1. Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Lines offers freestyle cruising, allowing guests to do what they want when they want. Dine-in choice restaurants featuring all types of flavorful cuisines, or participate in any of the onboard activities whenever you want. There is no scheduled seating, no preset dining times, and no enforced dress codes. 24-hour room service is available for dining inside your room.

The Good

  • Entertainment for all ages
  • First class amenities
  • Many destinations to choose from

Entertainment for all Ages

There are a variety of onboard amenities for travelers of all ages. Activities for adults include spa and salon treatments, fitness classes, casinos, and bars and lounges. Programs for children and teenagers are available where they can enjoy arts and crafts, play video games, participate in pool parties, and compete in sports tournaments.

There are also plenty of unique activities to enjoy onboard Norwegian Cruise Lines. Guests can participate in comedy workshops, take dance lessons, or learn bartending and cooking skills. Wine and beer tastings are available. Children can dance and sing with Dora the Explorer, or have breakfast with SpongeBob Square Pants.

Norwegian tries to accommodate a number of different guests on each and every cruise. They have options for single guests, couples, and families traveling together. Cruises are available from one night to 48 days and offered year round.


  • Destinations include: Alaska, Bahamas and Florida, Bermuda, Canada and New England, Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Mexican Riviera, Pacific Coast, Panama Canal, South America, Transatlantic, and Weekend Cruises

Featured Cruise Trips

  • Seven Day Bermuda, Round-trip New York Starting From $999/USD Per Person: With pink sand beaches, colorful underwater life, and fantastic shopping, it's a good thing you'll have the chance to treasure everything this pristine isle has to offer. Adventures in Bermuda also include some of the world's most exclusive golf courses.
  • Six Day Canada & New England from New York Starting From $699/USD Per Person: Cruisers will experience delectable local fare and coastlines so picturesque you'll stand back in amazement. Enjoy a mouthwatering lobster lunch in Halifax, visit the Bay of Fundy in St. John, and watch sailboats pull into the harbor in Portland, Maine. New England brings on the charm, while Canada offers stunning natural landscapes on this six day Norwegian cruise.

Cruises to the Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico, and Europe

  • Caribbean: $349-$1,949 per person
  • Alaska: $399-$2,029 per person
  • Mexico: $449-$1,089 per person
  • Europe: $299-$3,799 per person


All meals are included in the price of the cruise except for meals purchased at specialty restaurants. Reservations can be made up to three months prior to departure. Even with a reservation, expect waiting times upon arrival at the restaurant. You can expect to find all types of cuisine onboard the ship. Computerized screens throughout public areas tell guests how busy a restaurant is and if there is any available seating. Other amenities included on all cruise ships include:

  • Personalized service
  • 24-hour trained and certified suite butler
  • Concierge service
  • Courtyard valet
  • Escort to your suite
  • Exclusive access to The Haven Courtyard area with private pool, sundeck, hot tub and fitness area
  • Priority embarkation and disembarkation
  • Distinctive platinum keycard
  • Priority boarding of tenders to shore
  • Complimentary limousine service from pier to airport (for Garden Villa guests)
  • Sparkling wine, bottled water, and fruit on embarkation day (For two bedroom villa, Courtyard Penthouse, Spa Suite, and Penthouse only)
  • 24-hour room service
  • Mini-bar and espresso/cappuccino machine
  • Special Haven Menus
  • Gourmet treats delivered to your suite each evening
  • Invitations to an exclusive breakfast and lunch
  • Cocktail party with ship's officers
  • Bliss Collection by Norwegian pillow-top mattress
  • Fine linens, feather duvet, and pillow
  • Plush bathrobes, slippers, and oversized towels


Norwegian Cruise Lines also takes the safety of their guests seriously. They have implemented a number of precautions to make sure that both their staff and the travelers are not exposed to anything that could threaten their health. These precautions include:

  • Norwegian Cruise Lines collect health questionnaires at the pier to identify anyone that already has symptoms and place detailed health information fact sheets in each stateroom at embarkation. These fact sheets outline potential symptoms of concern and instructs guests on what to do if they are experiencing those symptoms.
  • Once onboard, Norwegian Cruise Lines recommends and requests that all guests carefully observe the good hygiene practice of washing their hands before eating and after using the restroom. They also encourage frequent use of the hand sanitizer dispensers strategically located throughout the ship.
  • If a guest is diagnosed as having any symptoms, they are asked to stay in their stateroom until their symptoms abate. They receive free medical treatment and medications.


