Disney Cruise Lines features exclusive multi-generational, family-friendly entertainment aboard its four ocean liners for guests of all ages. Whimsical amenities and spacious staterooms are perfect for families with small children. Choose from three types of cabins: Inside Staterooms, Ocean View Staterooms, or Suites. All rooms are equipped with queen-size beds, a mini-fridge, and an iPod docking station.

The Good

  • Discounts and deals
  • Great amenities
  • Entertainment for all ages

Discounts and Deals

Meals, non-alcoholic drinks, and onboard entertainment are covered in the price of the cruise fare. Residents of Florida and military personnel are eligible to receive special cruise rates. Each cruise kicks off with a dance party with beloved Disney characters. Disney characters make frequent appearances throughout the length of the cruise. Also, shipboard crew members receive extensive instruction needed to perform their duties and to take timely preventive or corrective action when necessary.

Great Amenities

Amenities include youth-oriented pools, miniature golf course, and basketball and volleyball courts. An onboard fitness center is available for guests over 18 years of age. At night, live shows and film screenings are provided. All ships host a Pirate Night featuring a themed dinner, deck party, and fireworks. Captain Hook and his pirate friends will come swinging in onboard the ship, singing and putting on a show for guests. Standard amenities found on all cruise ships include:

  • Staterooms
  • Youth Activities & Clubs
  • Dining
  • Entertainment
  • Pools
  • Nightclubs & Lounges
  • Spa and fitness

Entertainment for all Ages

Teenagers can play video games and babysitting services are available until midnight during the cruise. Teens can also participate in supervised parties free from adults. There are a number of themed bars, lounges, and nightclubs for the over 21 crowd to enjoy. Adults can relax kid-free at the secluded Quiet Cove Pool located on every ship or book a soothing treatment at the onboard spa.


In recent years, Disney has expanded their reach allowing their guests to see different areas all over the world. With an increasing number of ships in their fleet, Disney is able to take families to new regions. These destinations include the following:

  • Alaska
  • Bahamas
  • California Coast
  • Canada and New England
  • Caribbean
  • Disney's Castaway Cay
  • Europe
  • Hawaii

Dining Options

Dining options are different than other mainstream cruise lines. Guests are not assigned to a specific restaurant or seating time based on room selection. Guests are allowed to rotate among the three main restaurants and still keep the same table mates and waiters. Adult-only restaurants are available for those who need some time away from children. You can also select between two different seating times upon boarding the ship.

Vacation Protection Plan

The Disney Cruise Line Vacation Protection Plan covers your family for certain unexpected circumstances and emergencies-both before and during your vacation. This plan includes travel insurance benefits underwritten by Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company and a 24-hour helpline.

The Bad

  • Service fees
  • No gourmet cuisine options
  • Adult-only restaurants cost extra

Service Fees

There are no casinos, but bingo is available. Do not expect peace and quiet, as most activities are geared for energetic and boisterous children. Many onboard activities cost extra and can add up quickly. Offshore excursions are not included in cruise fare. Medical facilities are onboard, but services provided incur extra charges. Also, prices vary dependent on the number of people, date selected, and length of cruise. Vacations to all locations vary between $7,000- $10,000 for a family of four. Additional charges on services can be anticipated as well. Service fees are charged for the following:

  • Meeting Facilities
  • Photography
  • Shopping

No Gourmet Cuisine

Do not expect gourmet cuisine. Disney Cruise Lines exclusively feature All-American dining with kid friendly choices. Meals and beverages are included in the price of the cruise. However, soft drinks purchased at bars will incur separate costs. Children who are not potty-trained are not allowed in the pools. They may splash in the nearby fountain area in swim diapers.

Adult-only Restaurants Cost Extra

Adult-only restaurants incur extra charges. Dinners cost $25-$75 depending on selection. Men are required to wear dress pants and shirts or jackets and women are required to wear slacks and nice shirts or dresses be allowed into these restaurants. Reservations may be required.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for the ultimate in family-friendly entertainment, Disney Cruise Lines is an excellent cruise choice. Fun activities are available for all ages. For those seeking a quiet and relaxing experience Disney Cruise Line may not be the best option.

