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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Bob's Sailing Booze Cruise is a six hour cruise offered year-round, and perfect for party goers. For nine years, the company has been touring visitors around the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand from 1-7 p.m. each day. Fares range from approximately $42- $85 USD (1500-3000 Baht) and must be paid via PayPal. A 50 percent down payment is required upfront to book a reservation. The company provides all the equipment necessary to enjoy all the activities scheduled for the cruise.

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The Good

  • Great activities
  • Unique excursions
  • Full refund

Great Activities

Cruise activities include kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Travelers are advised to bring water shoes for climbing sharp rocks.The cruise participates in a number of offshore excursions such as monkey feeding, cliff jumping, and cave exploration. Bob's Sailing Booze Cruise attracts partygoers. Cruises are six hours long and offered year round. Guests aboard may choose how active they want to be regarding these activities and can listen to their favorite tunes by plugging their iPods in the yacht's stereo system. Lunch, fruits, and snacks as well as unlimited fresh beers are provided by the company. Standard amenities found on Captain Bob's cruise ships include:
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Monkey Feeding
  • Scuba Diving
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Cave Exploration

Unique Excursions

The cruise explores a number of popular destinations throughout the trip. The ship gives travelers an up-close look at Viking Cave that contains 800-year old cave drawings resembling ancient Chinese sailing ships. It is also home to a thriving bird nest, so no one can go in but the captain gets guests close enough for some fantastic pictures. Another stop along the tour is popular snorkeling spot Loh Samah Bay.The bay is surrounded by gigantic limestone walls and spectacular beaches. Passengers will enter a small archway through the rock face that will lead them to Maya Beach after a quick five minute stroll through the jungle. Maya Bay is the most popular spot, after being made famous by a book called The Beach by Alex Garland. the cruise ends inside the awe-inspiring Wang Long Nook where travelers can watch the spectacular sunset.

Full Refund

In order to border the cruise, guests must appear at the company's office first to firm up final details. In the event bad weather occurs before the cruise begins, all travelers are entitled to a full refund. If possible, the company will reschedule the trip for the next day.

The Bad

  • Limited activities some months
  • Issues with monkeys
  • One destination

Limited Activities some Months

The company uses a speed boat for its cruises instead of a yacht during the months of July, August, and September. During these times, fishing and kayaking activities are not available.

Issues with Monkeys

Travelers will need to bring a waterproof camera in order to take pictures at Monkey Beach. Passengers have to swim to the island before being able to feed the wild monkeys. Passengers are also advised to be careful with this activity. Previous passengers have reported being bit by the monkeys.

One Destination

Public mass transit ferries are not available at the end of the cruise, so be prepared to stay the night on Phi Phi Island. Additionally, these cruises are limited to Thailand and the nearby islands.

Customer Complaints

Previous cruisers report that the water in the area smells of gasoline and littered with garbage from tourists. Some places are overcrowded or inaccessible to visitors. The coral seems to be barely surviving. The cruise line distributes bags of chips to the monkeys, instead of the normal healthy food a monkey naturally eats.


Reviews placed on the TripAdvisor were mixed reviews. While many consumers loved the cruise, others were disappointed at the food offerings and the overall price of the trip in regards to the amount of booze offered. Captain Bob personally responded to many of the complaints, but his responses were a bit disturbing. Instead of being apologetic or offering to make things right, several times he attacked back at the consumer with comments suggesting the person never even took the cruise or placed blame on the consumer for not making their complaints clear during the cruise. The responses were not professional and reflect badly on the company overall. Consumers reported that Captain Bob was not friendly during the cruise. Some guests were offended that he only talked to women on the boat, or appeared to not want to be there at all. At times he appeared to be gruff and rude, and other times quiet and non-communicative. He also seemed unconcerned with customer's questions and concerns for some passengers onboard. Judging from previous customer reviews and the company's response to these complaints, it would appear that the company is not the party atmosphere it claims to be. Caution is advised.

The Bottom Line

Bob's Sailing Booze Cruise is a year-round six-hour cruise designed around a party atmosphere best suited for younger adults. The cruise explores numerous popular destinations surrounding the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. The company offers free unlimited alcoholic beverages, snacks and lunch, and provides all the equipment needed to enjoy offshore excursions at no additional charge. Prices are affordable for most budgets and 50 percent upfront down payment via PayPal is required to book a reservation. Concerns arise concerning the Captain himself. Reviews from previous customers complain regarding his overall demeanor, and the response given by the Captain himself only seem to reflect what the passengers were saying to be true. Consumers also complain that the amenities provided are not worth the cost of the trip. Due to these concerns, we cannot recommend this cruise line at this time.
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