Posted: Carlie McKeon | July 13, 2016

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5 Ways To Avoid First Time Cruiser Mistakes


Those planning on booking a cruise for the first time may not anticipate some of the differences posed by living a life on a boat. When going on a cruise, there are some things you will want to prepare for ahead of time since it is an alternative to traditional travel. Rookie cruisers can usually be spotted relatively quickly because they seem to make the same mistakes. In order to prevent that from happening, take into consideration the following items:

  1. Bring the Basics - Depending on what cruise you decide to book, the amenities provided will vary. Luxury cruise lines will provide a number of common toiletries, while the more basic lines online include a shampoo dispenser in the shower and one bar of soap in the bathroom. Make sure to pack the items you will need. That being said, you do not want to bring too much either. Standard suitcases and even duffel bags can be stowed under the beds, but large suitcases will not fit in the closets or room. This may leave you with no where to stow them but out in the open.
  2. Reserve Special Shore Excursions - If the cruise you are going on includes sightseeing, activities, or adventures, make sure to sign up online well before boarding the ship. Often times, these tours are sold out by the time the cruise rolls around.
  3. Check the forecast before booking - When the off-season rolls around, cruise lines will offer discounted packages. There is a reason for that. Hurricanes and rain storms are on the rise, so booking from September to December could be a risk you may not want to take. If the weather will hinder you from being able to enjoy what you have planned, booking during peak times may be your only option. Booking during the off-season in Europe can mean fewer guests onboard, but it also might mean cool weather and rough sailing waters.
  4. Flying in the same day - Getting to where the cruise departs can also cause a level of stress. If for some reason your flight gets delayed or your luggage gets lost during the transfer, your cruise could end up being more stressful than anticipated. While staying the night before may be a more expensive option, it can provide additional peace of mind.

Your first cruise does not need to include a number of mishaps. Avoid these common errors altogether by reading up on exactly what your cruise line provides. Knowing all of the details surrounding your upcoming trip can make all of the difference when it comes time to set sail.


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