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Beckie Dunmire

August 27th, 2015 Rochester, PA

I Have been on several cruises and Disney is by far the Best! From the food to the extras . The only bad i can say is the price hike , My family of 4 went on Disney cruises every year from 2004 until 2007 and again in 2010. for my oldest sons Graduation,Then in 2013 my youngest Graduated and wanted to do the same for him, But the price doubled. so we had to go on another line.


Janice Chapman

August 24th, 2015 Haines City, FL

I would highly recommend Disney Cruise Lines for couples - kids are optional. My husband and I (55+) have traveled twice alone and once with another couple our age and loved it! The entertainment and food were far superior to another cruise line we have traveled on. Having a movie theatre to see first run Disney movies was perfect for us instead of a casino since we don't cruise to gamble. We found the onboard Cast Members to consistently go above and beyond to make our cruises magical.



August 11th, 2015 Bristow, VA

Fantastic time Went during December and the decorations are unbelievable. Everything was superb and am going again. Service and food were great. Kids had a AWESOME time they are hooked


Cyndi Eisele Burns

July 31st, 2015 Oviedo, FL

We have been on multiple Disney Cruises and have never been disappointed. We also have cruised Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean but Disney is our favorite..until maybe now. Anytime we have had an issue with Disney (which isn't very often) they have been responsive and taken care of the situation, until now. We purchased the insurance through Disney and my father was not able to go due to illness. This was in march of 2015. The insurance has been stalling and giving us the runaround since then. I am extremely disappointed in Disney since this is the company they endorse for their insurance. The claim we have is valid and well documented but yet we are still getting the run around. So buyer be ware.



July 31st, 2015 Lynn, MA

Disney just knows how to do everything right.


Brenda Hardesty

July 30th, 2015 Owensboro, KY

It was our first cruise ever. We were on the Disney Fantasy. It was way beyond words. We are going on another Disney cruise in Nov. This time it will be on the Wonder. I would highly recommend it for anybody



July 29th, 2015 Granbury, TX

I've been on Disney cruises both with and without kids. With kids, there are so many programs for them that you barely ever see them. But no worries - you're given a pager just in case. At dinners, they are treated as special guests so that the adults can relax and enjoy the delicious dinners. For adults, there are plenty of activities just for them. Disney;s island, Castaway Cay, even has an adult only beach if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of families. The shows are Broadway quality and the best of any cruise line I've been on. Oh yeah, and the magic begins as soon as you arrive at the port terminal. Most cruise terminals are warehouses and they just hustle you through. But Disney has many folks to guide you through the check-in process and the terminal is designed so that you feel like you're already on the ship. AND, you are introduced by name and applauded by the crew when you step on board. No one else makes you feel that special.


Denise Reinert

July 26th, 2015 Roxboro, NC

NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can provide a magical cruise like Disney Cruise Line. From the moment you step on board the beautiful ship, your experience begins. Amazing crew, fabulous food, relaxing Spa, the best entertainment, and did I mention a day at Castaway Cay and Fireworks at Sea? This is a cruise that you do not want to miss. Our family favorite..we spent Thanksgiving 4 Couples with Disney and we didn't want it to end.


Dr. Bop

July 25th, 2015 Stone Mountain, GA

The quality of customer service on ALL levels was outstanding. I have been on 10 cruises, Disney top them all.



July 24th, 2015 Mansfield, TX

went on a Disney cruise with a niece and a sister. I don't like kids.it was very easy to find adult only areas. The cruise was great. The crew members treat you like gold. they are always happy, and go out of their way to make your trip memorable. The food was great, the beds even better, and the crew better than that.


