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Claim this Profile began in 2011 as a platform for students in need of raising funds for tuition and similar expenses. It now runs as a crowdfunding platform for a variety of humanitarian causes including medical, memorial, adoption, and community causes. The goal of is to provide a free and easy to use crowdfunding platform for these humanitarian causes. Their stance on providing a free service to their members has saved users over $262 million to date. With an easy to use platform that is virtually free to use, is an appealing crowdfunding platform. 

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The Good

  • Fees
  • Fund type
  • Maximum allowed raise
  • Deadlines
  • Receiving funds
  • Administrative work options


The most appealing aspect of is that it's virtually free to consumers. There is no startup fee to begin a campaign, no completion fee when a campaign ends, and no partial fee for failing to complete a campaign. The only fee charged to donations during a campaign is a transaction fee that is assessed by the website used to keep track of donations. Users may choose to sign up with either WePay or PayPal to process donations. These typically charge a 2.9% + $.30 credit card processing fee.

Fund Type

Youcaring uses a "Keep What You Earned" fund type. This means you are able to keep what has been raised, even if you fall short of your initial goals. This type is appealing to many in the personal fundraising model, since there is less pressure to reach your overall goal. In fact, it is not uncommon for the first fundraiser to fall short of its goal, so this helps.

Maximum Allowed Raise

There is no funding limit since the website uses a 'Keep What You Raised' fund type. Whatever amount you want to shoot for, you can.


YouCaring campaigns also have no deadline requirements. They do recommend running your campaign for 2 to 6 weeks, as that seems to be the length most of their successful campaigns have run. When you create your fundraiser, you are required to set an initial deadline but YouCaring lets you change it later through the 'My Fundraiser' page. The reason for this is that donors are more inclined to give when there is a sense of urgency and a short time frame.

Receiving Funds

When accepting money raised at the end of the campaign, all funds are deposited directly into your choice of WePay or PayPal account. The amount of money disbursed will equal the amount you have raised, less payment processor fees. All donations to your fundraiser are transferred into your account as soon as they're received.

Administrative Work Options provides fundraisers with an easy-to-use template where they are able to set up a homepage for their campaign. This page allows a fundraiser to link to their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter as well as link their email contacts in order to reach out to friends, family, and others to support a cause. This allows members to share their fundraiser with a wide audience in the hope of gaining a large support community. They don't offer administrative work options such as automated emails or project management by staff the way some crowdfunding platforms do.

The Bad

  • Model type

Model Type

Youcaring uses a Personal Donation model for fundraising toward Humanitarian causes that typically benefit individuals in a community. They're funded solely through donations in order to provide their crowdfunding platform at no cost to the consumer. YouCaring's targeted audience limits the scope of fundraising members are able to run through their website.

Several crowdfunding websites provide a way for members to reward other members for their support through the use of gifts or equity. YouCaring runs solely through a personal model where friends, family, and others are used as donors and supporters. Using only a personal model may limit the pool of potential donors a fundraiser could reach if an equity or rewards model had been included. does not have a phone number members can use for customer support. This is not uncommon among crowdfunding sites, some who only have email customer support, however, several independent reviews reported they had difficulty getting a quick response from even after several email attempts. Other crowdfunding sites have quicker response times within 24 hours. Members may struggle to obtain help if they have trouble using the site or run into problems with their fundraiser. Although this is not bad for those raising funds for Humanitarian causes, many others needing to raising funds could benefit from the free model as well.

The Bottom Line

The limited scope of fundraisers that can be run through YouCaring means their website is not for everyone. does provide great, affordable pricing and an easy-to-use template for setting up a fundraising page. Their ability to integrate Facebook, Twitter, and email allows members to spread the word about their fundraiser quickly and simply. is good for individuals hoping to raise funds for a charitable cause involving medical needs, neighborhood and community, adoption fundraising, or similar causes.

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