There are a number of accommodations to choose from. Garden Villas provide panoramic views of the ocean, roof terraces and private Japanese-styled gardens. Owner's Suites come equipped with queen-sized beds, living rooms, whirlpool tubs and walk-in closets. Penthouse Suites, Ocean View Staterooms, and Inside Staterooms are also available. Rooms come equipped with all the standard amenities to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience while onboard.

The Bad

  • High cover fees for restaurants
  • Long lines for all activities
  • Can be very crowded

High Fees and Long Lines

Norwegian's specialty restaurants charge a $15 to $99 per person cover fee apart from the cost of the meals. Expect to stand in long lines for all activities onboard including dining options. Announcements are frequent and loud.

Large Crowds

Accommodations in standard cabins are a bit smaller than other cruise lines. Since Norwegian ships can accommodate a large number of guests, expect large crowds. If this is a problem for you, you can choose to upgrade to a first-class section where it is more spacious to get around.

No Offshore Excursions

Offshore excursions are not included in the price. Be prepared to pay lots of extra charges for dining options, beverages, and some of the activities during the length of your cruise.

The Bottom Line

Norwegian Cruise Lines is a great choice for family-friendly entertainment. The freestyle cruising experience provided by Norwegian Cruise Lines allow families to relax and enjoy their vacation without being tied down to strict rules. The only downsides are the long lines and expensive meals. However, there are plenty of activities for children, teenagers, and adults to enjoy. Norwegian Cruise Lines is also an excellent choice for single passengers as well as an inexpensive way to travel to desired exotic locations worldwide. We recommend booking a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines.

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Ringwald Michael

September 5th, 2015 Portland, OR

We went 1st class on the Jewel to Alaska, the Haven package was well worth the extra money. Really Really nice room, with lots of space, excellent food and drinks, private pool and hot tub. Looking forward to our next trip. This time to some place warm


Saundra Robinson Green

September 3rd, 2015 Elizabeth, NJ



Darlene Dworin

September 2nd, 2015 Orange City, FL

We have sailed with Norwegian five or six times...leaving November 11th for a ten day cruise..we have an excellent time from boarding to our cabin steward our wonderful dinners...and the shows..wow we have such a good time we can't wait to go again...love love Norwegian!!


Sheila St Pierre Hokanson

September 1st, 2015 Oxford, MA

We have had at least 6 cruises on NCL and have loved everyone. They are the kindest crew and have always been very helpful in anything we have had trouble with. We tend to like the smaller ships as we have done a few of the bigger ones but children running all over the place and if they run into you - no excuse me and no parent around. We have two cruises with them in 2016 and both are during non - school vacation weeks. They are the best! As for the person edd - I have never heard of any ship using ship credits for tips. Cannot wait to go on my next cruise I January. You Are Awesome - NCL!