Michael Silver

July 24th, 2015 Washington, DC

My wife, myself, and our two teenage sons took a cruise in late June, aboard the Dream. We ahd an amazing time! The teen club, Vibe, was a big hit with our sons, and they spent all their waking hours either at the club, or with friends they made there. On Castaway Cay, they went on a teen only excursion with many of these same teens, enjoying a fast rigid hull inflatable boat ride out to a reef where they went snokeling, and were able to view wild dolphins, sharks, barracuda, as well a myriad of colorful tropical fish! The food at the rotating venue restaurants was fantastic! My wife and I enjoyed the Broadway style shows, the bars, and of course the on shore excursions! We would definitely recommend Disney Cruise Lines, and plan on taking another family cruise! (Yes, it WAS very expensive!)


Jaynie Nesmith

July 23rd, 2015 Moultrie, GA

We have been on 13 Disney cruises and every one has been so special and enjoyable. Why? Because the cast members do everything in their power to make sure everyone is having fun. Rooms are spacious, service is excellent, and we always feel safe and appreciated! We will be going on our next Disney cruise in the Hawaiian Islands in Sept. We can hardly wait to be welcomed back on board and to enjoy the special Disney "magic'!


Sue Elkins

July 22nd, 2015 Flint, MI

Went to Alaska on the Disney Wonder last July 2014. Had a great time. Made lots of Friends who work on the ship. My Sister and I are going on the Wonder this September to Hawaii.Can't wait. Hope to go on more. It's worth every penny you spend.


Gayle Hall

July 22nd, 2015 Brentwood, CA

I've taken 5 cruises on Disney and loved them all. My husband and I went to Alaska twice, Caribbean, Bahamas, and most recently Eastern Europe. Each trip was amazing. The crew go out of their war to make sure you have a great experience whether you travel with family or just go w/adults. There is fun for all ages & you don't need to travel w/children to enjoy Disney. Staterooms are large & comfortable. Service impeccable. Security outstanding. Can't wait for next one! Love Disney Cruise Line!!


Kim Raymond Kowalczyk

July 22nd, 2015 Jackson, NJ

In response to the BAD on the main page. Disney in mine and many is the best way to go. Yes, if you book certain cruises you will see many children yet I have never seen where it is out of had or children were bothering others. Children have their own things to do but so do adults and to suggest Disney isn't for adults seems like the review is coming for a rival. At least Disney lines hasn't gotten half the passengers sick when they went out on the cruise or have ALL the bathrooms back up. It won't sink, get stranded at sea for days and if you are on one of their excursions they won't leave you there if your transportation breaks down or something goes wrong and you miss the call unlike other cruise ships. All that or any of the other horrors you see regularly from other cruise lines. The food is quality as is the service. You aren't jammed at tables with people you don't know or at the same restaurant for every meal. You even have the same waiters no matter what restaurant you are in. My point is that if you take a Disney cruise they treat you like you wished you were treated on every cruise line. Just remember when you compare that the old adage holds true for cruises too. You get what you pay for...


Deb Thompson

July 21st, 2015 Las Vegas, NV

This next cruise will be my tenth and my husband's eleventh! They say DCL is not for older people or those seeking a peaceful experience, I totally disagree. We're in our 60's, and truly love the Disney experience. No gambling is great, the food is mostly very good, and there are a lot of place that children aren't allowed. We went on a DCL once and there were only 150 children on board the full ship. Whomever stated the previous, probably only has hearsay and not the experience of traveling aboard one of their ships!


Frank Aikins

July 21st, 2015 El Cerrito, CA

been on a few cruise and disney for service was the best over all. and one thing i like the most was the other the people taken the cruise also very freindly and you were able to meet them. other cruise seem like the people did not want to make new friends wanted to be on the own


Angela Boda

July 21st, 2015 Minneapolis, MN

I 1st took my daughter on a Disney cruise when she was 8 years old after a very tough year! It was so amazing I was crying when it was time to leave. Now at 13, and the 3rd cruise, she was crying when we left the last time. From the food, to the staff, service, everything they make it a truly remarkable vacation. I love you Disney Cruise Line and thank you for making our vacations ones to always remember! See you in January!!


