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LAST UPDATED: December 31st, 2021

HubSpot was founded in 2004 by a group of MIT students who discovered the need businesses have to more efficiently market their products to customers. HubSpot offers CRM software, marketing software, customer service software, and sales software systems at the Starter, Professional, and Enterprise levels. Users have the option to purchase custom, bundled packages or only the system that their business needs.


The Good

  • Free CRM 
  • Mobile App
  • Integrated with Other Apps

Free CRM

HubSpot offers a completely free CRM software system for all of your contacts and companies. HubSpot is compatible with every business, allowing the whole team to use the free version of CRM system. It is not a time-based trial, so users have free access as long as they subscribe. The system allows up to 1 million contacts, companies, deals, and tasks.

Mobile App

HubSpot CRM system has a high-quality mobile app. The app makes it really easy to get the data the user needs about their sales process. The mobile app is especially useful when the business has traveling sales employees. 

Integrated with Other Apps

HubSpot CRM connects users to the tools they are already using. The system has the ability to automatically update without the user logging in and manually updating the CRM. Integrations include Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook for Windows, Apple Mail, and Google Drive.


The Bad

  • Expensive Bundles 

Expensive Bundles

Hubspot's free CRM software system is a big incentive for a user to choose HubSpot for their business; however, if the user also needs marketing and sales software systems, they might find that HubSpot's services add up to be expensive for a small business. Marketing software costs anywhere from $50 to $3,200 per month, depending on the business size. Sales and customer service software programs cost $50 to $1,200 per month each.


The Bottom Line

Hubspot users receive free CRM software as long as they subscribe with HubSpot. The convenience of the mobile app and simple integration with other apps allows users to be productive and organized with the potential to build a new website with complete customer service and marketing capabilities.

It's clear that Hubspot is one of the most comprehensive CRM+ software companies in the industry. Hubspot's services come with a potentially high price tag, but in this case, you get what you pay for. 

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Cam Hall Palmyra, VA

Hubspot is the only competitor to Salesforce in my book. Their product clearly has a lot of money behind it, and had the benefit over Salesforce of being built to be more user-focused and lightweight. The product is incredibly intuitive, but can sometimes fall into the GoDaddy route where you find yourself accidentally using a feature or product of theirs that you didn’t know you were, and suddenly you’re being asked to pay more per month for a service you didn’t realize was separate. Also, make sure you follow their tutorials or you WILL get lost and overwhelmed.

3 weeks ago


Review Source

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Chelsea Pleasant Grove, UT

Currently use this and have no issues! Is so easy to use! So easy to keep track of and love the automation available! I use this on a daily bases and would never change!

3 weeks ago


Review Source

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Anne Sainsbury Salt Lake City, UT

I have used Hubspot for a couple of years and love the number of features available on it. It has helped me to streamline my daily workflow and keep up with the many tasks that I have on my plate. It also has helped me to stay more organized so that I don't let any tasks slip through the crack. I love the dashboards that you are able to create to separate out your sales, marketing, business development, etc. It is a huge help to me every day!

6 months ago


Review Source

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Shante Reeder Ogden, UT

As a growing company, HubSpot has been imperative to keeping track of all leads coming in, and going out. Once you start using it, it is pretty easy to get the hang of! This has helped all of our staff keep track of potential clients in a very organized way.

1 year ago

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Matthew Carbaugh Herndon, VA

The digital courses offered on hubspot were very insightful and a great introduction to online marketing. The courses were great content and I got a lot of useful information out of them which I took notes on and sometimes refer back to. Never used the ful service due to leaving the startup I was working for before we finalized a CRM platform

3 years ago

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Randal hyde Springfield, MO

Hubspot is easy to use and can help you easily contact customers for your business. I would recommend them to experienced and non-experienced staff.

3 years ago

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Brandon Farrow Gilbert, AZ

HubSpot is middle of the road for me. I really liked some features but the lack of flexibility in other areas really handicapped the use for me.

11 months ago

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Jimmy Monroe Provo, UT

Thanks for being a normal CRM. It's nice to work with Hubspot. They integrate nicely. Most CRMs don't....

2 years ago