Ann-Michelle Roberts

September 1st, 2015 Miami, FL

BECAUSE THERE IS NO SCORE LOWER THAN ZERO!!! On the week of June 27th I boarded the Norwegian Cruise ship, The Getaway, with my family. This was my first time using a cruise line other than the Carnival and I was told by my agent that this would be a great adventure for my family and me. I came on the ship with the expectations of a wonderful cruise maybe even better than the usual Carnival Cruise. When I checked in I forgot my passport in my suitcase and the crew member asked me to retrieve it. When I went to retrieve my passport in my suitcase I was surprised to see that my suitcases had been abandoned. I was in utter shock! I went through my suitcase and no one even noticed. That was very scary for me. I couldn't believe that my suitcases were left out like that. We were one of the first guests on the ship and when I ask a crew member where I could get food for my children. She was very dismissive and explained she couldn't help me. I then asked her if she worked on the ship and she explained that she did so I asked her once more about where I could get food for my children and she snapped at me and stated on the 15th floor. She was so abrupt and rude. I thought after that one bad experience the rest of the trip would be a success but I was wrong. I went to the lido bar area to order a drink and was ignored until I flagged a bartender down. He then turned to me and helped the lady beside me. After 10 minutes I was finally helped. This was very confusing to me because everyone else around me was being helped; even those who had reached the bar after me. I received similar treatment at each bar. It became clear to me that my race was playing a role in why I wasn't being treated fairly. I asked my husband and sister if they received that same treatment and they all agreed that they were being looked down. I then went to the customer service area to discuss my on board account. My agent stated that each member of my party would have unlimited drinks and $50 extra spending cash. When I reached the stand the crew member was very rude. She refused to help me and made me wait 30 minutes until I finally asked to speak to her supervisor. Thank goodness her supervisor was very helpful and competent. At around 7pm our family of eight gathered to eat dinner at Savor. This was the worst service my family and I have ever received. It took as an hour to get our entrée and we ordered. The worst part was that all of our food was cold. Our drinks were always empty and we constantly had to ask other servers for drinks. I thought a change of restaurant would change our experience. I was wrong we continued to have the same horrific experience. Two days before the cruise ended we discovered the noodle bar and were able to finally enjoy our meals as a family. The next day I was at the pool with my 18 year old niece and 23 year old daughter and we were constantly being ambushed by one particular pool staff. He continuously asked the young adults to leave the pool because he said they were not 18 years of age. They had to show their key card to the crew member before they were finally left alone. I understood that the girls looked young but I couldn't understand why my girls were being harassed when there was clearly young children at the pool. It was clear to me that RACE played a role in the way my family was being treated. The worst part of the trip was when my son came to me after being embarrassed in front of all of his peers on the last night of the cruise. I was horrified to find out that awards were given to some of the teens in the teen lounge. My son received a horrific award that I was shocked would even be considered for an award. The award was “Most Likely to go to Jail”. My son is not on the path of going to jail, he is a bright young man who has a future before him. I will not stand for anyone to make my son feel like he is not capable of success. How dare those staff members. This company lacks integrity and I am disgusted by it. Due to all of the circumstances listed above my family and I had a horrific experience on this trip. Ann-Michelle Roberts


francis noble

September 1st, 2015 Long Branch, NJ

have enjoyed both the gem and the breakaway and we are again cruising this october on the gem. love the ease of the port new york. the gem is a more cozy ship (while big) and great for the 50 plus set and the breakaway is large and full of things to do (for any age). lots of choices on both. never had a problem with crowds or finding something to do. freestyle cruising is the only way we will go. wish there was more choices for winter weekend getaways...


Janice Biggs

September 1st, 2015 Boise, ID

Loved the cruise, the staff, and al the fun times!! Very enjoyable and nice and relaxing. I only went on one cruise .. and have been thinking about going on another .. trying to get the most bang for my buck .. saw one I think it was to Europe .. for14 days ... or something like that. Is there any written material you can send me on your cruises ... so I have more a side by side comparison ... for cruises in 2015 ... that is what is left of the year. Thanks for all the wonderful memories ... the photographers were a hoot .. they took pictures at the most inopportune times ... like me at a Rum Factory .. totally had a blast .. and would like to do another ... am a senior .. so my money is more tight right now.


Marlon Hanson

August 31st, 2015 Red Oak, TX

I have been on many cruises with NCL and have not had a bad one. I find the food at both the buffet(s) and the specialty restaurants very good. I love the freestyle cruising aspect in that we can do whatever we want whenever we want. Our son and his family went with us on a recent cruise and our granddaughter loved it so much because of all the children's activities she is always on the lookout for suitcases because she cannot wait to go on the "big boat" again. We have been to the Caribbean a number of times, to Europe, to Alaska, and enjoyed them all. We always stay in the Haven or a suite, but don't think it is necessary to have a good time in that there are so many beach chairs on the surrounding deck areas. I believe cruising is the perfect vacation. Your "hotel" has over 20 restaurants, a theater, live broadway-like shows, a casino, a number of pools, a private spa area, a gymnasium, - and you wake up in a different city/country every morning. What more could anyone possibly desire!