Lou Fazzini

July 21st, 2015 Macomb, MI

Plain and simple, my review can be summed up with the verse lyrics by Carly Simon: "Nobody does it better Makes me feel sad for the rest Nobody does it half as good as you Baby, you're the best" My wife and I have been on 7 Disney Cruises with 8 & 9 coming up. Have traveled with kids and grandkids, adults, and just the two of us, and regardless, Disney Cruises are top tier. From entertainment, to food, to activities, to professional and friendly atmosphere, to cleanliness, and ambience, you just cannot do any better. No casino, no problem!



July 20th, 2015 Saint Petersburg, FL

We have enjoyed 3 Disney Cruises and the grandchildren love it. It is the best ever cruise for children! We have sailed on 8 other cruise lines and enjoyed all of them----but Disney is the best over all cruise line. If you have to have a Casino---you are out of luck---just know there is a lot to do with out one. Best staff ever! Looking forward to our next one on DCL.



July 19th, 2015 Suffield, CT

My husband and i have been on 14 Disney cruises and have 3 more booked. WE LOVE them and as we are retired have taken many "offseason" meaning very few children. We have done the TransAtlantic to Barcelona, 2 Panama Canal (East and West), HAWAII, Alaska, and several with grandchildren. Loved them all. Doing a Halloween cruise this year and Mediterranean and TransAtlantic next year. Love the service, friendliest people ever and food is Great!!!! Having no casino saves $$ automatically. Excursions are great!



July 18th, 2015 Greensburg, PA

Excellent service, food and entertainment! The handicapped accessible rooms are very roomy and comfortable. On the Magic and Wonder, the veranda is HUGE! I've only stayed in the inside cabins on the Dream and Fantasy and they were roomy as well. There was enough room to fit two caregivers and both my sister and myself in our battery operated scooters.



July 15th, 2015 Miami, FL

I traveled last year in September in the Disney Dream .It was a real Dream from my room with a Balcony to the service as you walk in..I would do it again and again., I wish my dreams could come true and travel again .


Roger Wilkes

July 12th, 2015 Dahlonega, GA

Disney is the greatest. The food was fantastic. Everyone was so attentive to your needs. We booked an excursion and everything went great. Everything we needed was included in the price. Would love to do it again.


Karla Kay

July 11th, 2015 Burkeville, VA

You get what you pay for and with DCL, you get nothing but the best! The food is excellent, the adult restaurants are worth the additional surcharge. Although overpriced, the excursions are worth it. They are well organized and FUN! The entertainment is amazing! The parties, celebrations, cast members, fireworks, and Castaway Cay….top notch! A couple of "cons", DCL needs to do a better job at keeping the kids out of the adult only areas. Too many families thought it was "ok" to bring their little ones to the pools in the adult only section. Second, I HATE going to the spa to relax only to be get the sales pitch at the end of the treatment. Overall, we will NEVER sail another cruise line again.


Francine Egan

July 11th, 2015 Naples, FL

We have been on four cruises, all of them Disney. Our children are all grown up and married and they go on the cruise with us with their families, their are plenty of things for the adults and the children to do separately. We have never had a loud or boisterous noisy cruise.Their are 5 different pools, 1 for staff, 1 for little ones, families, teens, and adults only. Their is gourmet food served in the dining room, and kid friendly food as well as salads and sandwiches by pools. I have never had to pay for any onboard activities, except for bingo. The shows are fantastic. Their are kid clubs for the children of all ages, even a special club for teens which parents are not allowed in once the ship departs. We enjoy Disney cruises with the family, and can honestly say had hardly seen the kids because they were enjoying their own things to do, our rule was we eat together as a family, and watch shows together each night then they can go to their clubs, or do whatever it is they like. Disney cruises are AWESOME!!



