Posted: Chase Sagum | December 3, 2014


GoldieBlox: A Parade Of Successes and Failures.

33aGoldieBlox, started less than two years ago as a Kickstarter campaign, has grown into a story of crowdfunding success. Designing toys that inspire girls to learn about engineering, Debbie Sterling began her crowdfunding campaign with a goal of $150,000. By the time her campaign ended, she had raised over $300,000. For Sterling, the excitement was just beginning.

Culminating with a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Sterling and GoldieBlox have been on a rollercoaster ride of successes and failures. After posting videos that went viral, and winning free advertising time during the Super Bowl, Sterling expanded her brand and reach.

Along the way, blunders and mistakes were made as well. GoldieBlox recently settled with the Beastie Boys to the tune of seven figures. A short time ago, the company shipped a batch of defective toy blocks. Sterling acted quickly and reached out to all of her customers. They were offered a free set of GoldieBlox and a personalized note explaining the engineering behind the mistake.

GoldieBlox has yet to release financial information so the monetary success of the company is hard to gauge. Sterling has learned many things about running a business. Most importantly, She does not think one must aim for perfection. "People who succeed are the people that don't get paralyzed by failure."

Despite Sterling's apparent success, she never forgets her initial goal. Sterling wanted to share the joys of engineering with every little girl within reach. She continued, "To see the Impact it is starting to have on girls is just, truly, so fulfilling." For Sterling, the greatest failure would be to miss a chance to inspire children. To her, GoldieBlox is already a story of crowdfunding success.


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