Posted: Chase Sagum | November 26, 2014


Paralyzed Stray Dog Has Medical Expenses Paid For By Crowd Funders.


In June of 2014, Meagan Penman happened upon a wounded dog dragging his hind legs as he walked. The dog, Leo, paralyzed in his rear legs and infested with tics, was wearing his skin raw as he moved. Penman was vacationing in Thailand and tried to find care for the dog at local shelters. With no one willing to take the dog in, or able to properly care for it, Penman turned to crowd funding for help.

On June 21st, Penman opened an account on Gofundme to solicit funding for medical expenses. "Please help me raise money to bring this guy back to Canada where he can get the care he needs," pled Penman. While donations came in, medical costs began to rise and the initial goal of $4,000 was increased to $5,000. The goal was met and the dog was safely transported to Canada where proper care enabled Leo to regain his health.

Thanks to the publicity created by the page, a company donated a wheel chair built specially for Leo, allowing him greater mobility. As of now, the crowd funding page has brought in over $7,000 with the extra funding going to the future care of the more able, and mobile, Leo.

Penman shut the page down on November 21st and set up a trust fund for Leo to fund future medical care. Leo is happy and healthy thanks to the generosity of crowd funders from around the world, and from people like Meagan Penman.


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