John luzzi

August 31st, 2015 Stanfordville, NY

I love Norwegian cruise line I have been on 14 cruises 3 of which were on NCL and I am planning a 5 Th. for July 2016 it seams this company and its people truly appreciate you spending your hard earned money with there company. I and many people I have met feel the crew members are much more friendly then all other lines. Thank you NCL. JOHN LUZZI



August 31st, 2015 West Palm Beach, FL

Ed Begel NCL managment does not live up to the contract agreements we sign when we booked 26 people on the Getaway in July 2015. Even our travel agent called them and so did the Travel agents NJ Corp. office. NCL told them that NCL can change the Terms and Conditions anytime and would not make an exception for us. We called before the trip NCL and they would not talk to us about Contract issues. Two weeks ago we sent NCL an email and they responded with a standard response and did not address a single issue in our email. The issue was the following, our agreement said that the on board credits could be used for anything and they would not let us use them for Gratuities. So it cost us an addtional $1400. NCL adds are still showing this option but will not let you us it.... so be careful. As for the ship, it was very nice and as good as the Royal Caribbean Oasis or Quantum class with did cost more then the same room and itinerary as RC lines. Also the Royal Caribbean line does not change contract direction. We have gone on many cruises and have never had this happen.


Erica r

August 30th, 2015 Bay Shore, NY

We took Ncl breakaway last year enjoy everything about it .The worker was kind and very helpfull .We are going to take it again next year 2016



August 28th, 2015 Elkton, MD

Sailed on the Pride of America in Hawaii. We chose it for the itinerary. The state room was fine, love having balcony! Activities were good. Service was mediocre. Steward forgot out turn down several nights but did come when called. Dining was not to my liking. We had to wait for a table almost every night. There was a similar dining area downstairs but service there was terrible. Many of the people waiting for tables preferred to wait instead of going to the other venue. Service was slow at best. I much prefer fixed dining where you get to know your waiter, your table is always ready on time. I will only use NCL for an itinerary I can get nowhere else.



August 27th, 2015 Tampa, FL

Our first NCL cruise was last year in Italy. We stayed in the Haven and have decided the only way to cruise! Our accommodations were great, loved the Haven courtyard amenities, our butler, Rufino, was the best. The excursions offered were great, although pricey, so we booked in every port. The only negative we experienced was the poor attitude of our concierge, he did not like us bothering him with questions and he was very confused about the free 250 minutes Internet, he was not aware of it until we questioned, then he checked and discovered we were right. We are cruising NCL in 2016 from Barcelona and will be staying in Haven again. The only way to cruise!


Lee Lehman

August 27th, 2015 Hibbing, MN

Best cruises ever, Sailed on the Jewel to Alaska, Epic in the Caribbean, Jewel western Caribbean, Pride of America Hawaii Booked on the Pearl to Panama, Never had long lines always good food Free style is the way to go. Love the shows and art auctions. Highly recommended cruses We have 12 people coming with us on the next cruise.


barbara manson

August 27th, 2015 Poway, CA

The cruise was wonderful. The staff was gracious and helpful. From the cabin steward to the waitstaff. The shows offered were first class. The food tasty and plentiful and fresh. tours were the best. Everyone was happy and smiles plentiful. I am a nurse and for the first time in 35 years I relaxed and enjoyed every minute. Thank you so much,


Sherry Nye

August 26th, 2015 Gig Harbor, WA

Best cruise line ever. Love the freestyle. No lines getting on or off ship. The shows were awesome. Would recommend for everyone.


