Posted: Chase Sagum | December 18, 2014


Kickstarter Ups The Ante With Staff Picks And Company Funding

33aCompetition for exposure on Kickstarter just went up a level. By introducing "Staff Picks", Kickstarter is acting on their plan to play a larger role in the selection and success of crowd funding startups. Each of Kickstarter's employees can select a project of their choice and designate it as a Staff Pick. Chosen projects are featured on Kickstarter's website and on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.


Who Is Selected?

Since its introduction, the designation of Staff Pick has become a key goal for ambitious Kickstarter campaigners. Yet, those selected are often dumbfounded as to why they were selected in the first place. Projects varying from a homemade marshmallow maker to high-tech toothbrush have been selected. As random as it seems, there are some useful tips for promoting your idea.


Boosting Your Odds

  • Social Media - Tweet Kickstarter employees that have liked similar projects in the past.
  • Publicize - Contact blogs and crowd funding news sites to promote your idea.
  • Email - Email Kickstarter employees with links to published blogs or articles highlighting your campaign.
  • Don't Break The Rules - Kickstarter supplies a handbook for new campaigners. Follow their guidelines and update your page regularly.

Once a project is selected, the chances that it is funded nearly doubles. Recently, Kickstarter began investing company money directly into various favorites. This only added more intrigue as to how picks are awarded. The truth is, staff picks are fairly random. Some are picked on a whim based on personal interests and intrigue. But remember, your idea can't be selected if it is not seen. Get the word out and build a network. Staff picks are a powerful force and a sign of future success.


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