Posted: Isaac Ericksen | April 1, 2015

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Disney Announces Itinerary for 2016


When it comes to cruise lines for any company there is a lack of information about them and what is going on. For most people they have in mind where they want to go they just don't know which cruise to choose.

If you are one of those people that have this problem then you are normal. Even the CEO of Carnival Cruises told the public last year, "It's clear to me that as an industry we have not done a good enough job effectively communicating to the public ... to those who don't know what cruising is."

Recently, for Disney Cruise Line, they announced there new ports and itinerary for the year of 2016. If you or anyone you know are interested in taking a Disney cruise here's the quick scoop on Disney.

DCL Announces New Destination for 2016

On March 26, 2015 Disney opened booking to the public for the summer of 2016. The destinations for this year is a new step for Disney as many of the new stops for 2016 will be Disney's first time ever visiting. All the excitement with the new itinerary has given Disney plenty of thrill around the 2016 cruise line tours.

The New Itinerary consists of the following:

  • British Isles
  • Iceland and Norway
  • Norwegian Fjords from Dover

The tour to the British Isles will consist of stops to Scotland; Newcastle and Liverpool in England; and Dublin, Ireland. The cruise will also include a stop in France and visit to one of the Channel Islands.

The itinerary for Iceland and Norway will consist of a 12 night trip on the Disney Magic to the following locations. They will stop by a couple cities in Iceland, touch base in Bergan, Norway and visit Kirkwall, Scotland. The nice thing for people that want to explore the country of Iceland is that the itinerary will include three days there. So there will be good amount of time to look around.

The last new edition is the cruise line trip that goes from Dover, England to Bergan, Norway. If you are interested more in visiting Norway then this one might be best. It is a 7 night cruise that will visit many cities in the country of Norway.

For those of you that don't follow or never been on a Disney Cruise they will also be revisiting some places they have gone in the past. There will be the option to visit the Greek Isles and the Mediterranean on the Disney Magic. See Alaska and travel along the west side of Canada on the Disney Wonder or visit the Bahamas and Caribbean on the Disney Dream or Fantasy.



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