Argosy Cruises offers travelers private and public cruises that range from one to three hours around the Puget Sound area near Seattle, Washington. For the past 25 years, the cruise line has hosted countless weddings, corporate events, and community activities. Argosy also takes numerous trips to Tillicum Village and many must-see tourist attractions. The company has eight vessels and plans on expanding.

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The Good

  • Tours
  • Affordable prices
  • Educational


Argosy’s tour of the Locks takes a 2½ hour cruise through Puget Sound’s saltwater and Lake Huron’s freshwater via what locals refer to as the Ballard Locks. During the tour, travelers experience a close look at how the locks work as the boat gets lifted to freshwater level. Guides teach passengers about Seattle’s fishing communities, Gas Works Park, the Deadliest Catch boats, and the Sleepless in Seattle floating home community. Onboard entertainment includes presentations from local tour guides, a salmon bake, storytelling, and dances. A 20-minute motor coach tour is also included in the price of the fare, which runs under $40.

Guests who want a quick overview of the city can take the one hour tour of Seattle’s harbor. Passengers are treated to the never-ending skyline views, Mt. Rainer, the Space Needle, and a whole lot more. This tour is the perfect choice for kids who may tend to get restless on longer tours. Standard amenities included on Argosy Cruise ships include:

  • Off-Shore Excursions
  • Gift Shop
  • Themed Cruises


The cruise line also offers an interesting two-hour tour of Lake Union and Lake Washington for travelers interested in aviation history. Passengers will learn how this region transformed from a pristine wilderness to being a major player in the biotechnology industry. Travelers also get to see the floating homes and spectacular scenic views of this historic community. The tour departs from the AGC Marina located on South Lake Union and operates year-round. Pricing is broken down as follows:

  • Adults: $23-$37
  • Seniors (65+): $20-$34
  • Youth (4-12): $13-$18.50
  • Kids Under 3: Free


Naval history buffs will particularly enjoy the Lake Washington Cruise Tour (Kirkland Departure). On this 1½tour, passengers discover why concrete floating bridges are used to span the lake and the rich naval history behind the region. Guests will also find out what secrets lie below the surface of the 200-foot deep lake.

The Bad

  • Crowded and noisy
  • Purchasing tickets
  • Possible weather issues

Crowded and Noisy

The cruise can get a bit crowded and noisy at times due to the large number of passengers aboard. Some of the previous passengers have reported seeing others hanging out in the bathroom reading books to escape the noise and cool off in the air-conditioning. Passengers are advised to bring and wear sunscreen as the sun can get very hot on the skin at times.

Purchasing Tickets

The company’s ticket office closes at four in the afternoon and is located at the north end of the building. Several boats in the area depart at the same time and this can cause a lot of chaos and confusion when purchasing tickets. Guests can avoid this by purchasing tickets inside. Parking in the area can be expensive and hard to find. The best choice in getting to the Seattle Waterfront is to take the bus to the area.

Possible Weather Issues

Be prepared for unpredictable weather scenarios. It is a good idea to bring rain gear and wear layers. Also, it is a good idea to wear clothing and shoes you do not mind getting wet. The two feature cruises guests will need to take an extra look at the weather include:

  • Seattle Harbor Cruise Tour: Adults: $23; Seniors: $20; Youth: $13
  • Seattle Locks Cruise Tour: Adults: $37; Seniors: $34; Youth: $18.50

Limited Food Options

Food options are limited aboard the ship and beverages are a bit pricey for some passengers. Previous passengers report the entertainment is mediocre at best and therefore the cruises themselves are overpriced with their offerings. The dance is performed with a 3D projection in the background and guests have found it to be on the boring side. The ships are in need of a few minor upgrades, but the ride can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience for most passengers.

The ship serves a clam soup that does not appeal to some passengers in its taste, smell, or presentation. Guests are encouraged to chuck shells on the ground. This can be a major turn-off for certain guests. Travelers are sandwiched at long tables during meals, and this makes it difficult for guests to move freely about.

Customer Complaints

Guests are provided a restricted time to view the attractions off the trip. Some consumers have complained that the amount of time is too limited and does not give travelers enough time to truly enjoy the sights. The company could do immensely better by providing extended offshore time for its passengers.

The Bottom Line

Argosy Cruises offers private and public cruises perfect for travelers who enjoy large crowds and want to see a comprehensive view of the popular tourist sights surrounding the Puget Sound area near Seattle, Washington. The cruise line has hosted numerous weddings, corporate events, and community activities in its 25 year history. The cruises that are offered last from one to three hours and prices are very affordable for most passengers.

The cruises can get a bit noisy and overheated due to the number of passengers allowed on board and the ships are limited in their food and entertainment options. Time off the ship to view the sights is highly restrictive. Passengers seeking plenty of time to visit Seattle’s destinations may want to seek other cruise line options better suited to their needs.

Overall, we would recommend using another cruise line for your travel needs. Visit our recommended cruise lines.

More Information

Audience & Convenience

Argosy Cruises attracts travelers of all types who want to explore the best Washington has to offer. Cruises range from one to three hours and are offered year round.


  • Blake Island
  • Washington

Do they offer transportation services from airports to the ports?


Do they have any security?

How do they prevent theft?
Passengers are personally responsible for their belongings.

What precautions do they take for disease prevention?

Basically, what do they offer in way of Vacation Protection?


What is the price of of their featured cruise trips?

Seattle Harbor Cruise Tour: Adults: $23; Seniors: $20; Youth: $13

Guests enjoy a narrated 1-hour sightseeing tour of Seattle’s vibrant and historic harbor, with never-ending skyline views of the city, the Space Needle, and Mt. Rainier. With wide-open outdoor decks, this fascinating tour attraction is perfect for visitors and locals alike. This tour is often run on the Spirit of Seattle™. It’s the perfect thing to do in Seattle with kids.

Some of the highlights you will see:

  • Colorful waterfront
  • Spectacular Seattle skyline
  • Great Wheel ferris wheel
  • One of the world’s largest shipping terminals
  • Rainier and the majestic Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges
  • Space Needle

Seattle Locks Cruise Tour: Adults: $37; Seniors: $34; Youth: $18.50

Argosy’s 2-1/2 hour Locks tour takes you through the saltwater of Puget Sound and the fresh water of Lake Union via the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (locals refer to them as the Ballard Locks). Enjoy the live narration of the Seattle harbor tour, then experience a one-of-a-kind event as you travel through the Locks themselves. See how the locks work as the boat is lifted to the fresh water level. As you leave the locks, you’ll learn about Seattle’s fishing communities, the Deadliest Catch boats, the Sleepless in Seattle floating home community and Gas Works Park. Your tour also includes a 20-minute motor coach transfer.


What services/activities are standard on all their cruise ships?

  • Off-Shore Excursions
  • Gift Shop
  • Themed Cruises

What services/activities are unique?

  • Story-telling and Dances
  • Salmon Bake
  • Presentations From Local Tour Guides

Service Fees

Do any of the services on the boat cost?

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