, I believe the problem would be helped with careful attention to decontaminate the ship between customer trips. After saying all this I still think the pearl staff really cares about the passengers !

3 years ago

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Bob Eastford, CT

We chose Pearl Sea Cruises because of its Cuba only itineracy. The only plus to the trip was the wait and cleaning staff, plus the people to people experiences. Problems with the cruise: 1). Very large portion of guests became sick with a cold, hacking and coughing on long (2-9 hour bus trips). Expect cause was 2 hour cleaning time allowed by company between our arrival and the next departure. Time only to change linens and vacuum. No time to disinfect ship. 2). All gym equipment on ship was non-operational, rusted fast or electronics inoperative. 3). Lectures were 1 hour of rambling with 1-4 slides. No intelligible content. The very worst cruise line that we have ever been on by a wide margin.

3 years ago

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Marjorie Farkas Kamas, UT

Do not book with company! If you cancel they only return half of your deposit even if you cancel 5 months in advance. This is extortion. I cancelled within 36 hours of booking and they refuse to return my full deposit for a cruise that is 5 months away. They indicated that this is "their policy" and this exorbitant fee is for administration fees. I was shocked that they are charging $250 to cancel and why is the fee not fully refunded. What administration fee could cost that amount of money...this is extortion. The Pearl Seas representative in the cancellation department indicated he had no control over this and it is standard. I asked for an itemized list of what this fee is being applied to and was told that is not possible. I asked for the name of the CEO of the company and that also was not available and I could "look it up online"... terrific customer service! Do not expect to get you full refund back if you cancel. Good luck.

3 years ago

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Vanessa Katz Palm Desert, CA

A terrible experience - 11 day to Cuba at great expense. Itinerary changes at last minute from 7 to 3 ports of call. The information / brochure are false. The food was disgusting and often inedible. The only cruise ship I have ever experienced the fear of not having enough to eat (and not a big eater!). Coffee drinks out of a machine. Tea service - get it yourself (the hot water and tea bag). Carpets in your room damp and wet. Serious rocking and rolling with everything going flying around you, nothing secured down. Sick bags left all around the hand railings. The one plus is that the staff were very helpful and friendly but they can only work with the tools they are given. My advice is choose another cruise company. I would not cruise with this company again even if they paid me.

4 years ago

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Cynthia Staten Island, NY

Pearl Seas Cruises cancelled the first trip to Cuba just days before departure was scheduled. We were half way to Miami from New York when a fellow passenger called to say things had changed. A call on our end to Pearl Seas confirmed that the cruise w a no go. We did receive the cost for the cruise within a month or so. All expenses related to this have never been acknowledged or reimbursed by Pearl Seas. The rental car, hotels, plane tickets for our return trip were not reimbursed. The really sad part is that when you call Pearl Seas there is absolutely no customer service. We have left numerous voice mails that have never been acknowledged. Even a letter saying they do not want to reimburse us would be better than no communication. This would have been our second. Raise with Pearl Seas. Needless to say, we never use their cruise line again.

5 years ago

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Anita Summers Tucson, AZ

My mother has traveled with this company previously, and selected their Cuba cruise for a trip with my husband and me. We were going to meet her in Miami three days before the cruise, which was supposed to start this coming Friday. I say "supposed to" because my mother got a call early Monday morning saying it been canceled because the company has not obtained the necessary permits. (I don't know if the problem was on the cruise company's end or on Cuba's end.) My mother had also been signed up to go on a Panama Canal cruise with them last year, which also got canceled at the last minute. My mother received all of her travel documents weeks ago, but as of the beginning of last week my husband and I had not received ours. I called the cruise company and was told to speak to my travel agent about it. She tried calling Pearl as well, and said the first person she spoke to was extremely uncooperative and on helpful, so she waited a few hours and called back. She got someone else who said the documents would be overnighted to us. We were supposed to have left yesterday, which they knew full well last week, and our documents *still have not arrived.* We will not be planning to travel with them again.

6 years ago

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Ray Deaton White Plains, GA

We mad our reservation and then realized 2 weeks later that we could not go. The cruise was 6 months away. We gave them a $1800 deposit and they kept $850.00 for a cancellation fee. No compromise on their part. These guys are thieves and I would watch doing business with them. No mention of a cancellation fee when we made the reservation. It was in small print on our confirmation which we received AFTER they had charged our American Express.

3 years ago

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We called about taking a fall cruise and asked what rooms were available. Only 1 room was available which was the worst room on the whole ship. They stated that if we put a deposit down on the trip that they were sure rooms would become available. They stated that if nothing became available they would refund our deposit. They lied and held over half our deposit and were very rude when when asked for the remaining balance DO NOT give them a deposit unless you have IN WRITING what you are going to get

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Karen Chamberlain

UPDATE: I finally received the refund check today, September 5, 2017. While I will bump my rating up a notch because at least they issued it, it still seems wrong to have to work that hard, particularly when the cruise was cancelled by Pearl Seas. Ultimately, I am grateful it arrived. Original Review: 10 months after our cruise to Cuba was cancelled, and I have yet to receive the promised reimbursement for airline cancellation fees, despite many emails and phone calls. Beware of this company!!

4 years ago

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catherine rainier Vero Beach, FL

I booked a trip to Cuba for Christmas. Nov.they canceled because they did not have permits. I took out an insurance policy if I canceled but if they cancel I am out the 720.00. Pearl Seas could have cared less !BEWARE they do this all the time.

5 years ago

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Barbara Miami, FL

After Pearl Seas cancelling a cruise to Cuba for lack of a permit and our inability to board and after paying for the cruise, we have yet to receive a refund. Despite calls and repeated requests from the travel agent.

5 years ago

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Unpublished Gilbert, AZ

Warning _ they are selling a cruise they are NOT authorized for - be prepared for a call 3 days before sail date to cancel and they they leave you with ALL your travel expenses!,, False advertising !,,

5 years ago