Christine LaFleur-Recore

August 26th, 2015 Constantia, NY

LOVE NCL, we have been on Gem, and Jewel, which are sister ships and we were on the Dawn, and just this yr the Breakaway.. We love the older ships .. We are looking for our next cruise with NCL for next March..


Ruth Was

August 25th, 2015 Stone Mountain, GA

We love NCL! We enjoy a balcony room, the free-style dining, and the evening shows. Before we board, we have our port itinerary in place, so the fabulous ports are important to us. It is a great cruise line to kick back and do what you want when you want. We have always found the crew very to be friendly and attentive. So far we have been on 3 Norwegian cruises and look forward to another one in 2016 to the Baltic area.


Lauren E LeReche

August 25th, 2015 Herndon, VA

We've been on Norwegian 4 times. Staff was great and everything went smoothly. We Loved the Hawaiian cruise. What wasn't to like?


Bill Bensie

August 25th, 2015 Rocky River, OH

Another great time on a Norwegian Cruise. This time it was the Getaway to the Carib. The ship was fantastic. The crew was very professional. We felt welcomed everywhere we went, especially in the dinning areas. The only negative was the casino area which was cramped and too smoke filled with non non-smoking areas for video poker.



August 24th, 2015 Bristol, RI

Love, love, love NCL. Each time I cruise it feels like going back to see family. We have made some wonderful friends both on the ship and passengers. Always a great time. Shows, food, drinks, casino. See you in a few months.


Janice Chapman

August 24th, 2015 Haines City, FL

We cruised on the Jade in the Med. The cruise was an OK cruise if I think of staying in a 3 star floating hotel. The destinations were what we went for so those were great. Not real impressed with the entertainment and the food wasn't very impressive. We tried some of the extra fee options and were not impressed at all. Worst steaks and service ever. Would I cruise with Norwegian again. Yes if they are going to some place I want to see at a cheaper price than others. I will just have lower expectations this time. We have been spoiled by going on Disney.


Michael Horowitz

August 24th, 2015 Bronx, NY

I went on the breakaway 2 years ago. it was my 1st cruise so I don't have anything to compare it to. but I had a great timr . it was just time to relax for me


linda calore

August 23rd, 2015 Warwick, RI

Love this cruise line! Have been on many times.. Next one is a 14 day cruise in March, 2016


Caryn Rotondi Fiorinelli

August 21st, 2015 Port Washington, NY

NCL is the best cruise line!! I do not listen to bad reviews, I make my own decisions once I cruise. I recently went on the Breakaway last month and there were so many bad reviews, but let me tell you, it was the best vacation/cruise we have ever went on. Yes the pool area was crowded but we were lucky enough to purchase the VIBE and didn't even notice that. We never waited in line for anything including the Garden Cafe. For those that complain, don't go on it!!! We went to all the Specialty Restaurants, had the Drink package and all in all it was a stressfree, awesome vacation. Way to Go NCL!!!!!!


Ben Aglubat

August 21st, 2015 Carol Stream, IL

Excellent service food.Nice crew awesome...casino. Crew stuff, cook crew stuff is awesome...



August 21st, 2015 Kingsport, TN

i cruised with the Pride of America in Hawaii. The crusie was an average cruise. Not real impressed with the rooms and the food wasn't very impressive. Would I cruise with Norwegian again. Maybe. I don't want to judge the whole cruise line by that one cruise.


Mollie Sue Prowant

August 21st, 2015 Hemphill, TX

I LOVE Norwegian Cruise Lines!!!! They are awesome in every way and I'm trying to save my shekels for another cruise. We have NEVER been disappointed with NCL!!!!


Jennifer Boldt Buckman

August 20th, 2015 Nanticoke, PA

We have booked out third cruise with Norwegian. I have never been on another but I am a little scared to do so. We have never had bad service, rooms were always clean and freshened daily, sometimes twice daily. On the second cruise we went back to the same restaurant almost every night because of this one waiter and the excellent service. Boats have always been clean and fun. Can;t wait to go on again. LOVED the no reservations. We waited only 10 minutes max for a table. The food was so good on the Getaway we never cared about going to the other pay restaurants. We have been to the eastern Caribbean, western Caribbean and off to Bermuda.



