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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Ranked in the 2018 Top 20 Most Affordable CRM Software solutions, eWay System LLC was founded in 2008 and is based in Kansas City, Missouri. eWay-CRM offers customer relationship management software to clients within the United States and U.S. territories. The CRM software tools seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Outlook making it easy to navigate and use across multiple devices.

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The Good

  • Free Subscription
  • Multiple Devices
  • Tools Integrated with Outlook Platform

Free Subscription

eWay-CRM offers three subscription plans: free, monthly, and a lifetime license. Each subscription includes customizable features, integration of other software tools, automation options, along with reports on data and analytics.

Free subscription

  • Single user license
  • 200MB of cloud storage
  • No mobile app access
  • Customer service support only available via email
  • Free updates included

eWay-CRM monthly plan

  • Monthly subscription — $28 per month per user
  • License available for multiple users
  • 10GB of cloud storage
  • Fully customizable by client
  • Includes iOS and android apps
  • Connects to multiple devices
  • Customer service offered through email and phone
  • Free updates included

Lifetime license — $399 per year per user

  • License available for multiple users
  • Host on your own server
  • 10GB of cloud storage to start with and can increase if needed
  • Fully customizable
  • Connects to multiple devices
  • Includes iOS and android apps
  • Customer support is offered through email and phone
  • Free updates included
  • One hour of free training is available

While the premium options overlap on multiple features, they both have the ability to fit your business needs. If you decide to cancel your subscription, eWay-CRM will not penalize you. Just make sure to cancel before the next billing cycle.

Multiple Devices

A perk to the premium plans is the mobile app and the connection between multiple devices. A single user can sign into their account from their laptop, desktop, tablet, and smartphone all at the same time. This allows customers to utilize the software features when they work from home or on a business trip.

Tools Integrated with Outlook

eWay-CRM software solutions add features to your existing Outlook account. This provides clients with a familiar platform and less time learning how to use the new software tools. Through the integration of the CRM software, each customer can choose to keep track of customer management, sales management, project management, and marketing management.

Customer management

  • Sort and filter customer information
  • Customize fields for tracking information
  • Auto reminders sync with Outlook
  • Email campaign tracking

Sales management

  • Make a deal straight from your email
  • Set up a customized sales process
  • Track sales reps and profit goals
  • Off-site mobility with compatible apps

Project management

  • Convert a deal into a new project
  • Link different workflow systems to a specific task
  • Create a project with a workflow of its own
  • Project links to a calendar within Microsoft Outlook
  • See an overview of how every department is doing

Marketing management

  • Export templates from eWay-CRM and then drag-and-drop them back into the task when you are done
  • Manage marketing campaigns and choose the target audience
  • Friendly import system when using HTML templates within an email
  • Track the success of the campaign through Google Analytics
  • Easily track and view feedback once an email marketing task has finished

The Bad

  • Online Chat
  • Fee per User
  • Download Not Available for Mac

Online Chat

Arriving at the eWay-CRM website an online chat function is available. Unfortunately, this is not a 24/hr service. Several attempts were made during normal business hours with no response. Once we made contact through the online chat, the customer service representative was attentive to my questions and quick to respond. Since the response time is based on how many representatives are available waiting time may differ.

Fee per User

eWay-CRM has some of the lowest prices for a CRM system. Just be sure to look at the fine print. The price listed is for a single user so if you choose the monthly subscription option and three people need an account the monthly bill would be around $84.

Download Not Available for Mac

Since the functionality of the software is integrated into Outlook there is not an option to download it onto a Mac. This is because Outlook is a PC specific program. Luckily, eWay-CRM offers a web-based version and an app for Mac users.


The Bottom Line

With the option to try its free CRM product, competitive prices, no cancellation fees, and Outlook integration, it is worth looking into. Although the software is not compatible with Macs, another option is available to ensure you get full access to the CRM tools. Overall, eWay-CRM is definitely a company you should consider for your CRM needs.

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