July 10th, 2015 Boise, ID

Disney Cruise is a class act. Everyone make an effort to make your trip a happy, comfortable and magical experience. I have food allergies and they bend over to accommodate my needs and do it in such a tasty way that my food is excellent. The excursions are well done and very organized. There are many choices and levels of activity and so fit all ages and abilities. Since we are older, we travel without children and can "get away" from the areas with a lot of children to the adult areas or sit by the Mickey pool and enjoy a lot a giggles and smiling faces.


amy barkley

July 10th, 2015 Alhambra, CA

Disney Cruise Line is the best ever! We've sailed the Dream, Fantasy and Wonder and will embarking on the Magic this coming year. This is a perfect cruise for any age group. This year will be our second "adult-only" cruise...and its the best. Highly recommend Palo for Brunch, amazing! I will never sail another cruise line again.


Mitch Leinen

July 9th, 2015 Aberdeen, SD

I do not agree that they do not have fine dining. They have amazingly fine dining. There is also a lot of "Adult" geared nightlife on board. However, Disney Cruise line is a "family" experience. I would recommend it with 20 stars if need be. Most amazing time I have ever had in my life. You are treated like royalty. The most amazing staff ever. Expensive yes, worth it, EVERY PENNY!!!!


Carol Eley

July 9th, 2015 Liverpool, NY

Starting with the Sail Away Party the voyage only got better and better. Dancing and laughing got everyone going. The meals were like eating in 5 star restaurants and having such great waiters made it even better. Each restaurant was a new experience and, of course, we had the same table mates each dinner meal and that added to sharing the day's adventures. My daughter and grandson went on a Swim with the Dolphins adventure in Nassau while I took advantage of the spa and felt like a million dollars after it was over. I travelled using a scooter and had no problems. The ship's staff were always helpful and polite. Passing out wipies to all in line at dinner helped prevent passing of "germs". So much more to say but not enough time and space to write it here. Disney Cruise whether single, married, kids or no kids is the best treatment you can get. I would go again if the opportunity arises for me. Grandson is now in college and no time for him to go. I'm a kid at heart when I am at Disney!


Marie Brown

July 8th, 2015 Milford, CT

My family went on the first cruise out of NYC. I can't begin to tell everyone what a fantastic cruise it was for the children and also the adults. There was never a moment when something was happening. Loved every minute. Can't wait to go again. Unfortunately the next cruise from NYC is in October. No one is on vacation and the children are back in school. Hopefully I will make the next one.


Lisa Armitage Masse

July 8th, 2015 Manchester, NH

Pro: - Tons of activities for all ages throughout the ship. - Great shows/movies - Pirate night was a blast - Castaway Cay was too much fun!!! - Rainforest Spa was the BEST!!!! Every cruise line should have this Cons - Food like fruit was limited and handed out by staff at the buffet - Food just wasn't that good - Waitstaff was rude and tried to rush our meals - We had table #11 aboard the Disney Dream. That put us in the corner and out of the action/sights at every single meal - ADULT ONLY pool is not true. I had a mother with her infant who was crying and fussing next to me. She refused to leave so I went to a cast member. They told me I could leave if I didn't like it but they were not going to enforce the no children rules. Plus, children were racing thru the area the entire time. I love kids but wanted a little bit of peace and quiet that day. - Characters were scheduled and even if you were in line, when their 15 minutes were up, they left While we did have fun on the cruise, my children who were 13 & 11 at the time decided they would rather cruise on Royal Caribbean for their Dreamwork's cruise. The characters are way more accessible. Plus, they come out off schedule and wander around so you never know who or where you might see one. The shows are just as good. The food is better and truly unlimited. Best part of RC is that the staff is super friendly and even stop to talk to our children. They treat the children with the same enthusiasm and respect as the adults. My boys loved that the room steward would ask how their day was, if they need anything, if they wanted some hints on what to see and do that day, etc. Disney staff rarely acknowledged the children which is what we thought Disney would be all about.


Tracy Jensen-turner

July 7th, 2015 Racine, WI

Have been to the parks many times and was looking for a different Disney experience... so we took a short cruise on the Dream. it was AWSOME!!! there are not enough words to say how great it was. Rooms, food, service, entertainment, kids clubs, adult areas, Disney island were all top notch!! cant wait to go again!!!!