August 19th, 2015 Clearwater, FL

Cruised Alaska and had a phenomenal time. I loved the ship, the crew, and the laid-back atmosphere. Have cruised other lines and don't like being tied down to specific meal seatings and having dress up certain nights. Will definitely cruise with NCL again and recommend them to anyone who is cruising.


Judy Ault

August 18th, 2015 Niagara Falls, NY

My husband and I are now booked on our 12th cruise with Norwegian ! We LOVE this cruise line. There is much to do and the balcony rooms/suites are very comfortable. the ONLY thing we have been disappointed in is the embarkation and debarkation. I need a wheelchair as I have COPD , and while they say we will get priority we often have to wait almost (1) hour to get on or off the boat. and MANY times I have a long wait for a wheelchair. Otherwise, we would NOT even consider another cruise line !


R Carrier

August 18th, 2015 Plaistow, NH

Cruised last June again on NC. Loved the ship(Breakaway) and crew was fantastic. Not 100 % for CD Julie as she was not that visible. Food was excellent and will be sailing on NCL again very soon.


Janet Kinser

August 17th, 2015 Fordland, MO

I love all cruise lines but most of all is the fun you have in the dinning room in the evening, the waiters singing and getting to know you waters during the cruise is very important. The new free style cruising left us in a almost empty dinning room with rather bored waiters but very nice. We have not gone back on Norwegian as yet. The ship was beautiful, nice people had a lot of fun. We really missed that fun time in the evening dinning room !



August 17th, 2015 Denver, CO

We have now been on 4 cruises with NCL and have booked the 5th. We just returned form Belise, Hondorus Mexico.Overall is was a great cruise except the College kids were out of control, Running up and down the hallways yelling Drunk on the dance floor. We had an issue with one of the vendors in Cosumel. The staff is great and the food was good. Really need someone to keep the drunks in check. Belise was great loved tubing the caves


john e forbes sr

August 16th, 2015 Kissimmee, FL

very good price great ship good time norwegian the best crew and staff very good no complaints



August 15th, 2015 Buffalo, NY

I have taken several cruises with Norwegian.. They do a great job and I am going again in Sept.. My one complaint is this.. I am going with another lady.. We are good friends.. She lives on the west coast and me on the east.. We have a beautiful suite, but now they say they will not change the queen bed for two singles.. We are not that good friends..If this happens,where one of us has to sleep on a pullout bed for these prices, we will not use this line again..


Beverley Amarello

August 13th, 2015 Homer, AK

I loved that the workers were genuinely friendly. The singers that were at the entrance to the main dinning area were so much fun


Connie LaBrake Pickreign

August 13th, 2015 Ocala, FL

We just came off the Norwegian Getaway and had a wonderful time. This ship is beautiful and we never had a problem being seated at dinner, food was very good. Our cabin was very spacious and clean. The crew on this ship has to be the most friendly, outgoing crew we have found on any cruise line. From booking to disembarking, I have not one complaint.



August 12th, 2015 Poway, CA

My experience was fantastic with this cruise line, I felt like a queen and when can afford it will go again, also want my son and grandson to also go Thank you for making my first cruise so memorable.


Les Balsiger

August 12th, 2015 Cheyenne, WY

The cruise was not too bad, but we had to go beg the Maitre De to get an early seating for dinner since they have an open seating policy - I had to dig up 10 people to get a reserved dinner time and table - that is stupid



August 11th, 2015 Chicopee, MA

My first cruise was fall of 2014. Boston to Canada 7 nights. I was and still am amazed at the friendliness of the crew and staff. No complaints hope to do it again


Bruce Whicker

August 11th, 2015 Charlotte, NC

Had a terrific time. food was always good. room service was always on time. overall a excellent experience.


Mike & Jane Walsh

August 9th, 2015 Quinton, VA

I have been on several cruises and Norwegian is by far the best. I have never experienced crowds interfering with my time. The show are better on the bigger ships than the smaller ones, and crews are better on European cruises.


Cheryl Pump

August 7th, 2015 TX

Great ship, good food. Shows where awesome. Prices way to high and too many restaurants that are extra cost.



August 6th, 2015 Tampa, FL

Our cruises on the Epic were epic. Our cruise on the Getaway not so much. The new ships are NOT anywhere as nice as the Epic. So much so that we are trying a different cruise line for our next cruise.



August 4th, 2015 East Greenwich, RI

We will not cruise w/ NCL. We will stick w/ Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival and HAL. NCL's food was terrible, both quality and quantity. Most of the wait staff was good, they had no control over the food that was offered.


Lucy K.

August 4th, 2015 Bristol, CT

Very unhappy with Norwegian. A Caribbean cruise in Feb.2014 ,after a year of planning, was cancelled because Norwegian booked a private charter for that month. Think we'll stick with Princess and/or Royal Caribbean. David & Lucy Krause



August 3rd, 2015 Jasper, AL

I like Norwegian. I have cruised on three other cruise lines and found Norwegian to be one of the best. The food was good and the service was good. The staff was always nice and the ship was beautiful. My husband and I are going on Norwegian again this year.


clayton boeger

August 2nd, 2015 Lehighton, PA

wonderful time will go again breakaway


Karla H

August 2nd, 2015 Poulsbo, WA

NCL Star - 2 Week Cruise to Norway - June 2015 I was on the Star in 2013 for a 9 day cruise to the Baltic's and said I would never cruise NCL again. So while I was looking for my next trip, which would be to Norway, lo and behold which cruise company and ship come up with the best itinerary going as well as a great price. NCL and the Star. I took it because, at the very least, I felt NCL did a phenomenal job of getting us on and off the boats in port and I really wanted that itinerary. Let me tell you, my experience this time around was great. Not that the last time was horrible. The ship was disappointing from unfinished balconies and workman in the room making the balconies unusable after painting (for several days). Then again, the ship isn't known for the quality of its food. That much hadn't changed but since both of us in the room weren't planning on eating binges the quality of food didn't affect us as much. Con: Room service now has a fee of $7.95. Apparently implemented a couple cruises before ours. That limited our use of the service. I will say when we did order, our order was huge and I used baggies I brought to save items like PB&J sandwiches and chips for the next day. It worked out pretty well. Con: Food is still so so. Con: The bed was really uncomfortable and lumpy. Our steward was great and brought us a couple of foam mattress pad toppers which helped a lot. We loved our steward. Pro: This time and last. The ship's crew are outstanding. Pro: I ordered the room decorated and with a cake as I was taking my niece for her first trip to Europe. The room looked great and when the cake came, instead of the 10" cake I was expecting, we got this huge, beautiful Bon Voyage cake. It was way too big but cool and we shared it with our steward. Pro: The itinerary was great. It even hit a place on my bucket list I never really expected to get to. Reine, Norway in the Lofoton Islands. Everyone should go there. Pro: We really loved the finale show in the theater on the last night. Pro: It's easy to get around the ship and not overly crowded. Pro: Took our first shore excursions with the ship and they were each great. I was really surprised at how good they were. One was to Trollstigen and was an 8 hour bus tour. I really worried about how uncomfortable a trip that long would be as I have medical conditions that sitting for a long time can bring up. Turns out we stopped frequently at all the right locations and had a chance to walk around and take pics. Lunch was a great buffet where tables were all prepared for each bus as they came in. No trouble what so ever in getting a seat and food. Really enjoyed the excursions. I would have written reviews but by the time I got back they were no longer on the site to do so. If I remember, I will try next year when they open up on the NCL site. We rented cars at 3 ports and in 2 the cars were delivered to the dock for us. Don't be afraid to drive and explore. It's a blast. All in all this trip changed my mind about NCL and I will continue to use them although my next trip is with Royal Caribbean as they had the better itinerary for Christmas 2016. Sorry NCL. For me it's all about the itinerary.